What is the Unsecapp.exe in Task Manager? Should I Remove It?

When the Unsecapp.exe comes in your Task Manager, it might be a virus. Or nothing at all. But why does it consume so much of your disk space? In this post, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the Unsecapp.exe.

What Do You Know About the Unsecapp.exe?

The unsecapp is a Windows feature that runs for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) subsystem. If this service wasn’t there in your PC, you won’t be able to run applications that need the WMI support. The WMI is a subsystem in Windows versions like 7, 8, and 10. The service allows your system to interact with your Windows components and some particular programs. These components can also include system services and other user accounts.

Why is the Unsecapp.exe Service Running in the Background

When you buy your Windows computer, the Unsecapp.exe Service comes installed on it. When an application requires access to the WMI subsystem, unsecapp will appear in your task manager. And this file extension is usually found in System32\wbem\ folder directory.

When this process suddenly starts running in your task manager, that means you have recently installed an application. The application would require access to the WMI subsystem and your Windows then start this .exe service.

If you have recently updated your Avast antivirus program, then that can be the reason why you are seeing the Unsecapp.exe Service running. When you restart your computer, you see a new service adds up to the start-up again. But this service is not related to Avast but the antivirus can use the service to communicate with other programs. Avast can also use the WMI service to fetch user data and start the unsecapp.exe if it is not running in the background.

Avast can start the WMI service during start-up as it starts itself up at that time. Apart from Avast, there are some other popular programs that can use the WMI components on your Windows. These programs may include Stream, various online video games, and some messaging applications.

Do You Have to Remove The Unsecapp.exe Service?

If you remove the unsecapp.exe service, your system can become unstable and won’t work properly. This is an important Windows component and without it, some games and apps can stop working. And other apps can throw error messages or won’t work properly. You can only remove this file when it does not have the digital signature of Microsoft.

However, if you want to know if it is a virus or some malicious component, follow the sections below.

How to Check if the Unsecapp.exe is a Virus or Not?

The unsecapp.exe is not a virus but malware can change its name to unsecapp.exe anytime. To find out if the process has a digital signature of Microsoft or not, follow the steps given below-

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Then type “Task Manager” in the search box
  3. When you see the Task Manager option, click on it
  4. From your Windows 8/10, expand the task manager view and click on “more details”
  5. Locate the unsecapp process
  6. And right-click on the process
  7. Then click on ‘Open File Location’
  8. Now the file manager will show you the location of the file
  9. Then right-click on the file again
  10. Click on the ‘properties’ of the file
  11. From Properties, navigate to the ‘Digital Signature’ section
  12. Now you will have check if the Microsoft Corporation digital signature is there in the file or not
What is the Unsecapp.exe in Task Manager? Should I Remove It?

If the file is legal and proper, the Microsoft Corporation digital signature will be there. It verifies that you are dealing with the right type of file. So, if the file contains the digital signature, you have nothing to worry about and leave the file as it is.

But if the file does not contain the signature, then it is not the original file. A malicious application or a website has inserted a virus in your computer, named Unsecapp.exe. So, if this is the case, remove the thing right now and scan your system for more possible viruses.

How to Remove a Faulty Unsecapp.exe File?

  1. Sign in to your Windows computer with the admin credentials
  2. Then go to the folder where your computer has saved the malicious ensecapp.exe file
  3. Most likely you will find it in the System32\wbem folder
  4. Select the malicious file and then delete it
  5. Scan your system for more possible threats
  6. And then reboot your computer
  7. Then go to the official Microsoft site and download the WMI utility
  8. Then install the tool on your computer
  9. Lunch the exe file and run it on your computer and follow the on-screen instructions
  10. Now with the help of the instructions, download a fresh version of unsecapp.exe from Microsoft

These are all you need to do in this case. And after this, your system will have a clean version of the important Windows component. And to make sure if it works properly or not, run an antivirus to scan your PC. If there is a virus in it, your antivirus will alarm you on it. But this is less likely to happen.