Fixed: Visual Studio Code Window is Not Responding [Quick Guide]

Visual Studio Code is a great success for Microsoft as it has appeared as one of the most reliable sources for coders. It is considered the best idea. It is not only available in multiple languages but also entails a plethora of extensions available for quick installation. It is a coding setup that is feature-rich in the true sense. 

However, many programmers report The” Visual Studio Code Window is Not Responding.” Therefore, this article, by “NotResponding Team,” is intended to discuss fixing the scenarios where r Visual Studio Code is crashing on Windows 11/10.

Reasons Why Visual Studio Code Window is Not Responding

Two possibilities arise for the error: the VS code crashes upon opening or may give errors in the middle of a task. There can be many underlying reasons, like an infinite loop, a corrupted file, etc. 

How To Fix Visual Studio Code Window is Not Responding

Depending upon different causes, below are some methods to fix the “Visual Studio Code Window is Not responding.

1. Update Graphics Driver

A Driver update may be the solution to many problems. So the primary thing you can do to treat the crashing is to try updating the Graphics driver. If your Graphics driver is outdated, it will not allow you to start programming apps or games. 

With this, there are high chances of VS code crashing, especially in the case of a long program. So, first of all, install the most recent version of the graphic driver. If you still see the same issue, try the following fixing strategies. 

2. Turn off Hardware Acceleration

The Next thing you can do is disable the GPU Hardware Acceleration. The VS Code will use Software rendering Universal Product Code in this case. There is a greater possibility that you will have a stable experience. Following are the steps for hardware acceleration.

  •  Start Visual Studio Code on the respective system.
  • Go for Ctrl + Shift + P keys. It will direct you to Command Palette.
  • Type ‘Preferences
  • Select ‘Configure Runtime Arguments
  • Press Enter.
  • Put the following command. 
  • Disable-hardware-acceleration“: true,
  •  Save the file by pressing Ctrl + S.
  •  As the last step, restart Visual Studio Code
How To Fix visual studio code window is not responding step 2 1

If the crashing issue is still persistent, the next possibility is to try the following:

3. Delete Backup of Open Files

You can start deleting the unnecessary files if you have a large file and the VScode experiences a freeze and crash. 

  • Open Run
  •  Paste “%appdata%” 
  •  Click Ok
  •  Now, open Code > Backup and now delete the specific folder that is present in the directory
  •  Now, after these steps, restart Visual Studio Code. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed. If it still pertains, then try the following. 

4. Reinstall VS Code

If you have tried all of the fixing mentioned above strategies, there are chances that the error is arising as a result of a corrupted VS code file. In this case, fix the issue by uninstalling VS code. Download it again and make sure it is the updated version. Sometimes reinstalling the updated version is the best solution possible. 

5. Executing an Infinite Loop

We have tried to address the VS code error issues concerning the possible cause, but sometimes the app or the Graphics driver is not the culprit, and you still experience the VS code crashing issue. In this case, executing an Infinite Loop is the reason. 

An infinite loop is usually why the system crashes if the loop continues execution. However, in many cases, the user may write an Infinite Loop without knowing.

Infinite Loop has no condition to terminate the process. For instance, read the following code.

Int x; 

For (x = 5; x>5; x++)


//some code


In this case, the condition, i.e., x>5, will be fulfilled every time. Hence, the loop will not be terminated.

One of the most straightforward solutions to eliminate the infinite loop is to keep s strict check on the output. As you see a series of unsolicited outputs, end the process by hitting Ctrl + Alt + M. The code will immediately stop, and your system will not crash. 

6. Resolve out-of-memory Visual Studio

Frequent crashes of Visual Studio may be the cause of virtual memory. The indicators in such cases are messages like “one or more errors occurred” and “the process appears to be deadlocked” messages. There may be an out-of-memory exclusion in a crash dump.

Follow the following steps to reduce the virtual memory footprint to avert crashes:

Pause or Disable default C/C++ Intellisense. Sometimes disabling is impossible; try dropping Max Cached Translation Units in this case. 

How To Fix visual studio code window is not responding step 1

How to Fix Windows Not Responding Error?

To fix the windows not responding error, try the following:

  • Reset the Video Drivers
  • Open up the Task Manager
  • Force Restart the system
  • Look up any possible Changes in Windows 10
  • Look closely at Running Programs.
  • Search for missing files
  • Sometimes File Corruption can cause Windows 10 to crash
  • Driver Issues can also Cause Windows to stop responding

How Can I Fix a Windows 10 Stop Code Error?

One of the most straightforward solutions is to try the safe mode. Reboot the system and hold on to the F8 key present on your keyboard. The boot screen will be visible so that it is possible to enter the Winre (Windows Recovery Environment). 

It would help if you kept holding the Fn (function) key for some specific devices. If booting into Wine through the keyboard shortcut is impossible, keep turning the system on and off. It will automatically start the repair environment.

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Visual studio code is a package of utilities for multiple users worldwide. Like all other utility tools, this one also has innate chances of error and crashing. We have tried to help the readers fix the crashing issue by discussing the maximum possible solutions. If you can still fix the error, try seeking professional help. 

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