How To Remove MacKeeper From My Mac? [Safari Quick-Start Guide]

MacKeeper hijacks your Mac Browsers and shoots you with tons of unwanted pop-ups that locks up the browser as per the Apple forums, it is classed as a “highly invasive malware* that can de-stablize your operating system”. Straight forward resets of the browser will not work therefore you will need to delete savedState configuration from the Library.
Though there are numerous methods to remove MacKeeper, I’ll only list the one that worked in the first attempt for me and many others I helped.

How do I remove MacKeeper from my Mac?

  1. Quit Safari, if you are unable to quit it then force quit it.
  2. Open Finder and hold the Option key. While holding the Option key click the Go menu from the top and select Library.
  3. From the Library folder, open the Saved Application State subfolder.
  4. Inside the Saved Application State, locate the subfolder. This folder contains information about open windows and tabs, to allow Safari to reopen them automatically.
  5. Ctrl+Click the subfolder and move it to Trash
  6. Now Reopen Safari.

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