The Benefits of Computer Recycling [Updated Guide]

Benefits of Computer Recycling Overview: Whenever my girlfriend and I go to the mall, she inevitably ends up in some store whose name I don’t know and I inevitably end up in the Sony Store (whose name I do know…well). Or Future Shop. Or Best Buy. Or at a mobile booth. You get the idea. It’s like a super-powered magnet that just draws me towards any sort of new electronic, technology, or gadget.

It’s kind of funny – I deliberate long and hard about spending $75 on a pair of jeans, $100 on a new vacuum cleaner, or $100 on a new pair of shoe benefits of computer recycling. But when it comes to new technology, I won’t think twice about shelling out $500 for the latest Blackberry; $200 on a new Xbox controller and game; or $2,000 on a new TV and entertainment center. Okay, maybe I will think hard about that last one…but only because I’m comparing specs or waiting for next year’s model. Basically, I love technology.

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The result of all this is that I’m constantly finding myself stockpiling old electronic equipment: TVs, CRT monitors, endless tangles of obsolete cables, old laptops, desktops, phones (wired and wireless), iPods, FM transmitters benefits of computer recycling. You name it and I probably have a version or model somewhere. So before I make it on a reality show, what am I supposed to do with all this stuff? Let’s start with computers.

Everybody knows how fast processor and computer technology are progressing (check out our Bloatware Post). I guarantee that within a year of buying your new MacBook (or iPad), there’s going to be a newer, faster, and better laptop along with a new or updated OS, new accessories, and new software that you absolutely have to have benefits of computer recycling. Consequently, I’ve realized my addiction habit comes with a cost and as a result, I need to start questioning the need for that new toy.

Final Words

Here’s the thing. If your old computer is treated properly, it can still provide value to someone through re-purposing. A thorough HD formatting combined with some lightweight software alternatives turns the waste into a productive member of the computer population.  If that’s not possible, it can be a source of material inputs into another product benefits of computer recycling. On the flip-side, ignorance and laziness can only lead to it being a valuable source in helping to destroy our planet and our health through the release of carcinogens and toxins.

Rob V is a technology addict who has helped build This is his first guest post for the blog.

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