Fixed: SQL Developer Not Responding in Windows 10 [A Quick Guide]

SQL Developer is an integrated development environment available for free. SQL has enabled the overall development and efficient management of Oracle Database. It is equally applicable in both Cloud and traditional deployments. SQL Developer ensures that PL/SQL applications are completely end-to-end developed and also “SQL Developer Not Responding.”

It provides a worksheet for running scripts and queries, a DBA console, a reports interface, a migration platform, and a complete data modeling solution. But you may face the issue of SQL developers not responding in Windows 10 for different reasons.

Causes And Solutions For SQL Developers Not Responding in Windows 10:

With over 7,000,000 users, many report problems like SQL developers not responding in windows 10 or SQL Server Developers not staying open. This problem usually arises because of the following underlying states:

  • The application is unable to find Java
  • Java crashes, and eventually, the application ‘goes away

So let’s learn and fix them with the notresponding team. 

1. Java Not Reachable

In this case, it is not an application failure or crash issue. It is generally best shown in the taskbar as the ‘bouncing icon.’ The SQL Developer will try to start for a second or two. After repeated trials, it gives up. Java applications cannot run without Java.

If Linux/Unix or Mac environment’s JDK location is not prompted, OS tells its location. In the case of Windows .exe in the top SQL Developer directory monitors a few things:

  • Is the system running on OS 32- or 64-bit?
  • Is Java available?

Java Not Reachable Solution

For future executions, try to mention the location of JDK in the .conf file. When this .exe answers the above queries successfully, the old prompt for the JDK will not be seen. In case of failure, I will investigate the user. 

classGFG {

    publicstaticvoidmain(String args[])


        inta = 2;

for(;;) {

            if(a == 2)



                // it will never execute, so

                // same error will be there.

                System.out.println("I want to get printed");





Most SQL Developers look for Windows in the SQL developer. Conf file. In this way, JDK is located. This is where you can configure JVM running with the suitable set parameter flags.

In the latest version, 4.0, SQL developer. Conf is not investigated for these specific settings and Java flags and settings. For shared Windows machines, the roaming profiles directory is reached in the Application Data folder.

We suggest the 4.0 Windows packages, which include:

  • Windows 64 bit and32 bit
  •  Server JRE (Windows with 64-bit JDK)

If you are running Java 7, accompany it with SQL Developer 4. The Server JRE is a subunit of the full JDK. It provides all you need to run SQL Developer. For Windows, a Java download setup for 64 bits has been introduced as standard configuration for most systems, including Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.

2. The App Is Crashing

In this case, you need to know the version for:

  • Mac
  • Java
  • OS
  •  SQL Developer

If you have Java 8 update 201’ or SQL Developer 17.2, upgrading the software to 2021 or 2022 is suggested. Usually, SQL starts to respond after upgradation.

The App Is Crashing Solution

If you already have the upgrades version, the next thing to ponder is What happens after starting SQL Developer from the terminal/ console? Java appears to be noisy and chatty, specifically when errors occur, such as the Radius server not responding. Usually, in case of a crash, it informs the user. If the application is crashing, we suggest the following for Windows:

  • Start – Run – CMD
  • CD, where SQL Developer unzipped, is located.
  •  Go to the ‘bin’ folder.
  •  Run the .exe
  •  In case of crashes, look for Updates
how toFix SQL Developer Not Responding in Windows step 2

3. SQL Developer Not Responding on Windows 7 (double clicking Script file)

Oracle Support suggests that to solve this problem, select sqldeveloper.exe for the “Opening with” application. In the case of version 4.1.2, the directions provided in the support document cannot fix the problem.

SQL Developer Not Responding Solution

  • Open SQL Developer
  • Select Menu File
  •  Open & select the necessary SQL script file. You will see that it will open and work fine.
  • If the application is closed and double-clicked on the SQL script file, it will open and work fine.
  • If SQL Developer is in use and the user tries to open the SQL script file through a Double click, it will crash with the following error

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

OS Version: 6.1.7601.

Locale ID: 1033

Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.23226

Fault Module Timestamp: 560d75c3

Fault Module Name: stackhash_595c

Exception Offset: 00000000000be7d

Exception Code: c0000374

Application Version:

Application Timestamp: 52c7284e

Application Name: sqldeveloper64w.exe

Additional Information 4: 97f3989c9de8ec63e024cd0f5ae74114

Additional Information 3: 97f3

Additional Information 2: 595c8aa9babb4f195c4f88ece8fe9d3f

Additional Information 1: 595c

How To Fix Windows Not Responding Error?

One of the most frequent errors for system users is when the Windows program stops responding. It can either freeze or become unresponsive. The reasons can be multiple.

It may be because of internal conflict between the computer’s hardware and program, a software bug, or a shortage of system resources. Just as the reasons for this error are many, the solutions are also multiple. 

Some quick fixes for windows not responding include ending the task program, restarting the computer, downloading program updates, and reinstalling the program.

Malware and virus scans can also fix a not responding Windows. If all these solutions do not work, the best way is to contact developer support.


SQL development is no doubt an excellent utility for system users. It is vulnerable to errors and crashes. Once you are fully equipped with the basic knowledge of the internal system instruction, you can easily pick the fundamental cause of the SQL developer not responding in windows 10. After finding the cause, fixing the issue is quite an easy task.

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