Fixed: Audio Services Not Responding on Windows 10? [2022 Indepth Guide]

Windows Audio Services is responsible for delivering an excellent quality of sound by improving and maximizing the functioning of a computer’s audio components. Audio services keep your computer’s audio in its optimal condition and allow you to have an immersive sound experience.

If you are getting the Audio Services not responding on your Windows 10, then this is the guide for you.      

Audio Services Not Responding is an annoying error that completely messes up the audio services of your PC. This error message would stop you from getting access to the sound components of your computer. It makes your audio and sound devices unresponsive and the device might not work for you.

Where do you first encounter this error?

When your computer system’s audio is not running, you are going to try and troubleshoot it using the windows sound troubleshooter program. This is the first fix that most people try to go for.

Once the troubleshooter is done analyzing the problem, it would show you the Windows Audio Services Not Responding error.

So, what do you do when you encounter this error?

This is what this complete guide all about. We are going to talk about the reasons behind the occurrence of this error, along with the possible solutions that you can go for to get rid of this issue.

So, let’s get straight to it

Audio Services Not Responding: Possible Causes?

Before we get into solving the Audio Services Not Responding error, let’s go over some of the reasons that might be behind this error. Knowing about these reasons would help you choose the best possible way of going about the solution.

Here are some of the reasons that might cause the Audio Services Not Responding Error on the Windows 10 operating system

  • The sound setting of your PC has been altered
  • Internal audio component connectivity issues can also cause this error
  • The Audio Drivers might need to be updated
  • The drivers might be corrupted
  • The audio components might not have been loaded properly
  • There might be some app that is causing the issue for you
  • The audio components could have undergone physical damage

You can start the solution process by looking at these problems first. This would enable you to fine-tune your error fix process and would allow you to choose the solution that would work the best for your specific Audio Services Not Responding case.         

How to Solve the Audio Services is Not Running Error in Window 10?

There are many workarounds for this error that you can find online. We are offering you the most comprehensive set of solutions ever. We are adding all the possible fixes for this error here in this article. This way, you won’t have to search anywhere else for solutions.

Below are the best fixes for Audio Services Not Responding Error message that has proven to work. We are going to keep updating this article with the latest fixes for this error to ensure that everything stays up to date. 

Method 1: Reboot Windows Audio Services

Most of the time, simply just restarting the windows audio services gets things done for you. When you boot up your PCs, sometimes it fails to load up all the settings and services. When you reboot the service, it becomes functional again.

Here is how you can reboot the windows audio services

  1. Press Windows + R on your Keyboard
  2. Type services.msc in the box and hit enter
  3. This will load up all the services installed on your PC
  4. From the menu, look for the Windows Audio Service
  5. Right-click on the Windows Audio and choose the Restart Option
  6. You also need to go on to the properties settings of Audio Windows to ensure that the Startup Type for service is set to Automatic
  7. Repeat the same process for the Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service

Once you are done with the settings, Restart your computer.

If the problem persists, move on to the solution below.

Method 2: Try Running Windows Audio Troubleshooter  

Windows Audio Troubleshooter is the simplest solution that can get you out of this Audio Services Not Responding Error. This is a simple program that comes in Windows by default. You can run it to detect and resolve minor issues like audio startup problems and stuff like that.

Here is how you can use the Windows Audio troubleshooter to solve the audio issues

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel and look for the Troubleshooting Setting
  2. Navigate to the Hardware and Sound Settings
  3. Choose the Troubleshoot Audio Playback Option
  4. Wait till the software finishes analyzing

This software would either resolve the problem, or it would let you know the exact factor that is causing this problem.

Method 3: Check Audio Components

The audio components that you have installed on your PC are responsible for all the sound-related things. You need to make sure that all the components are present in your PC and actively running. If any of the components are missing, you won’t be able to get the sound services to work on your PC.

Here are the Audio Components that you need to check

  • Remote Procedure Call
  • RPC Endpoint Mapper
  • DCOM Server Process Launcher

You need to navigate to the following settings to verify these components

  1. Press the Windows + R button on your keyboard
  2. Type in services.msc and hit enter
  3. Look for the above-mentioned services in the menu
  4. Verify their startup status and make sure it is set to Automatic
  5. If any of the services are turned off, start them again   

Method 4: Run Some CMD Commands

This process is a bit more complicated and requires focus on your part. Carefully follow the commands that we are going to describe here and type them in the Command Prompt. Don’t panic, the process is simple, and you just need to be a little bit diligent to follow the procedure.

  1. Click on the Search icon on your Windows 10
  2. Type Command Prompt in the Search
  3. Run the command prompt as administrator 
  4. Write the command net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice as shown in the image below
  5. If you have typed the command correctly, you should see the message “command completed successfully
  6. Now write the command: net localgroup Administrators /add localservice
  7. If the command is successful, type exit to exit out of the CMD
  8. Restart your computer to see whether this worked or not

In case you are wondering what, we did here, we are restarting the audio services using the command prompt. This is what the above commands were all about.

Method 5: Install High Definition Audio Device e.g. Realtek

 A windows computer doesn’t come with High Definition Audio Device drivers by default. Software like Realtek creates a more immersive audio experience than the default audio services of windows. These HD Audio drivers can also help you get rid of the Audio Services not responding issue.

Here is how you can install an HD Audio Device like Realtek      

  1. Click on the Windows Quick Start Menu Button
  2. You can press Windows + X for getting fast access to the quick-start menu
  3. Choose the Device Manager Option from the Menu
  4. Expand Sound, Video, and Game Controller category
  5. Right-click on the setting and choose Update Driver Option
  6. Select the Option Browse My Computer for driver software
  7. Click on the browser to get the list of available drivers from your computer
  8. Uncheck the option Show Compatible Hardware to have all the results listed in the menu
  9. Find the High Definition Audio Device from the Menu
  10.  Follow the rest of the installation instructions to have the driver installed on your PC

You need to download the HD Audio Driver from the official developer’s site. This would ensure that the driver is safe to use and compatible with your windows version.    

Method 6: Install Default Windows Sound Drivers

Here is how you can go about installing the default drivers for audio services

  1. Startup the search menu
  2. Type System in the search bar
  3. Navigate to the Advanced System Settings in the System Menu
  4. Navigate to the Hardware Tab and Click on the Device Installation Settings Option
  5. Choose the Option No from the Device Installation Settings Menu and Hit on Save Changes
  6. Now again, go to the search menu and type in the Device Manager
  7. Expand the Sound, Video, Game Controllers option and right-click on it
  8. Choose the Uninstall device from the menu
  9. Once the device is uninstalled, you need to click on the Scan for Hardware Changes option
  10.  Your computer will detect that the audio hardware of your PC and reinstall the default audio drivers for your computer

Reboot your computer to see the effects of this solution.  

Method 7: Do a System Restore  

If any of the above-mentioned methods don’t work for you, and you are sure that the hardware of your computer is fine, Restoring Windows is your last option. By restoring the window, you restore it to the last restore point that you have created before you came across this problem.

Here is how you can do a complete system restore for your Windows PC

  • Press Windows + S to start the search menu
  • Type Restore in the Search Bar and choose the program that shows up in the search
  • Once you click on the program, it would take you to the System Restore Window
  • Choose the System Restore Option from there
  • A menu would open that would guide you through the windows restore process
  • Select a Restore Point from the ones shown to you
  • Now, you need to verify whether you want to go through with the process or not
  • Click on Yes to start the restore process
  • You need to back up your important media and document files, just in case
  • Once the restore is done, the problem should be fixed by Now

If you don’t have any restore points available, you can also do a complete windows install from scratch.


Audio Services Not Responding is a critical issue that can completely disrupt your windows audio services. You need to solve this error if you want to get the audio controls backs for your PC.

We have talked about multiple ways you can fix this error. If you follow these instructions carefully, you’d be able to fix this error all by yourself. You won’t have to hire a technician or any kind of professional assistance. Simply just go over the Audio Services Not Responding fixes that we have talked about here to fix this error one and for all. 

Audio Services Not Responding FAQs

How do I restore windows audio services?

  • Right-click on the Windows Button and choose the Run option
  • Find the Windows Audio Option from the Menu
  • Check the Service Startup Type as Automatic
  • Click on Apply button 

How to Fix Audio services not responding?

There are multiple ways you can solve the audio services not responding. The simplest way is to use windows audio to troubleshoot a program. Other than that, you can try reinstalling or updating the audio device drivers.  

Why the audio service is not running?

It might be because of the damage to audio components or because of connectivity issues at the hardware level. Or, it can also be because of the driver update or corrupt driver issues.  

Audio service not responding How to Fix?

You need to follow the methods for fixing audio services not responding that we have talked about here in this article. We do an in-depth review of the best fixes for solving this audio error. This article will be your ultimate guide for solving all the windows audio issues.   

What do I do when my audio service is not responding?

You can start by running the windows Troubleshoot program. If it says that the Audio Services are not responding, then you need to pinpoint the problem that is causing this error to occur. If you can’t find the error, simply just go through the fixes that we have talked about here one by one for solving this error.