Fixed: Photos Not Responding on Mac [5 Easy Methods]

Photos are the most innovative way to preserve life moments and precious memories. In the modern world, photos are incorporated through the photos app. These apps enable us to manage, share and edit digital photos swiftly. Although digital photos are easier to handle, there may be instances when digital photos show an error. Mac users frequently report errors like photos not responding on mac.

Sometimes the user may not have made a backup for the photo libraries rendering important photos inaccessible. We have created this quick guide to help users in despair because of this Mac error.

Why Are Photos Not Responding On Mac? [Possible Causes]

The first thing to understand is the possible reasons for the error photos not responding on mac. Some possible reasons are:

  • Issues with the photo library of the user
  • Sometimes Data errors occur, which may result in photos not opening. The problem of incompatible or corrupted media files in the library is one of the most common reasons for this error.
  • For instance, if image files get corrupted during the download from cable or card, there is a high chance that photos may not open on Mac.
  • Similar cases include bad disk blocking or damaging a file.
  • Migrating to an iPhoto Library or Aperture library will also result in this error.

Fixed: Error Photos Not Working On Mac? [5 Easy Methods]

Now moving to some quick fixes for the issue “Photos not working on mac”:

1. Apply Time Machine Backup to recover Photos

Time Machine backup is the quickest solution for recovering corrupted photos. But thus, it can be the solution only if the backup has been recently updated. Perform the following steps:

1. First, Connect your Mac to your Time Machine backup drive.

2. In the dock, Click Time Machine.

3. Now, Select the backup date for which you want to restore the photos.

4. Navigate the backup of the photo library properly and select the photos needed.

5. Click Restore. This process varies for a time duration, depending on the particular size of the Photo Library.

6. The next step is to open the Photos app and see the required pictures.

how to fix error Photos Not Working On Mac step 1

2. Try Repairing the Corrupted Photos of the Photo Library

Sometimes the library might be broken or corrupt, and the Mac user may not know about it. It is better to get your hands on advanced photo repair software capable of repairing most corruption errors like JPEG data, header, invalid file structure, or indefinite JPEG marker.

Try using free photo library repair tools that are free and compatible with Mac platforms.

how to fix error Photos Not Working On Mac step 2

3. Updating the MacOS

As Photos App is a subunit of macOS, you can expect multiple issues about the app store to be fixed by updating the macOS.

Follow the mentioned steps for updating macOS:

1. Start at the App Store.

2. Press the Updates tab located on the top bar.

3. Select from the available macOS versions

4. Click on the Update button. The latest version will be downloaded and installed.

5. Access the defaulted Photos library on the mac again to see whether the problem has been fixed.

how to fix error Photos Not Working On Mac step 3

4. Try Recovering Photos With the Repair Tool of Apple Photos 

The photos library repair tool for Apple’s Photos Library will look for any inconsistency in the database of the library it repairs. As the size or number of the photos and the network speed varies, the process may take some time.

A 250GB photo library may even take 24 hours. Patience is the key; it may feel tiresome, but worth the hustle. Once the process finishes, you can see your photos in the Photo Library.

5. Rebuilding the iPhoto’s Library

If you are a user of the older iPhoto app, try the First Aid tool for Photos Library. It enables the repair and rebuilding of the photos database. The photos library repair tool pertains to give following options for repair:

  • Repair Permissions
  • Rebuild Thumbnails
  • Repair Database
  • Rebuild Database

You can choose any as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does My Photos App Keep Crashing On Mac?

Do you ever open up your Photos app on Mac, only to find it crashing every time? This can be a frustrating and confusing experience. But why does this happen, and how can you fix it? Knowing what causes the Photos app to crash is essential to solving the problem.

An application like Photos may crash due to incompatibility between software versions or corrupt files within the system. It could be a hardware issue, such as having limited RAM or outdated graphics drivers.

To identify the exact cause of your Photos app crashing on Mac, run diagnostics tests which will provide more information about the issue.

Additionally, double-check that all other applications and drivers installed in your computer are up-to-date, so they’re compatible with one another.

How Do You Reset Photos App On Mac?

If you are having trouble with your Mac Photos App and need to reset it, a few simple steps can get you back on track.

Many users of Mac computers find themselves in a situation where their Photos App is not working correctly or is out of date.

Resetting your Photos App can help resolve many issues and allow you to start again fresh.

The process for resetting the Photos app on Mac isn’t complicated but requires precise steps to ensure success. First, open up the Finder window and navigate to the Applications folder.

Search for the Photos application and right-click on it before selecting ‘Move To Trash’ from the drop-down menu. This will remove all components related to this application from your Mac computer.

How Do I Clear My Mac Photo Cache?

Clearing your Mac photo cache can be a helpful way to free up storage space on your computer. If you’re an avid photographer or have a lot of photos stored on your device, this can be a great way to control the size of your files.

One easy way to clear the cache is to hit Command-Shift-Delete. This will delete all images from the store and give you back some extra space on your hard drive.

It’s important to note that this will only affect cached pictures and not any original or edited photos saved in other locations.

Additionally, if you’re using iCloud Photos, clearing the Mac photo cache won’t impact those stored in iCloud. As long as you don’t remove them from there, they’ll still be accessible across devices.


With above mentioned quick fixes for photos not responding on mac. You can better enjoy your photos and cherish memories, even after encountering errors. Have a quick read, and enjoy your photos.

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