How to Fix Issue of Destiny 2 Not responding On Startup?

If you are also a gaming freak, you must be familiar with destiny 2 and its issue, like destiny 2 not responding on startup. Destiny 2 has become a popular game in no time. If you are new to the gaming world, let’s talk about a general introduction to the game. It is a first-person shooter game played as a multiplayer game. 

There are many issues with this game, the most common being the crash issues or destiny 2 not responding on startup. 

We will discuss all the possible ways to fix destiny 2 not responding on startup.

Causes of Destiny 2 Not Responding on Startup

Most of the users report that the error occurs randomly. The experts suggest that the significant reason for this error is corrupted system files and missing DLL files. 

Destiny 2 Not responding On Startup

If these are not the issue on your system, then the active windows product key firewall is another possibility. 

Other causes include memory overclocking, insufficient memory, and overlay programs like Nvidia GeForce suite and Spotify. 

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How to Fix Destiny 2 Not Responding on Startup Issue

 We have discussed the best and easy tips to solve the destiny 2 not responding issue.

1. Putting Game on the Priority List

The first is to put the game on the priority list so it will create sufficient memory for the game. Hence the game does not crash. Follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Right-Click on the Taskbar

Step 2: You will see a drop-down list; click Task manager

Step 3: Select the process tab, and search for launcher

Step 4: Now set its priority and right-click. Choose Go to the details now and right-click the

Step 5: Choose the Priority option, and set it to High

How to Fix Issue of Destiny 2 Step 1

2. Run the Game with Administrator Privileges

Running the game without administrator permission increases the chances of the Crashing issue. 

If you frequently encounter a problem, use the admin permission while running the game. Below are the steps to set the administrator privileges:

  •   Firstly Right-Click on the launcher file
  •   Go to the main menu
  •   Choose the option Run as an administrator
  •   For the Permanent setting, keep running this program run with the administrator
  •   Now again, Right Click on the launcher
  •   Select Properties
  •   Select the Compatibility Tab
  •   In the options, select Run this program as an Administrator checkbox
How to Fix Issue of Destiny 2 step 2

3. Moving the DLL Files to a Suitable Location

One of the reasons for the crashing error is that the GFSDK_Aftermath_lib.dl file needs to be kept in a specific directory to solve the crash issue of the game.

So try to place the file at this location Destiny 2\bin\x64\

4. Disable CPU/GPU Overclocking & System Boost

The latest gaming systems enable users to overclock their system processors’ frequencies. Users mostly take advantage of these. Primarily these result in boosting performance and enhancing the gaming experience. But this overclocking scenario is not reinforced by all the games. 

Try to avoid using any boost program. Recently most PC and laptops entail an inbuilt performance-boosting program. 

The purpose of these programs is to increase performance to some extent. But with overclocking, some games are not inclined to it, and Destiny 2 starts crashing on startup.

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5. Update Graphics Drivers

If your PC has an outdated graphics card driver, there is a high chance that the game will stutter and freeze and stutter. Try to keep an updated graphics driver so.

Open up the application “geforce Experience”. This program comes with pre-installed Nvidia graphics cards. Download it from the official website. 

  •  Click on the tab “Drivers” tab.
  •   Click on “check for updates”
  •   Close Background Running Tasks
How to Fix Issue of Destiny 2 step 3

If your system is simultaneously running several applications, it makes the system heavy, so there are high chances that your gaming experience will not be up to the mark. Close all the unused tabs and applications to put a lesser load on the system. 

6. Try Clearing Cache

If the game cache is corrupted, it will not give a good gaming experience. Cache are bundles of files formed by the system. 

The purpose of these files is to ensure the smooth running of the game. To keep the cache updated, try to delete the cache so that your system will make a new bundle of files by replacing the older ones. Do the following steps:

  •   On your keyboard, locate the Windows and R keys. Press both
  •   Type %appdata% 
  •   Click OK.
  •   Search for the Bungie folder
  •   Double-click 
  •   Locate the Destiny PC folder
  •   Delete the folder 
  •   After following the above steps, relaunch Destiny2. 

7. Miscellaneous Troubleshooting Points

We have tried to mention all possible options to treat destiny 2 not responding on startup. If the problem persists, try applying these various tricks:

Disable firewall and Antivirus Firewall: run the Destiny 2 game with the firewall disabled. If you have an antivirus on your system, disable it to ensure the smooth running of the game.

  • Disable all the overlay applications, especially the following:
  • Discord
  •  Geforce Experience
  •   Game Bar
  • Spotify


Gaming is a passion. It enhances your mental capacities and logical brain strength. But if the gaming experience comes with hurdles and backlashes, it can annoy the players. 

This guide has been created to maximize the pleasure for Destiny2 players. We have covered all the possible options for sorting the issue of destiny 2 not responding on startup. Try the options individually, and you will reach a smooth gaming experience.

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