Textra On Desktop: Easy Installation Guide

Those who are bored using the default messaging app on their Android phone can use Textra. It gives a fresh and cool look on smartphone messaging and also a popular choice for people who love texting. Wondering how to use Textra on Desktop? Though there is no Textra Windows app available right now, you can use it on your computer anyway. In this post, I will take you through an easy and straightforward guide.

Textra On Desktop: Easy Installation Guide

How to Use Textra On Desktop

You can customize your Android SMS application with Textra the way you want. There are more than 200 themes available on Textra that help you create a new look for your Android messaging app. With this application, you can add custom notification tone and alert for individual contacts. So, every time when someone messages you, you can recognize them through notification sound. Also, this app allows you capturing photos directly so that you don’t have to close the window to capture from Camera. In simple words, this app saves a lot of time and makes it easy for you to use your Android messaging app.

How to Install Textra on PC

Though Textra is available only for smartphones currently, you can use it on your pc by applying a method. You will need to use an Android emulator on your computer.

An Android emulator makes your PC an ideal place for Android applications. Many users use emulators on their desktop to install gaming apps. You can use an emulator to install this messaging program that supports Android. There are two emulators currently ruling the internet.

Use MeMu App Player to Enjoy Textra

MeMu App Player is an Android emulator that will allow you installing Textra on desktop. MeMu comes with an easy and smooth interface that does not run any annoying ads. Moreover, it performs great and the graphics quality is also good. Though this works on older Android versions, running in on your computer won’t be much of a problem.

  1. Download MeMu from the internet
  2. Install the emulator and open it on your computer
  3. Sign in to your Google account from MeMu
  4. In the Play Store, search for Textra
  5. Download and open Textra

Use Bluestacks and Install Textra on PC

Bluestacks is another Android emulator that runs Android apps on your computer. It comes with some great features and a friendly interface so that you can run any Android programs on it. Moreover, Bluestacks receives updates regularly, so there are no concerns for bugs whatsoever. However, the only problem is that you will find lots of annoying ads in this emulator.

  1. Download Bluestacks on your computer
  2. Install the emulator
  3. Sign in to your Google account from the emulator
  4. Search for Textra on Playstore
  5. Open the messaging program

Unique Features of Textra

Extra comes with lots of unique features that users love and the application works quite well on your computer.

Lots of Unique Themes

There are enough different themes that help you customize your texting app. You can even browse for more themes and use them for free. These themes look good and professional on your big laptop screen.

Interesting Emojis

There are Android, Twitter, and iOS types of emojis in this app. So, you can use anything you like that will make your chatting more interesting. Moreover, these emojis support perfectly even on your desktop. They don’t show any question mark or anything that does not make sure what you are using.

Custom Notifications

You can change your text box color, text box style, and even the style of your notification appearing. You can literally customize almost everything in this chatting app. However, if you run Textra on your PC background, you may miss some notifications from appearing.

Custom Text Bubbles

You can customize your text bubbles the way you like it. There are so many options to choose from and you will find a solution that will be best for you.

Capture Photos Without Existing the App

You won’t have to leave the application to capture photos from your phone’s camera. From Textra, you can capture photos and send them to your friends on the messenger. When you tap on the capture button, Textra will use your computer’s web cam to capture photos.

Smooth and Fast

It works on your computer as same as it works on your Android mobile phones. There is no fault in its performance and it runs fast and smooth on your desktop.

Textra On Desktop: Easy Installation Guide

However, the only con of Textra is that there are ads that you will have to deal with. But you can make it ad-free by upgrading to its paid version nonetheless, the ads are not that annoying.

By following these simple steps, you can easily enjoy Textra’s unique features on your computer. If you need any help during the process, make sure to ask us in the comment box below.

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