Textra Desktop App – How To Use On PC? Complete 2022 Guide

Textra is a popular 3rd Party messaging app for android that you can use instead of the stock messaging app that comes on your device by default. Being an android app, it only runs on android devices. You can’t directly run this app on your PC. If you want to use the Textra desktop app, you are going to need to install the android app on your PC.

In this article, we are going to tell you to need to know about the Textra app and how you can run it on your desktop. Keep reading till the end to install Textra on your PC.

Textra Messaging App Introduction

Before we get into the method for Installing the Textra Desktop app, let’s talk a little about the Textra app and the features that it has to offer.

Every android device comes with a default messaging app. The stock messaging app allows you to send and receive SMS and MMS and offers some standard features that you’ll find in every messaging app.

The default messaging up is good, but the UI design of this app is not highly customizable. The app looks a bit dull and doesn’t offer many customizations.

Enter Textra! This messaging up replaced the default SMS app of your phone and features awesome customizations that you can adjust as per your preference.

You have about 200 themes that you can choose from, you can adjust text bubbles and set custom notifications. You can directly take photos with this app which makes the user experience much better and more interactive.       

How to use Textra on Desktop?

Textra app is made for android devices. You can’t directly run it on your PC. If you want to install and run the Textra app on a Desktop, you are going to need an android emulator app for your PC.

An android emulator allows you to create a virtual android device on your phone. You can use that app and install the Textra messaging app on that. Once you have entered your credentials, you’d be able to use the app without much effort.

If you don’t know anything about emulators, then don’t worry. We’ll review the best android emulators that you can download and use for installing Textra on your Desktop.   

How to Download Textra on Desktop?

You can run the Textra app on your desktop by installing an Android emulator app. There are a lot of emulators out there that you can find out there. Here are some of the best ones that you can go for

  • Bluestacks
  • MeMu
  • NoxPlayer android App Player
  • GameLoop
  • Genymotion

The Textra app installation process is the same for all these emulators. We are going to talk about the installation method for Bluestacks and Memu. You can use the same approach for any of the emulators given in the list that you’d want to go for. 

Install Textra app for Desktop using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is a popular android emulator that you can install on windows. The emulator has undergone various updates over the years. It offers a lightweight yet powerful solution for enjoying mobile apps on your PC. The emulator is optimized to give you a lag-free user experience.

The user interface of this tool is quite great. The app is being constantly improved to add new features. The developers of Bluestacks are always working to make the app better and faster.

Here is how you can use Bluestacks to download Textra on your Desktop

  • Download and install Bluestacks.
  • Enter your Google Account Details to use Google Play Store.
  • Search for the Textra App.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Open the Textra App.
  • Add in your credentials and start using the app on your PC.

Install Textra on PC Using MeMu Android Emulator

MeMu android emulator is designed for gaming purposes. It is a high-end emulator that is used to run heavy games like PUBG. This app is great for games as well as for running apps. Since apps don’t use as many system resources as high-end games, MeMu would be a great choice for running Textra App.

As for the design as well as the performance of Memu, you won’t find a better option. The software runs smoothly and doesn’t create lags when you are running the app. The user interface of this app is being developed as per the modern UI design standards. We are expecting the upcoming updates of MeMu to be an awesome improvement over the previous versions.

Here is how you can install the Textra app using MeMu Android Emulator

  • Download and Install Memu Android Emulator on your PC.
  • Sign in to Memu using your Google Account.
  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Look for the Textra app in the Play Store.
  • Download the Textra app.
  • Open the app and use it for messaging.

Textra App for Desktop – Best Features

Textra Desktop App offers the same features that you get with the Textra android app. Both these apps are quite the same and offer a similar set of features.   

Multiple Themes to Choose from

If you want an extremely customizable texting app, then you must try out Textra. This app features about 200 themes that you can use as per your mood and preference. You can choose and install a theme of your choice simply and easily. The themes are designed to give the app a professional and classy look. You can also go for funky appearances if you want to. 

Custom Notification Settings

You can customize the notifications for this app as well. It can customize the color, text, and style of the notification. You can try out different settings to find the one that works the best for you. Textra for android as well as PC, both offer custom notification settings.     

Text Bubbles Customization

It is not possible with the default android apps to customize the text bubbles. You can change the bubble size and color, but that is about it. Textra allows you to do so much more than that. You can use the Textra desktop app to completely customize the entire outlook of the text bubbles.    

Elegant User Interface

The user interface of the Textra app is what makes it stand out from other texting apps. The UI design approach of this app is what has made it so popular. You can easily customize all the elements of this app to make it look exactly the way you want to. Although there are a lot of ads that you have to face with the free version, the app still offers a decent user experience. 

Awesome App Speed

Textra performs exceptionally well on the desktop when running on android emulators. If the emulator is working at maximum efficiency, you won’t find any kind of delays and lags with the Textra app. Textra has been optimized to work well on even devices with low system resources. You won’t have to worry about the app speed when running Textra on your PC using an android emulator.     

Textra Desktop App FAQs

Is there a Textra desktop app?  

No, the Textra app is not available for desktop. Textra is an android app and you are going to need an emulator if you want to use this app on your PC.  

What is Textra desktop app windows 10?

Textra Desktop app windows 10 refers to the use of Textra on desktop using android emulators. You need to download an android emulator if you want to use the Textra app on Windows 10.  

Can I use Textra on my computer?

Yes, you can use Textra on your computer by installing an android emulator. The way this works is, you install an emulator on your PC which is just like a virtual android device. After that, you install the Textra app on your emulator and that is it.

How do I get SMS on my desktop?

Using an android emulator is the best way you can get SMS on your computer. You can go through the methods for installation Textra on PC that we have talked about here to get SMS on your computer.  

How can I view my android text messages on my computer?

Install an android emulator on your PC. Using the emulator, download a messaging app like Textra. Once the app is downloaded and you have signed into the app, you’d be able to view your text messages on your computer. 

Is there a desktop app for google messages?

Yes, Google Messages have a mobile app that you can install on your PC. This app will allow you to get access to your messages using your phone as well as your PC. You just need to sign in to the app using your account details.

Final Words

Textra is a popular alternative for stock messaging up among android users. This app works amazingly well when it comes to sending and receiving messages and the customization features that it has to offer to make it an even better option. We highly recommend Textra for android and desktop for people who want better control over their messaging experience.

Go over the Textra Desktop app installation methods that we have talked about here for installing this app on your PC. If you have any more questions regarding the installation of Textra on PC, let us know in the not responding comments section.   

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