How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500? (5 Solutions)

Online gaming has gained the attention of almost every age of people. This is not because it is a source of enjoyment, and people use it for this. But the world has changed, and the start of income has emerged a lot. Gaming has also become a source of income for many people. That is why people are getting more interested in gaming day by day. 

Guardian tales platform error 500 is one of them. We are going to cover the possible cause and fixes for this error. If you wanna know about it all, then stay connected. The article will be handy for you, we guarantee.

Guardian tales is one of the games launched in 2020. This game is defined as an action role-playing video game. On the one side, it is becoming popular among people, while on the other hand, people usually have different errors while playing it.

What Is Guardia Tales?

It is an action game that South Korean Publishers released in 2020. The leading player, the guardian, first gets the fighting training.

Once completing the training, he is asked to fight with the enemies. These enemies want to rule the world. He is known as a guardian because he aims to guard the world against enemies.

Causes Of The Guardian Tales Platform Error 500

There may be two reasons behind this error. First can be differentiated into the error type initiated by the game server. The game founder team can only resolve this error. The game users and other relevant things may create other reasons behind the Error message 268. These include the following factors.

1. Internet Connection

The Guardian Tales was designed to be played online with a strong internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection, you can face this error. Hence one may say that poor internet connectivity is one of the causes of this error.

2. Old Version

The game requires a proper update after an interval. The team of the game releases the update. If you are unaware of the update, you may keep the outdated game version in the working position. Hence you may face errors in guardian tales. 

How To Fix The Guardian Tales Platform Error 500?

Well, it depends on the causes of the error. If the cause is simple, mistakes can be resolved quickly. Complex reason demands complex steps to fix DNS ERROR PS4. However, the most reliable and easy solutions we have provided are below.

1. Clear The Cache App

The first thing that you should do to fix the error is to clear the cache file. Cache files may be stored in your app and phone and cause malfunctioning of the app. Hince transparent cache files from the app to fix the Guardian Tales platform error 500. To clear cache apps, follow simple methods.

  • Unlock your mobile and go to the settings folder of the mobile.
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 1
  • Find the “apps & permissions” option. Click on it 
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 2
  • Here you will see the option of app manager. Click to open
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 3
  • Here you will see the list of the apps. Find here Guardian Tale app and open it.
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 4
  • Now click on the storage option.
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 5
  • Here you will find the clear cache option. Click on it to clear the cache of the app.
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 6

After completing these simple steps, you can clear the cache. This step will fix platform PS4 Error WS-45519-4.

2. Restart Your Router

The error may have been initiated due to poor internet connectivity. In this regard, the best thing is to restart your device

This step will allow your connection to gain better speed and connection. Check all of the cables are working fine. Ensure the best internet connection to resolve the issue.

3. Update The Game App

As we have discussed, the error may occur due to the old version of the game. This updating the app may fix the Guardian Tales platform error 500. To update the game app, follow the simple step.

  • Open the mobile and go to your play store.
  • Here search for the Guardian tales game.
  • If the app requires updating, there will be an option to update instead of play.
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 7
  • First, press the update button. After the update, only one option will be “play.”
  • After updating the game app, you can play the game easily without facing platform errors in the guardian.

4. Reinstall The App

The other best option may be reinstalling the app to fix the PS4 Error Code ce-34878-0. To reinstall the app, first, uninstall it.

  • To uninstall the app, open your mobile and find the app location.
  • After this, press the game icon for a few seconds. Here two options will be shown.
  • Press the uninstall option to install the app.
  • Once uninstalled, you can reinstall the game.
How To Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 step 8
  • To reinstall the game,  go to the play store and type Guardian Tale game.
  • The game will be shown here; press it to install it.

5. Restarting Your Phone

Instead of the game app and game service, the error may occur due to unknown reasons. In such cases, you should wait and then start playing. However, you can also choose the option to restart your mobile

This can quickly fix the Guardian Tales platform error 500 and the Dev Error 6661 In Call Of Duty. To restart your phone, press the power button for a few seconds. The option will be seen here. Press the restart button. Hence your mobile will be restarted, and you can play the game now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is error code 500 in Guardian Tales?

Error code 500 in Guardian Tales refers to a server error. It means that there is an issue with the server, which is preventing the game from functioning correctly. This error code usually indicates the server is down or experiencing heavy traffic.

Can a PC run a server?

No, Guardian Tales is not a Chinese game. Guardian Tales is a mobile game developed by Kakao Games, a South Korean video game developer, and publisher.

How do I reset my guardian?

Yes, a PC can run a server. A server is simply a computer program that provides a service to other computer programs, and it can be run on any computer that meets the system requirements for the server software.

How long will guardian games last?

To reset your Guardian in Guardian Tales, go to the Settings menu and select the “Reset Guardian” option. This will erase all progress and data associated with your Guardian, allowing you to start over from the beginning.

What is the pity system in Guardian Tales?

The duration of Guardian Games in Guardian Tales can vary, as they are typically held periodically as limited-time events. The developers may announce the exact length of each event beforehand or listed in the game’s patch notes.

Is Guardian Tales a Chinese game?

The pity system in Guardian Tales is a feature that ensures players receive a particular reward after a certain number of attempts.

For example, if the pity system for a particular event is set at 10 attempts, then after 10 unsuccessful attempts, the player will receive a guaranteed reward.

This system is intended to prevent players from feeling too frustrated or discouraged after multiple unsuccessful attempts.


Errors are a part of life. Even you can face any error in any software. Their causes and solutions may be different for different software. In this article, we focused on the Guardian Tales platform error 500. If you enjoy playing this game but face this error, you should know how to fix the error. 

Quitting your passion and moving on to the next game is not the best option. So learn simple methods to fix the error and perform them carefully. We have written a step-by-step guide to fix the error. Just follow it and fix the mistake and enjoy your game.

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