How To Fix Gmail Server Error 007? (6 Methods)

Trust me; if you are seeing the Gmail server error 007 these days, it’s completely okay. This email error occurs while sending an email to a different recipient. Along with the error code, a message reads, “Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent”. The good news is that you can easily resolve this Gmail error if follow the suggestions correctly.

Why Does Gmail 007 Error Code Occur?

Gmail is the most reliable and largely used email platform. There are so many reasons why people use Gmail today. Firstly because it provides fast and smooth email solutions. Secondly, because it offers free cloud storage and a lot more functional services. However, Gmail is not always error-free. In fact, under various situations, users can encounter multiple error codes and messages. And in case of Gmail error 007, here are the reasons it appears-

  • It might occur due to incorrect configuration of a system file
  • If there is a quick change in the settings, the users can also encounter this error code
  • Due to a misconfiguration of the system file, the Gmail error can pop-up
  • If the error is occurring due to your internet connection, it will disappear as soon as you reconnect your computer with a stable internet connection
  • The web browser can also be the reason for this problem.

In fact, in many cases, people have noticed that the error occurs while using other web browsers, such as Firefox, etc..

How To Fix Gmail Server Error 007? (6 Methods)

But as soon as you start using Chrome, it won’t be there anymore. So, keeping all these reasons in mind, we will be working on the solution methods in the section below.

Method One- Use Another Browser

If you are using one particular browser to access Gmail try switching it to a new one. Maybe use Chrome for a faster and smoother browsing experience. And the chance is the Gmail error won’t be there anymore.

Method Two- Change Your Account

If you are trying to send an emergency email and encountering this error, you can sink that temporarily. Try to send the email from a different email ID, and let’s work on the error solution when you have plenty of time.

Method Three- Manual Fixing

If none of the given methods work for you, this is the best chance you can take. Let’s work on this one-

  1. First, open your browser and find out if an update is available.
  2. Sometimes even the browser extensions can cause the error; try to disable them if enabled or vice versa and restart your browser.
  3. Try to clear all the browser history, cookies, cache, registry, and other prefetch files
  4. Log in to your Gmail account with the same browser and disable the background lab
    • Then click on the gear icon from the right-hand and click on settings
    • There you will find the lab option in the menu, and you have to disable the Background send option
    • Then restart your computer to help the saved changes take place.

Method Four- Clear Cookies and Caches of Your Browser

If you are using the Google Chrome browser and the Gmail error is popping up, then the best solution will be to clear your browser cache. We have already talked about clearing browser caches in the last section. But Chrome is different than other web browsers. So, here are the steps-

  1. Press the three horizontal lines from the top-right corner to open Google Chrome’s menu and open Settings
  2. Scroll down until you find Show Advanced Settings
  3. Click on the option and go to the Privacy tab
  4. Click on Content Settings
  5. Under the Cookies section, tap on All cookies and site data
  6. Select Remove All
  7. Click Done

After doing all this, your Gmail problem won’t bother you anymore. Fortunately, two other methods are waiting for you that you can try.

Method Five- Disable Gmail Labs Background Send

If your Gmail’s Background Send is enabled, then there is a probability that you see the error. Here are the steps you can try to get yourself out of the situation-

  1. Sign in to your Gmail email
  2. Tap on the gear icon from the upper-right corner
  3. Go to “settings” and locate the lab tab
  4. Search for the “Background send” option
  5. Disable that option

Method Six- Disable Browser Extensions

I remember telling you to disable browser extensions earlier in the post. Here we will take you through the easy steps to help you disable browser extensions from Google Chrome. Try to remember if you have recently downloaded any extension prior to the Gmail error started appearing. Then the possibility is that extension is causing the Gmail issue. Here are the steps to disable extensions on Google Chrome browser.

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and open its main menu
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines from the top-right corner
  3. Select “More Tools
  4. Go to “Extensions
  5. Disable all your extensions or the particular ones (one by one) by unticking the “Enabled” box


If you have disabled all your browser extensions and see no problem with Gmail, disable one at once. By doing this, you can identify the extension causing the error.

Another possible way to remove this Gmail error 007 from your computer is by scanning your PC with an antivirus. If there is a problem with malware or other types of viruses, this problem will be solved.

Do you know another way of solving Gmail error 007? Let’s tell us in the comment section below.

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