How to Fix Error in Body Stream ChatGPT? (8 Solutions)

You will be aware of the wonders of Chatgpt. It has shocked the whole world. People are leaning towards using it. The greater the number of users it gets, the greater dysfunctionality it shows. With time, people get familiar with its benefits and face the errors related to chatgpt. One such error it shows is called “error in body stream chatgpt.” 

Most people can face it frequently. AS the chatgpt is new to everyone, the exact causes and fixes are not easy to describe. But one telling explanation explains the error based on its working and the design on which it is formed.

Some such causes and fixes we have compiled in this article. You can read to the last word while searching for errors in the body stream chatgpt. Ultimately, you should be able to explain why this error occurs and how to fix it.

Causes of The Error In Body Stream Chatgpt

There are possible causes behind this error.

1. Server Downtime

The number of users for chatgpt is increasing day by day. These numbers are more than the expectation. The larger the user, the more burden its servers bear. So it may behave abnormally. Hence, several get down, and you can show an error in the body stream chatgpt.

2. Lack of Data

As we have described, the chatgpt is still a new tool. It was launched in November 2022. So it has a lack of information. According to chatgpt, its cut-off date is September 2021

How to Fix Error in Body Stream Chatgpt step 1

It can not show any data after September 2021. In such cases, it may show an error.

How To Fix The Error In Body Stream ChatGPT?

There are possible ways to fix the error.

1. Work on The Uptime

To eliminate the error, you should work on the server’s uptime. When the server shows uptime, it is less likely to offer you an internal server error by chatgpt and other error messages. During its uptime, you can face a few mistakes for any reason. You can check the server status by its status page. You should work on the uptime of the server.

How to Fix Error in Body Stream Chatgpt step 2

2. Try Relevant Query

If you are typing a query whose answer it cannot provide, it is quite possible to show an error. In this case, you can find a relevant question or query to the original one. It can answer your query. Hence, you will not meet the error in the body stream chatgpt and simultaneously indirectly get the answer to your question.

How to Fix Error in Body Stream Chatgpt step 3

3. Internet Connection

It is possible that your internet is not responding, and you are facing an Err_Internet_Disconnected error. This way, the best and easiest option is to start a new chat. Try to restart the router. If this still does not work, upgrade to a better internet-providing service.

4. Open a New Chat

You can open a new discussion if you see an error in the chat. There is always an option available to start a recent conversation. You can find this option at the top left corner of the chatgpt. Just click on it, and further discussion will begin. Here you can type your inquiry. I hope you will not see the error again.

5. Refresh The Page

If you still face the error, refresh the chatgpt page. This can fix the error in the body stream chatgpt. To restore the age, press the F5 button.

You can also move the arrow to the half-circled sign on the top left of the search bar. Just click on it. It will take almost 2-3 seconds to refresh the page. After this, you can resume your chat.

6. Try A Different Browser

A browser can also cause a different error. Error in body stream chatgpt is one of them. At this point, we suggest you try a different browser. You can also use an incognito browser to deal with the error. This step can fix this error and ease Error Code 80180002.

7. Use A VPN Network

A specific search or unique site may have been blocked in a particular country or area. In this way, your access to that information becomes impossible. You can rely on the VPN. A VPN can give you access to the required information or site even if it is banned in your area. 

How to Fix Error in Body Stream Chatgpt step 5

It will change your identity, and no one will be able to recognize you. Just turn on the VPN, select a location, and start typing your inquiry on chatgpt. This time it will not show you any error.

8. Clear Browsing Data

Cache files can be stored in the browser, which then shows errors. Browser Err_Connection_Reset error can lead you to a mistake in the body stream chatgpt. In such a condition, it is required to eliminate the old saved cache files and data. You can clear them from your browser setting. Just follow the simple steps to remove the browsing data and cache files.

  • Open the browser
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner. You will find the “more tools” option.
  • Click on it, and a new sidebar will open. You can find and click on the “clear browsing data” option here.
  • Click on the clear data option, and your cache files and data will be cleared.
How to Fix Error in Body Stream Chatgpt step 4
  • Now open the chatgpt and start working. There is significantly less chance that you will face the error.


ChatGPT is still new too. Its users are increasing daily. The more benefits it provides, the more users it attracts. However, more users can show the development-related error of the tool. 

This is also one of the errors that most of the users report. If you are facing and want to fix them, follow our guides and the mentioned steps to discover the long-term and wide-range steps. Whatever reason causes the error, our action can correct the error in the body stream chatgpt. Just take them seriously and implement them. This guide will help you.

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