Is Free Antivirus Software Worth It? [Indepth Guide]

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Most people who have a Windows-based computer have had a computer virus or know someone who did. It’s an unfortunate part of surfing the Internet today. The virtual world has its own brand of criminals who hack into personal and business computers for nefarious reasons. Protecting yourself and your personal data is an important part of responsible computer use.

Is free Antivirus Software worth It Detailed Guide

Fortunately for computer users, a number of these posts Is free antivirus software worth It applications are available on the web to clear up any infections that occur. Some of these programs are available for a fee or a yearly subscription, while others are available free of charge to those individuals who are using a computer on a personal basis.

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Free anti-virus applications generally offer real-time protection with real results. Some of the paid versions of anti-virus applications come with lots of bells and whistles that most computer users don’t need.

If you are using a Windows-based computer for personal use and you are interested in protecting yourself from viruses, trojans, worms, browser helper objects, spyware, adware, and more, consider downloading and installing a free anti-virus application. Lots of these applications are available for download from

Free anti-virus applications are designed to protect home computers from nasty infections that can damage the operating system and/or steal personal information that has been stored on the computer Is free antivirus software worth It. Some of these anti-virus programs remain resident on the computer and function continually while you are online. They can provide safe surfing tips by flagging unsafe websites in the search results generated by the search engine that you use including Google, Yahoo, and MSN.


It is important to note that resident anti-virus applications use up computer resources, some more than others. Generally, this is not a problem unless you are very low on RAM or random access memory Is free antivirus software worth It. It is also important to note that some of these free anti-virus applications are not compatible with other programs including certain anti-spyware applications or other anti-virus programs. Since updates are often provided by these applications, it is important to obtain them on a regular basis.

In the next two posts, we will be reviewing some of the better free anti-virus solutions out there, so be sure to check back.

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