What is Bloatware? [2022 Guide]

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What is Bloatware?

Different people are going to have different opinions on the definition of bloatware, but in the end, there’s one central idea behind it; bloatware describes any software that offers a lot of features most people don’t need, and in doing so, the software affects the performance of your computer.

A Result of Bloatware

Once upon a time, software designers had a genuine stake in writing software that was efficient in completing its task because if they didn’t, those old, slow computers would probably start to smoke and eventually grind to a halt. Fortunately for those poor programmers, they had a partner in crime in computer manufacturers.

Suddenly breakthroughs were increasing the ability and speed of new computers, and these advances were coming at an alarming pace (see Moore’s Law). This made it hard for users to keep up with the newest technology, which is why my grandmother thinks email is the most significant new technology (as long as she can phone me immediately to confirm I received the email).

Anyway, these advances led to programmers releasing new versions of software all the time and since the latest hardware had more computing power than they knew what to do with, they piled on more features and learned more about bloatware.

They never bothered to make the software as efficient as possible since the newest computers could run even the most inefficient programs without worries.


Unfortunately for us (and despite intense marketing from computer manufacturers), there seems to be little logic and reason to spend thousands of dollars on a new laptop every 6 months & also know more about bloatware. This means these cumbersome software titles burden our slightly older computer’s resources with lists of features we don’t need and don’t want.

That is how ‘bloatware’ was born, but how do you recognize it, and what can you do about it? Our next VersionDownload Blog post will answer those questions for you, so stay tuned (or add our feed!).

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