Fixed:[pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] MS Outlook Error Code? [2021 Guide]

What is [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde]?

[pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] Microsoft Outlook error is quite common. A lot of people face this error when they try to install or update their Microsoft Outlook app. If you have come across this error, then don’t worry. We’ll tell you all you need to know about solving this error.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular communication that is used to send and receive emails all around the globe. It is used by individuals as well as corporates to streamline their email sending and receiving processes.        

Why [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] occurs?

If you are facing the [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] error code, then your Microsoft Outlook app won’t work. You need to solve this error if you want access to the MS Outlook app on your PC.

Here are some most common reasons that might cause this error on your PC

  • Running Multiple MS Outlook accounts on the same device can cause [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] error
  • Corrupted cache files can also cause [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] error and the [pii_email_84e9c709276f599ab1e7] as well.
  • This error can also occur when you are using an outdated or incompatible version of Microsoft Outlook
  • Antivirus software or other 3rd Party apps can also cause the [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] error code

How to Fix [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] Microsoft Outlook Error?

Here is how you can solve pii email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde as previously not responding team solved the error code [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] for MS Outlook.

1. Clear Microsoft Outlook App Cache

Clearing the cache would delete all the broken or corrupted cache files for MS Outlook and the software would start up fresh  

  1. Close your outlook app
  2. Press Windows + R on your Keyboard
  3. Enter the command %localappdata%\Microsoft\ in the dialog box
  4. Click on the RoamCache folder
  5. Select all the cache files from the folder and hit delete

2. Reinstall MS Outlook

When you are installing MS Outlook for the first time, you can encounter the [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] code in case the installation doesn’t go well. In this case, you’d have to uninstall the MS outlook app and reinstall it from the official MS website.

Remove the broken version of the Microsoft Outlook app from your PC and install a new one.  

3. Update your Microsoft Outlook App

  1. When you are using an outdated MS outlook version, you can get to face this error.
  2. You need to look for the updates for MS Outlook online.
  3. You can use the MS Outlook app to look for the latest updates.
  4. Once the update is downloaded and installed, the previous version would automatically be deleted from your PC.    

4. Shift to the Web App 

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of solving this error, you can use the MS Outlook web app instead.

  • Go online and search for MS Outlook Web App
  • Enter your Outlook account details
  • Once you are logged in, send, and receive emails through the Microsoft Outlook Web App  

Final Words

This is all there is to it. We have talked about the best ways you can solve the [pii_email_a5e6d5396b5a104efdde] Microsoft Outlook error code and a very similar outlook fixed error pii_email_11fe1b3b7ddac37a081f code from the blues and bullets. Try out all these methods that we have talked about here and if you have any more questions, let us know in the comments section. We’d be happy to help you out!

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