How to Fix Clang: Error: No Input Files? (5 Solutions)

In the last few years, programming has evolved a lot. We have a lot of available options for programming languages. Each language has its relevant pros and cons. While dealing with any work, you can face issues; the same case applies to languages. As it is complex, you can face multiple problems. One of them is clang: error: no input files. You might encounter it with C++. This article is for those who want to fix the clang: error: no input files.

 So let’s start. 

What is C++?

A lot of programming languages are available nowadays. C++ is one of them; it is used to make high-performance applications. According to w3school, C plus plus is the most accessible language to learn, which is why it is so popular.

what is c plus plus

While working with C++, you may face error messages. “Clang: error: no input files” is one of them. If you are one of them and want to eliminate this error, follow the step given in this article to fix the clang:error: no input files.

What Is The Meaning Of Clang In C++?

Clang is used in the production of the software. Targeting X86-32, X86-64, and ARM, clang can be considered the production quality C, Objective-C, C++, and Objective-C++ compilers.

How to Fix “Clang: Error: No Input Files”?

Try the following steps to fix the clang: There are no input files.

1. Run the Xcode Installer 

You may require additional files to run the clang. If your files are missing, you may face the error “no input files.” Hence, install the XCode installer; it will install all the necessary files to run Clang.

To install the Xcode installer, use the following command:

xcode-select — install

2. Check The File Directory

To run a script, your script and terminal should be in the same file directory. If that’s not the case, you may encounter an error. To fix the Err Blocked By Response, select a folder, navigate it, right-click on it, and open the terminal. In addition, you can use the cd command to reach out to the folder tree inside the airport.

The script and the terminal are in the same directory, so it should work fine. If you still face an error message, then there may be some other cause behind the error.

3. Find The Xcode Library

When you install Xcode, your computer may fail to find the location. Such reasons may inhibit the running of the clang. You may face an error such as SQL Developer Not Responding.

To fix the error caused by this reason, you need to point to the Xcode installation place so that your computer may find it easily. To do this, use the following command to say to Xcode:

 sudo xcode-select –switch /Applications/

4. Specify The GCC Version

In addition to computers, sometimes a compiler may find it difficult to compile a file using GCC. This will also lead to an error message.

To fix the Err_Connection_Reset, you will have to specify the GCC version installed on your computer. You can find the GCC version using the following command:

gcc -v

Once found, you can specify it easily.

5. Locate the Project Explorer

You can also fix the error from the above-given options from the project explorer Visual Studio Code Window is Not Responding. Open the project explorer and look for the vote in the file inspector. 

Find the option that says “Location” among the many options available. Please choose this option, make it your only path, and try to gain. I hope now you will get rid of this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is clang error?

Clang error is an error message generated by the Clang compiler when it encounters an issue in the code being compiled.

How do I get N input in C++?

To get N input in C++, you can use the standard input stream object (cin) along with a loop to read in N values from the user.

How do I input a file in Xcode C++?

To input a file in Xcode C++, you can use the standard input/output file stream objects (ifstream and ofstream) to open and read from/write to files.

How do I fix linker errors in C++?

Linker errors in C++ occur when the linker is unable to find or link all the necessary object files and libraries required for the program to run. To fix linker errors, you may need to adjust the build settings, include the necessary libraries, or check for syntax errors in the code.

Is C :\ a root directory?

No, C:\ is not a root directory. In Windows operating systems, the root directory is represented by the forward slash (/) or backslash () character. The C:\ directory is the root directory for the C: drive.


As previously stated, C++ is a popular programming language. However, you may face issues with it too. There is no need to be afraid. Just pinpoint the reasons why you are facing the issue. The fixation process becomes simple for all users when the causes are known. You can solve the problem by using any of the abovementioned solutions. I hope those suggestions help you fix the problem. 

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