How To Fix Mysql Error Code 1046? (3 Potential Solutions)

If you are into managing and forming databases, you must have encountered several errors at different times. One of the commonly occurring errors is MySQL Error Code 1046. It is also known as MySQL no database selected error. As the name indicated, this error message appears mainly when the user creates a table statement without the prior selection of the database.

What is This Mysql Error Code 1046?

As discussed earlier, this form of error pertains to the database. So, the user misses his part on account of the database. There can be instances when Mysql show databases may be missing altogether, or in the case of multiple databases, the user may have chosen the wrong database.

Hence, knowing the currently selected database is highly recommended if the user has multiple databases. The user must know the database on which the query execution is applied. This article is a short guide for those who encounter Error Code 1046 MySQL.

How do I fix no database selected in MySQL?

The dreaded “no database selected” error can be a real headache when using MySQL. This error means that you have not specified which database the system should use and is usually caused by incorrect connection settings or syntax errors.

Fortunately, fixing this issue isn’t too tricky. To begin with, make sure your connection settings are correct; ensure that the username and password used to connect to the server match up with what’s stored in MySQL; otherwise, authentication will fail.

If authentication passes but you’re still receiving an error message, there may be some underlying syntax issues causing the problem.

Check for typos or any extra spaces that may have been added to your query; this could cause MySQL to throw a “no database selected” error if it doesn’t know where information should be taken from.

Causes For No Database Selected MYSQL Error

This No Database Selected MYSQL Error message indicates, such as SQL Developer Not Responding in Windows, that the user has not selected the database before the execution of the Mysql Error Code 1046 statement. This Mysql Error Code 1046 is triggered when you try to make a Table in the MySQL database while using the command prompt. 

Because a mysql command line is executed from the command prompt, the user must select the database. MYSQL error code 1046 is also because MySQL cannot judge the specific database upon which the script will be executed.

From MySQL workbench, When the user executes the create a table statement, then the manual selection of the database is needed before execution of the statement. Similarly, if the database name is not specified while executing a script in the command prompt screen, then a No Database Selected MYSQL Error will be triggered.

How To Fix Mysql Error Code 1046?

Some of the quick fixes for Mysql Error Code 1046 are extended below:

1. Create a New Database

The user must mention the specific name of the database before creating the table. For this purpose, use the following command:

USE database_name

The user can create a new database if the specified database is not present. The following command will be executed to create a new database.

CREATE DATABASE database_name

Now when the new database has been formed, the user will use the name for the newly created database by using the command:

USE database_name

This will eliminate the No Database Selected MYSQL Error message.

[CHARACTER SET charset_name]
[COLLATE collation_name]

2. Workbench Fix

This quick fix for Mysql Error Code 1046 is specifically effective while using the workbench. For the elimination of the 1046 errors, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the welcome window
  • Steer to the left pane to object the proxy browser
  • You will find the drop-down list where you will find databases. Select the specific database of interest
  • Now open the SQL development in the workbench splash screen
  • Locate and click the manage connections icon

3. PhpMyAdmin Error Solution

This fix is specifically suited for “No database selected PhpMyAdmin errors.” This fix guides the user to solve the Mysql Error Code 1046 at the import step. Just follow the following steps below:

  • Make a new database on the Live Site of the company which is hosting you. This is the most critical and mandatory step
  • Now search for phpMyAdmin on the live site
  • Log in to the database
  • Now select the specific database on the left side of the page.
  • Click on the import option at the top bar
  • Now click on the Browse button to browse the files to find the specific SQL file you have created or the one which you want to select.  Click open the file and unzip if it is a zipped file.
  • For file format, Select SQL
  • Press the Go button
  • Wait for some time to get the error fixed.

The name given to the created database and the name mentioned for the file must be similar. Otherwise, you will get stuck in error.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Select an MYSQL Performance Schema?

To select an information schema in MySQL, go to the home screen and right-click on the MySQL connection. Now select Edit Connect from the menu.

On the default scheme box, set the desired default scheme. Your scheme chosen will be shown in bold on the navigator. Select the specific scheme using different filter methods.

How do I fix MySQL server errors?

MySQL server errors can be frustrating for both novice and experienced users alike. Fortunately, with a few simple steps, it is possible to troubleshoot common MySQL server errors and get your system running smoothly again.

Whether you are using the command line or a GUI interface such as phpMyAdmin, there are several ways to find out what is causing the error and how to fix it.

The first step in troubleshooting MySQL server errors is identifying the type of error you see. Common MySQL errors include connection timeout issues, syntax errors when executing queries, invalid table names, missing privileges, and more.

Once you have identified the type of error, you can start exploring the potential causes of the issue. You may need to review your configuration files to locate any misconfigurations causing a problem or examine your code if an SQL query has failed.

How do I fix data too long for a column in MySQL?

Many have experienced frustration entering data into a MySQL database only to receive an error message saying, “Data too long for column.”

This problem can be complicated to solve because users cannot modify the length of a column in an existing database. Fortunately, a simple solution will help you fix this issue quickly and easily.

Using the ALTER command, it is possible to adjust the maximum character length for any given text field without deleting or altering other columns in your MySQL table.

You need to specify the new character limit using the VARCHAR keyword followed by the desired number of characters (maximum 255) and then name your table and field. After running this command, all future entries into that field should now be within acceptable limits.


With proper knowledge and implantation of relevant fixes, Error Code 1046mysql can quickly be resolved. Give this article a good read, and you are ready to go. 

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