How To Open SWF Files on Chrome? [A Complete Guide]

SWF is a flash file format by Adobe and includes video and vector animations. This file format is used for multimedia files and is great for sharing or publishing these files on the internet.

You can use either use the chrome web browser or dedicated flash player apps to open these files on your PC.

Do you know? How To Open SWF Files on Chrome?

You can open this file on Chrome quite easily. You just need the Adobe Flash Player for that.

If you are finding it hard to open SWF files on your chrome web browser, then this article is for you.

We are going to share with you, how To Open SWF Files on Chrome latest versin browser on your Windows PC.

So, let’s get straight to it

What is an SWF File and how do i open it?

SWF stands for Small Web Format and is also sometimes referred to as Shockwave Flash File. This file format was created by Macromedia to contain video and vector animation.

Now, Adobe owns the SWF, and this file format is extensively used all over the world because of the numerous applications that it has to offer.

SWF files can contain all kinds of media include video, audio effects, vector animations, and so much more. SWF files are small and compressed so that they can be easily published on the internet.

Here are some of the most important features of SWF files that make this format great

  • SWF files are easily enclosed in a media player by creating an SWF movie known as a projector
  • These files can also contain animations and applets which can be interactive
  • This file format can also help you play files in the FLV format

SWF files have a wide range of applications which makes them quite useful when it comes to storing and sharing multimedia files.

How to Open SWF File on Chrome?

SWF files need Adobe Flash Player to run. You can open these files without Flash Player.

Older versions of Chrome had the Adobe Flash Player built into it. The Flash Player is not available in the default form anymore.

Many browsers out there don’t offer support for Flash Media. So, you can’t run the SWF files on chrome or any of the popular mainstream web browsers.

But there is a workaround for that. And this is what we are going to talk to you about in this section.

Here is how you can open the SWF Files on Chrome

Step 1: Download the Flash Player

You need to download the Adobe Flash Player first before you do anything else. If you are using an older version of Chrome, you won’t need to go through this step.

You can go to the official Adobe website and download the Flash Player from there.

Step 2: Enable the Adobe Flash Player

Copy the following link for the chrome content settings page and paste it into the Chrome Address Bar


You will be redirected to the content settings page of chrome. Go to the Flash option and turn it on. 

Step 3: Open your SWF File

Now, you just need to open the SWF file and it will load up in your web browser. You need to right-click on the File and choose the option “Open with” from there

After that, select Chrome from the list of apps, and you should be good to go.

How to Open SWF File on Mac?

You can run this app on Mac by using a 3rd Party Flash Player. Here is how you can open the SWF file on Mac

  • Download the Elmedia Player
  • Install the Flash Player
  • Open the Elmedia Player
  • Use the Keys Command + O to open the SWF file
  • Select the file and click on Open with Elmedia Player

Final Words

This is all there is to it. Since most of the web browsers are ending their support for Flash Media Players, the users have no other choice but to go over the process manually.

We have talked about all you need to do to open the SWF files on your chrome web browser. You just need the Adobe Flash Player for the process. So, go over the instructions that we have talked about here to open SWF files on Chrome.

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