Avast SafeZone Browser For Windows Guide [2022 Updated]

Avast is a leading company that provides services like complete online security. Avast launched “Avast Safezone Browser,” which keeps the secure browsing environment by eliminating any threat that can cause any trouble online. 

Avast Safezone browser deals with harmful viruses and malware attacks and does not require any other antivirus. It has been proven that it’s not better than Chrome as it lacks several other aspects. 

Avast Safezone Browser

Although since 2018, Avast has updated its Avast Safezone Browser and changed its name to Avast Secure Browser. It retains the basic features and also got some new ones. 

It has an integrated anti-malware layer, making it the most secure browser in the market. 

What is the Avast Safezone browser?

Avast is a famous web security company with various Internet security products like intelligent Antivirus, File Shield, Mail Shield, Wi-Fi inspector, Ransomware Shield, and many others. 

Safezone Browser is one of their highlighted products running in the Sandbox platform. Sandbox keeps all your data in a secure environment, even when you surf unsecured pages.

A program in the Safezone browser has minimal access to your system files. Thus, they can’t make any permanent changes to your system. Safezone is one of those few browsers where you don’t need to add any security extension for added security. If you use internet banking a lot through your PC, this browser is a must.

Top features of Avast Safezone browser

With its unique features, the Safezone browser keeps you protected. Here are a few unique features of the Avast Safezone Browser –

  • Have a complete malware-free web surfing experience with Safezone’s integrated anti-malware layer.
  • Unique browsing modes for high-vulnerability tasks like banking transactions
  • Special filters that will automatically block websites with bad reputations from loading
  • This browser comes with an effective ad blocker, which will let you experience an advertisement free web browsing
  • It blocks keyloggers and phishing attacks with ease.

Why should you install this browser?

Avast Browser consumer reviews have always been excellent. It is trusted by the users and provides excellent service.

If you work a lot online on your PC, you should not only rely on the antivirus, but you need a secure browser also. With technology advancing, we experience new hacking techniques. One of these techniques is Keylogging, where hackers can virtually detect all your keystrokes with a simple computer program. While using online banking, you could fall prey to these keyloggers.

But in Avast secure browser, there is a special mode called bank mode, which has been created explicitly by the Avast team to defeat the purpose of these keyloggers. With bank mode, you can safely and securely access your bank’s website and do the transaction without the fear of being hacked.

Download the Free Avast SafeZone Browser

You need to ensure you have at least 400 MB of free storage available in your disk drive and that you are running on Windows 7 or later versions of widows. Then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click on this link; it will take you to the official site of an avast secure browser.
  2. You will see a ‘Free Download’ option in the middle of your display. Click on it
  3. It will download the app file in your browser’s download location
  4. Run the app file, follow the instruction, and the installation wizard will install the browser 
  5. Once installed, you can see a shortcut has been created on your desktop. Double-clicking on it will open Avast Secure browser

Alternatively, if you are installing Avast antivirus, it will ask for your permission to install the Avast Secure browser. If you give permission, it will download the browser automatically with the antivirus.

Avast Secure Browser Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Avast Secure Browser?

Click on this link- https://www.avast.com/en-in/secure-browser, and it will take you to the Avast official website. 
Click on the ‘Free download’ button.
It will download the file in your browser’s download section.
Run the app file, follow the instructions, and it will get installed on your computer. 
Once installed, you’ll see a shortcut has been created on your desktop. Double-clicking on it will open the browser for you.

How to uninstall Avast Secure Browser? 

If you’ve downloaded Avast Secure browser by mistake or would like to try a different browser, you can easily uninstall it using these easy steps:- 
Open control panel> programs> Programs and Features
Select Avast Secure Browser
Click ‘uninstall,’ select ‘also delete your browsing data and click uninstall. Then follow the instructions to complete the task.

How to make Avast secure my default browser?

Open settings in your avast browser and click on the “make avast secure my default browser” option.

Is the Avast browser compatible with my other browsers?

Yes. Avast Secure Browser will work fluently along with your other browsers.

What is stealth mode?

Avast Secure browser has stealth mode to protect your browsing history and delete all tracking cookies.

What is an extension guard? 

It prevents non-trusted plugins from being installed in your browser

What is Flash Protect?

It blocks all flash-based content from running automatically on your PC, unless you allow it.

Does it slow your computer? 

Yes, it might slow down computer performance like any other anti-virus program. Make sure to restart your computer when that happens. 


Before installing Avast Safezone Browser do, make sure that you are aware of the recent updates of the browser and the scandals the parent company is involved in. Data is the new money. Therefore, illegal data mining is gaining popularity. Do the recent follow-ups on the allegations related to the Avast Safezone browser and then only download.

Please be aware before installing Avast Secure Browser as recently, claims have been made against Avast for selling user data. 

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