What Is Google Chrome Error Code 5? [A Guide]

Google is a giant in the tech world. From browsers to other technical services, Google extends multiple services throughout the globe. What Is Google Chrome Error Code 5? Although a master in its field, google as a browser is also prone to errors. One such error is Google chrome error code 5

What Is Google Chrome Error Code 5?

Although you may encounter many different errors while using Chrome, Google Chrome Error 00005 is the most frequently encountered. It is a kind of “runtime error.” 

To ensure that the basic functionality and routine operations are all handled in a usable condition, professional software developers like Google Inc. perform debugging before the release of the software. Sometimes faults such as error 5 might get overlooked during this process.

When the latest version of Google Chrome was released, many users reported “Google Chrome Error code 00005”. If Google Chrome Error 00005 is triggered, the professional developers are notified through the error reporting built-in application. 

These professionals will then reinforce the defective parts of the code and issue an update for download. The developer will then introduce a Google Chrome program update to treat the error message and other related problems.

Why Does Chrome Error 00005 Occur?

Although there can be many reasons for this error yet the most basic ones are:

1. Websites

The most basic reason for Google chrome error code 5 is related to the website. You will most likely get this error if it is down or has some technical difficulties. 

Most websites temporarily blocked for maintenance or with high traffic usually direct the user to this error.

2. Internet Connection

The other reason for this error is related to the internet connection. If the connection is not steady enough to start the website or is slow, it will give this error in both cases. 

Moreover, suppose the user is accessing the website from a crowded place with multiple users using the same connection. In that case, this usually happens at public places like railway stations, airports, or coffee shops.

 3. Source Of Blockage

Another reason related to this error is that the particular website you are visiting is acting as a source of blockage for Chrome. 

This can happen for different reasons, but it is basically because of the mismatch between the website and the browser. Some websites can only open with specific browsers. When approached with Chrome, these give Google chrome error code 5.

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05? [Quick Ways]

Chrome error code 05 can be a frustrating issue when browsing the web. This error is displayed when Chrome fails to respond or crashes while running. Fortunately, you can use a few quick and easy methods to fix this error.

1. Examine your internet connection

  • Open Chrome
  • Open the “Tools” menu.
  • Select “Internet Options

In the “Connection” tab, click the “Test” button. If this button fails, then the internet connection is faulty. In this case, try a different internet service or a different browser. The firewall must block the internet connection if the “Test” button is still failing. Contact the firewall administrator for unblocking.

2. Update The Chrome

1. Open Chrome and click on the 3 dots in the right corner.

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 1

2. Select Help from the menu and click “about Google Chrome.”

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 2

3. If your Chrome is outdated, update it by clicking the “Update” or “Relaunch” button.

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 3

4. This will fix the error.

3. Clear the Cache and Cookies

1. In Chrome, press the three lines you find in the top right corner of the browser window

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 4

2. Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 5

3. Under the “Privacyheading, select “Clear browsing data.”

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 6

4. Now choose the “Cookies and other site data” tab

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 9

5. Choose the cookies and cache which you want to delete

How to Fix Chrome Error Code 05 step 8

6. Press the “Clear” button.

7. Press the “Close” button to finish the process of clearing all cookies and cache


Handling the Google chrome error code 5 is quite easy if you know its basics and causes. Follow the fixes mentioned in the article, and you will be ready for your work in no time.

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