How To Fix HTTP 499 Error? [5 Instant Solutions]

If you are into managing or maintaining a website, then you must have encountered errors now and then. Don’t you know How To Fix the HTTP 499 Error?  You must know various HTTP status codes before you start working on websites. One such error is HTTP 499, which can result in a timeout and interrupt the workflow. If your site is professionally configured, even then, these errors can occur.

HTTP 499 error can occur frequently or significantly less often, but in both cases, it indicates a problematic website working, calling for attention.  Although this error may look troublesome, it can quickly be resolved.  

What is This HTTP 499 Error?

The HTTP 499 status code error is best named a “499 client closed request,”. It is a unique case of the 502 Bad Gateway Error. When you get this error, the client shut down the connection while the server was still processing the request. 

It is a subcategory of client-based errors, meaning that the problem has risen from the client side. Although this error can be in different forms, HTTP 499 client closed request is more of a general error. It can occur both on Apache or Nginx servers. But most commonly, it occurs on Nginx servers as Nginx initially formed it.

Causes For HTTP 499 Error

Traditionally, this HTTP status code 499 error pops up in Nginx logs. Although there can be multiple reasons for this error, the most common ones are:

  • The user canceling the request
  • Browser timing out

For instance, your website can encounter an HTTP code 499 after loading with heavy traffic. Moreover, the error appears when the request comes from algorithms that make issues within the website.

In some circumstances, this status code is triggered when the server puts up no response or the client has timed out after waiting for too long for an answer. 

In these circumstances, the best thing recommended is to try again later. If you are repeatedly getting this error code from a specific server, it is suggested to investigate further to check if there is a predominant issue.

How To Fix HTTP 499 Error? [5 Easy Ways]

Various methods can fix the HTTP 499 error. We have mentioned some most straightforward ways to fix HTTP 499 errors below.

1. Clear the Browser Cache and Try Again

As discussed above, this error may be temporarily triggered that can be set well by trying to load the page again. In case the host or server is overloaded, there are greater chances for the occurrence of this error. Hence it is recommended to clear the browser cache and try again after some time.

The clearing process of the cache varies depending on the particular browser you are using. In case you are a Google Chrome user, you can navigate the three vertical dots, which you can find in the upper right-hand corner of the chrome window:

  • Search for More tools
  • Clear browsing data
  • You will then be directed to select the data which you need to clear from the browser cache
  • After following these steps, reload the browser. In the meantime, try using a different browser. Then revisit the site to confirm whether the error code is still showing.
How To Fix HTTP 499 Error step 1

2. Disable the Plugins and Extensions

Some website users reported that specific plugins result in more frequent occurrences of the HTTP 499 error. Hence, temporarily disabling the plugins is recommended to check whether the issue gets resolved.

  • First of all, navigate the Plugins screen in the WordPress dashboard
  • Select all of them,
  • Click on deactivate
  • Select from the bulk actions menu

One can also connect to a specific site via a file manager or a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client and then navigate to the plugins folder like:

  •  (wp_content > plugins)
  • Right-click on the plugins folder
  • Rename it to something similar or recognizable such as “plugins_old.”
How To Fix HTTP 499 Error step 2

This will result in the deactivation of all of the plugins on the WordPress site. Try revisiting the website to check whether the error message is still appearing. If not, then you can attempt activating the disabled plugins one by one till you reach the problematic one.

3. Check The Error Logs

When fixing the HTTP 499 code, it is quite essential to control the error logs. This will narrow down the issue and determine whether it results from some specific tool or plugin. You can enable and see the error logs by turning on the debugging mode at WordPress.

You can check the log files in Nginx as:


You can check the log files in Apache as:


How To Fix HTTP 499 Error step 3

4. Use an APM (Application Performance Monitoring) Tool

If you are working on a website, it is critical to have a reliable solution for identifying and fixing errors on the site. The experts suggest using an APM (Application Performance Monitoring) Tool. These tools enable you to professionally narrow down the specific plugin or script, leading to various errors, including HTTP 499. 

The APM tool enables the user to collect valuable data and determine the specific applications which are the source of delays. Once enabled, these tools can be as versatile as letting you view the slowest transactions on the website, tracing the timelines, and figuring out the reasons for issues. 

Various APM tools provide insight into the PHP processes, external HTTP requests, MySQL queries, and much more.

5. Contact the Web Host to request a Timeout Increase

Sometimes HTTP 499 errors result after the cancellation of a request because it is urging the user to wait too long.  Some hosting providers imply a” kill script,” which forces a request termination after a certain period is passed. 

This script is utilized in shared hosting environments to stop long requests from affecting other sites. If nothing is fixing the HTTP 499 error, it is advisable to check with the host about the specific values set on the server.


There is a wide variety of HTTP error codes you need to be aware of as a website owner. Some of the riskiest in this category are client-based errors, the most critical being the HTTP 499 error. But handling this error is not that tricky. With some knowledge and professional tricks, you can fix HTTP 499 errors within minutes.

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