InPage Urdu: How To Download And Install? [Step-by-Step Guide]

When it comes to writing and formatting digital text, word processor software makes this possible for you. Depending on the kind of languages that a word processor application support, you can write essays, articles, reports and so much more.

Microsoft Word is the most popular example of a word processor. Although there are a lot of different word processors out there, each software application has its features.         

In this article, we are going to review the most popular Urdu typing keyboard in the entire world. We are going to talk about InPage Urdu Download, its feature, and the ways you can make the most out of this tool. 

What is InPage Urdu Software?

InPage is an industry-standard word processor used for writing the text for books, magazines, letters, and official documents in Urdu and Arabic languages.

This software is one of the most commonly used tools all around Pakistan for writing text in Urdu for various purposes. This software application offers a wide range of features that make it easier for a user to type in Urdu or Persian Language.

This software supports a wide range of languages namely Urdu, English, Arabic and so much more. This software is lightweight and computable with most windows operating systems including Window XP and Window 7. 

Best Features of InPage

  • Supports all Nasta līq fonts
  • Available for Mac users as well
  • Quranic Text styles
  • Calligraphic Fonts
  • Save as PDF options available
  • Allows you to export files from an older version
  • Lightweight and easy to use  

How to Write English in Urdu InPage?

If you want to change the language of the InPage from Urdu to English, you can do it in one of two ways.

You can either do it by pressing ctrl + space. This will open up the language settings for you. You can choose the English language from there.

You can also select English by pressing F10, then pressing L, and then T. This process is a bit longer but also gives you the same result. The settings are same for previous versions as well as the latest version. 

How to Paste Urdu Text in InPage?

InPage full version doesn’t allow you to directly copy and past Urdu from an external source to the InPage software. You need to convert the Unicode Urdu to InPage Urdu if you want to copy and paste Urdu.

Here is how you can do it

  • Copy and paste Urdu text from the web
  • Search for a Unicode Urdu to InPage Urdu converter online
  • Paste your copied Urdu text there
  • Hit the convert button
  • Download the converted text
  • The converted text would contain weird symbols
  • Copy & Paste these symbols on the page  

How to Write Allah in Urdu InPage?

You can write Allah using InPage by pressing Alt + =: –

You can write manually as well but this shortcut key will help you save time. Urdu InPage professional software can help you write whatever you want in Urdu & Arabic script. You can type Urdu Persian Pashto and Arabic with it.

How to Write Urdu in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Without InPage?

  • Open the Photoshop on your PC
  • From the top bar, choose the Edit option
  • From the submenu, navigate to the Preferences option
  • Another menu will open up. Choose the Type option from there
  • Choose the Middle Eastern option from the window
  • Then go to the main window of PS and choose the Type option from there
  • Select the Language options from there and then choose the East Asian Features option
  • This will enable the Urdu keyboard on the Photoshop

Inpage URDU FAQs

How can I write Urdu in InPage?

You need to choose the language that you want to type in as well as the keyboard settings. Once you have selected everything, you can start typing in Urdu.   

How can I download InPage in Urdu?

If you are looking for the best way for InPage Urdu Download, you can do that by searching for it on the internet. You can download the app from the official InPage website or other 3rd Party sources.

Which software is best for Urdu typing?

InPage is the typing software for writing in Urdu. This software is fast and delivers excellent performance. It is the market standard for writing Urdu and Arabic texts. It is the best word processor and page layout designer you can find out there. 

How do I open an Urdu Inpage INP file?

Click on the File option
Choose the Open file option
Find the INP file on your computer
Select it to open in InPage

How can I download InPage in Urdu?

You can easily download the complete InPage Urdu software application from the internet. This word processor is available on the InPage official website as well as on 3rd Party sources. 

How do I get the InPage keyboard?

Open the InPage
Go to the Preferences Option
Click on Keyboard Preferences
Select the Phonetics you want to use
This is all you need to do to enable the Phonetic on your InPage keyboard.  

Which software is best for Urdu typing?

InPage and Pak Urdu Installer are both the best software for typing in Urdu. Professional uses this app all over Pakistan for creating reports, papers, as well as magazines in Urdu.   

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