Fixed: Unable To Connect To NVIDIA Error? [A Complete Guide]

You may encounter this error if your computer uses the NVIDIA graphics card. Most of the time, your PC shows the “Unable to connect to NVIDIA” or “Try again later” error message when the error appears. You are not alone in this case; many users have reported this NVIDIA graphics card error already.

What reasons behind the unable to connect to NVIDIA error?

Sometimes the GeForce Experience won’t open error appears, and that is also related to your NVIDIA graphics card. So, here in this post, we will help you fix this issue. We will learn the methods of course, but before that, let’s learn what causes this problem.

What is unable to connect to NVIDIA error?

Only computers with the NVIDIA graphics card comes with this error. Other graphics card users such as Intel or AMD won’t experience the Unable to connect to NVIDIA error. And when it appears, the reasons can be many. Here I have mentioned its possible causes.

  • You have not updated the GeForce Experience version in a while
  • The NVIDIA Network Service is not responding well. It depends on what program or game is trying to access your NVIDIA graphics card and for what reason
  • GeForce Experience cannot download the driver
  • NVIDIA GeForce Experience cannot connect to the graphics card
  • NVIDIA Servers down

These error messages pop-up when you are trying to update your NVIDIA driver or starting a game. But whatever the reason can be, the error is annoying and troublesome. So, find out the best method that would work against this issue.

How to fix unable to connect to NVIDIA error? [3 ways]

1-Upgrade GeForce Experience

You don’t need to follow this method if you have already installed the GeForce Experience program on your computer. Otherwise, try it out.

GeForce Experience updates the NVIDIA driver from its official server. And when you are running the outdated version of this program, you will experience the error when the application checks for driver updates. So, try to update the GeForce Experience to its latest version and fix the error. Here are the steps are given-

  1. Visit the official page of GeForce Experience
  2. Download the latest version of the program
  3. Start the download
  4. And then install the program on your computer

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the program on your computer. And then restart your computer to see if the error occurs again or not. Mostly, this will erase the error from your computer. But if it doesn’t, try other solutions below.

2- Change the Status of NVIDIA from ‘Starting’ to ‘Started’

If the NVIDIA Network Service unable to start, the error can come up. Just start the service and resolve the error. The steps are easy but long. So, I have broken them down into three parts and written then in the section below.

1- Check NVIDIA Service status

  1. Press Windows key and R together on your keyboard
  2. The Run box will appear
  3. Type ‘services.msc’ there and hit Enter
  4. The Services window will appear
  5. Locate the NVIDIA Network Service from there
  6. The service status will be ‘starting’ and you will have to change it to ‘started’

You don’t have to close the window. Leave the window here and start with the next step.

2- Delete the NSManagedTasks.xml file

  1. Open C>ProgramData>NVIDIA Corporation>NetService.
  2. Locate the NSManagedTasks.xml file.
  3. If you can’t locate the file, enable the ‘show hidden files’ option in the menu.
  4. Then select the file and delete it.
  5. And open Task Manager.
  6. Click on Details.
  7. Find the NvStreamNetworkService.exe file.
  8. Right-click on the file and select End Task.

After following this step carefully, move on to the next and resolve the GeForce Experience won’t open on your PC.

3-Start the NVIDIA Service

After completing all these, you will have to start the NVIDIA Service. The service won’t interrupt you anymore and will also update the drivers. Follow the steps below-

  1. Once again, open your run box and visit the Services window (if you have not closed the window yet, it will be there)
  2. Locate the NVIDIA Network Service
  3. Right-click on it and Start the service

Now the status of NVIDIA service will be changed from ‘starting’ to ‘started’. And after following these steps, you won’t see the “GeForce Experience unable to connect to NVIDIA” error anymore. So, you can play any video game you want on your PC.

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