How To Fix SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap? (6 Solutions)

Technology has entered every aspect of human life. Everything is run through technology, from day-to-day business to studies and entertainment activities. But like any other medium, this technology and internet world is also full of errors and malfunctioning probabilities.

One such error is frequently reported in SSL_error_no_cypher_overlap.

What is SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap Error?

It is one of the errors that are specific to Mozilla Firefox. The most common cause of this error is a browser not retrieving the desired security data from the site where that site is being accessed. Due to this missing security data website is unable to load, and an SSL error is displayed.

In browser settings, tls in the SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap Error no cipher can also cause the same problem. Moreover, the outdated version of Mozilla Firefox also triggers this error. If one is using an obsolete version and still needs to update it to the latest one, it can also result in the same mistake.

While browsing, when a website is loaded, host servers undergo various steps to establish a connection with a remote website. If one sees HTTP error 499 instead of HTTPS://, it means that the remote website has not been secured. 

These extra-secured websites conduct different functions while being accessed to ensure the validity of SSL certificates or TLS and connection certificates. In this validation process, the SSL certificate is checked against certifying authority and decrypted while attempting to connect. 

Whereas Mozillas prevent and block harmful and deceptive content if any issue is detected at that time. This is why the error message is displayed instead of the update message site being accessed. 

7 Main Causes For SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap

Errors, like err SSL version or cipher mismatch, have some common and different causes than the errors of ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap. Below is the list of the possible reasons for the ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap error:

  1. Miscommunication or Communication gap between server and client.
  2. Transfer of data between server and client cannot be verified.
  3. If the browser and server are using different encryption protocols for connection.
  4. If an outdated version of Mozilla Firefox is being used.
  5. In browser settings, if TLS and SSL3 have been disabled.
  6. Interference with antivirus programs that have been installed in the system.
  7. The error occurs due to the presence of Malware in the system.

How to Fix SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap Error? (6 Solutions)

There are multiple solutions to SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap Error. Some simple methods that can help resolve the SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap Error issues are described below.

1. Opening Mozilla in Safe Mode

Like running windows in safe mode, securely opening Firefox can solve common issues. It can be opened using the following steps.

  • Open the program run dialog box.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 1
  • Write “Firefox -safe-mode” in it and Press Enter
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 2
  • When prompted, click open. Firefox will be opened in safe mode.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 4

2. Removal of Firefox Cache

A corrupt cache can cause problems in establishing a connection. This can also lead to an ssl3 in the SSL_Error_No_Cypher_Overlap Error. This can be solved by deleting the cache using the following simple steps.

  • In Firefox, open a new Tab.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 1 1
  • Open the application menu by clicking on three lines in the corner.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 5
  • Go to the settings available in the main menu.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 6
  • Find Privacy & Security tab in the left pane.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 7
  • Under the right pane, click on precise data under the cookies and site data.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 8
  • Check the box of cached web content and uncheck the cookies and site data.
  • Click clear, which will delete all Firefox cache.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 9

3. Turning Off Hardware Acceleration

If hardware acceleration is being on and is used, it can also cause this error. Turning it Off can resolve this issue. Hardware acceleration can be turned off in Firefox settings by going into the general tab and unchecking the Use Hardware Acceleration when available.

4. Updating the Firefox Browser

One can restart to update firefox to resolve this error. Like any other program or software, the Firefox browser needs periodic updates to avoid any bugs or software issues. Updating the outdated Firefox browser can also resolve the issue. 

Update the firefox browser and type about config in the address bar. Firefox can also be updated by clicking on the help tab in Firefox settings. To help, click on Firefox and check for updates. It will get updated to the latest version if updates are available and proceed cautiously.

How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 10

5. Update/Removal/Disable Firefox Extensions

Accept the SSL error with no cipher error If extensions in Firefox are outdated. These can also interfere with browsing and cause this error. Updating these extensions can resolve this issue. These extensions can be updated using the following steps.

  • From the menu in the Firefox browser, click on Add-ons and themes.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 11
  • In the left pane, Find the extension tab and click on it.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 12
  • At the right of manage your extensions, click on the gear icon.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 13
  • Click on check for updates.
  • Follow on-screen instructions if updates are available. Else it will display no updates found.
How to Fix SSL Error No Cypher Overlap Error step 14

If updating the extension doesn’t resolve the issue or extensions are already updated, another option is to disable Firefox extensions. 

In extension, the tab toggles OFF for the wings. One by one, all extensions have to be checked to see which extension is creating the problem. Once the problematic extension is identified, it can be removed from the extension menu in Firefox settings to resolve the issue.

6. Disable Antivirus Temporarily

Antivirus programs in the PC serve as a guard, but this guard can sometimes become an interfering agent. Antiviruses usually interfere with programs like Firefox resulting in errors. Disable the antivirus program temporarily till the issue is resolved.


If you know an error in depth, it is always easier to handle it quickly. That’s why we have compiled a summarized brief about its causes and underlying issues so that you can take this error within minutes.

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