Ezoic Monetization Test Question and Answer [Pass Your Test Today]

Strategic placement of audience-specific ads is essential if you want to increase your website revenue. You need a great ad testing tool that you can use to learn about the most effective places to put your ads and the ad layouts that have the potential to bring you better results.

This is where Ezoic comes in!

If you don’t know anything about Ezoic and how this ads testing platform works, then you are at the right place.

In this complete guide, we are going to share with you everything you need to know about Ezoic. We are also going to take a complete look at the questions and their answers that you need to know to Pass your Ezoic Monetization Test.

So, let’s get started and talk about the Ezoic and Ezoic Monetization Test Question and Answer for 2022.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a great ad testing platform that helps you find the best places on your site to place the ads, along with the best kind of layouts that you can use for the ads.

The basic idea behind Ezoic is to help websites maximize their ads revenue. This platform allows you to try ads from different networks and shows you ads in different combinations. This way, you get to know exactly what kind of combination works the best for you in terms of bringing you the most engagement.

How Does Ezoic Work?

Ezoic ads testing platform is Artificial Intelligence based. It uses AI to try different ads layout to find the ones that work the best for you.

This platform uses an incremental approach for finding the layout of the right ads for your website. It starts by placing a layout on your site and calculating the bounce rate, income, and page views for that layout.

The platform keeps testing different layouts and keeps collecting data. When enough data is gathered, the system then chooses the ads layouts that performed well in the testing stage.

Ezoic Best Features

1. Better Control

Ezoic allows you to adjust the site traffic percentage that goes to this platform and the percentage that goes to your website. You can adjust these percentage values as per your preference. This is useful for beginners who are in the learning phase and simply just trying to get to know the environment. To enable the Ezoic website speed tools you have to pass the Ezoi website speed certification test, here are some of the questions for the ezoic site speed test certification to prepare to pass the ezoic website speed test.

2. Mobile Friendly

Ezoic testing is quite effective because the platform tests ads based on the device. It tests ads for different devices and finds the best ads combinations for all the devices. This way, you get to create engaging ads experience based on the specific devices used by your targeted audience.

3. Wide Range of Ad Networks

Ezoic offers you a bigger range of ad networks that you can go for. When you have more advertisers, it increases your chances of having high-quality ads on your site that bring you better results. This is one of the reasons why this ads platform is better than AdSense or Media.Net.

Ezoic Monetization Test Question and Answer: How To Pass?

Ezoic requires you to pass the Ezoic Monetization Test with at least 75% marks if you want to use the Ezoic Monetization on your website in 2022 for getting started.

Here are the questions asked in the Ezoic Monetization Test and their answers that you can use to ace this test

A session is

  1. Each time a web page in your web site is loaded
  2. A single go to to your web site
  3. How many distinctive guests come to your web site
  4. all of the above

A web page view is

  1. a single go to to your web site given a sure time interval
  2. web page is seen in your web site given a sure time interval
  3. distinctive guests to your web site given a sure time interval
  4. not one of the above

 An —— is a container that appears like a code snippet that you simply place on a website to point out in an advert in that location

  1. advert unit
  2. iframe
  3. JavaScript Div
  4. not one of the above  

Earning per Mile guests Epmv is the one metric that

  1. appears on the worth of every customer via your complete session
  2. takes UX into consideration (Bounce fee web page classes and so forth )
  3. solely a
  4. each a and b

What is an Ezoic advert placeholder?

  1. the right reply shouldn’t be listed
  2. a set advert unit location in ezoic
  3. a possible advert location ezoic may present on a web page
  4. Ezoic title for conventional add tags

Advertisers might pay extra for various advertisements sizes relying on the nation the customer is in

  1. true 
  2. false

What are AI placeholders?

  1. This function randomizes the place advert will present
  2. This function mechanically deletes placeholders which might be underperforming
  3. This function rearrange your content material placeholder to completely different places on the web page
  4. This function is created in exams new placeholders variations mechanically when doable

Select all that apply which of the next are issues that influence how a lot in advertiser Bids

  1. Geographic location of the customer
  2. add location on the location
  3. The area of interest of the location
  4. machine kind of the customer

 Ad tester strikes a stability between advert income and UX

  1. True
  2. false

How does we offer Ads for websites utilizing monetization options

  1. Ezoic offers entry to hundreds of networks exchanges header bidders and advertisers alongside any advert networks a web site desires to hyperlink
  2. Ezoic simply makes use of Google AdSense or different LinkedIn advert networks linked by a web site
  3. Ezoic offers the service of AD administration
  4. Ezoic is an advert community (a substitute for one thing like AdSense)

How is a placeholder completely different from an advert unit

  1. placeholders at all times present extra advertisements
  2. placeholders are the identical as advert unit
  3. placeholders present to all customers
  4. placeholders might or might not present a show advert

 Which of the next shouldn’t be a monetization finest apply

  1. Turn on ai placeholders
  2. All our greatest practices
  3. Turn on native advertisements
  4. Turn on adaptive sizing

What ezoic useful resource points in case your income fluctuations are seasonal or an issue together with your website

  1. Ad tester
  2. Ad income index
  3. monetization
  4. large information evaluation

What is the very first thing it’s best to do to troubleshoot if advertisements are usually not exhibiting in your web site

  1. Create a help ticket
  2. take away ezoic integration
  3. contact your host
  4. Clear your browser cache and cookies

 Why would to advertisements present on a web page the place there is just one placeholder

  1. It’s a typical Google advertisements error
  2. It is a bug with ezoic
  3. Ezoic adaptive sizing function is turned on permitting a number of advertisements to point out in a single placeholder location earnings
  4.  the advert placeholder shouldn’t be setup accurately

If you don’t have an AdSense account you can not be part of ezoic

  1. True
  2. false

Select all that apply Which of the next Optimisation objectives you possibly can set in your Ezoic dashboard

  1. Custom settings
  2. stability of income and UX
  3. person expertise targeted
  4. revenue-focused

 Placeholders are potential advert places

  1. true
  2. false

 Select all that apply Which metric can be utilized to trace website advert income

  1. Cost per Mille advert impression
  2. Total income earnings
  3. Revenue per Mille advert impression
  4. Earnings per Mille guests

 it’s essential to have and hyperlink AdSense account to ezoic

  1. True
  2. False

There are 15 placeholders on a website what number of advertisements with a customer see

  1. 15
  2. 7
  3. Depends on the customer
  4. 0

Right Answers Of Ezoic Monetization Test query 

Ad Tester performs steady testing on a

  1. Per day per hour foundation
  2. Per-user per go to foundation
  3. Per advert per income foundation
  4. Per person per go to foundation

Which of the next matrices is the one one that may inform you in case you are incomes kind of income per go to month over month?

  1. CPM (price per 1000 advert impression of a single advert)
  2. CPC (price per click on)
  3. RPM (income per 1000 web page views)
  4. EPMV ( incomes per thousand classes/visits)

 What is an anchor advert?

  1. An overlay advert unit on the backside of your web page
  2. A static advert on the high proper of your web page
  3. A popup within the heart of your webpage
  4. Any of the above

How many placeholders are really useful by ezoic

  1. 1-5
  2. 5-10
  3. 10-15
  4. None of the above

Which of the next shouldn’t be an examined customer variable

  1. Scroll Depth
  2. day of week
  3. advertisements per web page
  4. site visitors supply

Final Words

This is it! This is all that you need to know about the Ezoic Monetization Test and how to ace it without any kind of hassle.

Make sure to go through the questions and answers that we have talked about in this guide to pass your Ezoic Monetization Test.

If you have any more questions about Ezoic, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you with your Ezoic Monetization queries.  

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