How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error On Google Chrome? (7 Solutions)

Last night, my friend texted me, asking, “Hello, what is a 403 forbidden error on google chrome, and how to fix it?” He asked me specifically because he was aware of my error-based blog. But honestly, I had just heard about this error from him for the first time, so I began my research. I researched it extensively and gathered as much relevant and useful information as possible.

So I will present all that information to you in this post. The possible causes and some simple solutions on how to fix 403 forbidden error on Google Chrome are given below. So let’s start

What Causes A 403 Forbidden Error?

A 403 Forbidden error is an HTTP status code that indicates a server has received and understood a request from a client, but is refusing to fulfill it. This type of error can be caused by a variety of factors.

Your browser’s cache and cookies can also cause a 403 forbidden error on google chrome. The browser cache is a type of data storage that allows a website to load faster the next time you visit it. However, the website’s link may have been altered, and the real web page link is now different from the cached version, which may lead to a browser Err_Cache_Miss Error. Another possibility is that cookies cause the issue.

The most common cause of a 403 Forbidden error is that the user doesn’t have the necessary permissions to access the page or resource they are trying to access. This could be due to incorrect file permissions on the server, or the user not being part of an appropriate user group.

Another potential cause of a 403 Forbidden error is if there are too many requests coming from one IP address in a short period of time. This could indicate malicious activity, such as someone attempting to perform a denial-of-service attack on the server. In this case, the server will block any further requests from that IP address until it has been cleared.

How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error?

There are several ways you can fix the 403 forbidden error on google chrome. Try following the given simple solutions.

1. Check The URL at The Chrome Address Bar

First of all, it is very important to know the actual problem. You need to check the URL at the chrome address bar. 

  • Most people who see the 403 prohibited error such as Err_Ssl_Version_or_Cipher_Mismatch have supplied an incorrect URL, therefore, double-check that the URL you typed is valid. 
  • A bad URL can also result in a 403 prohibited error. 
  • If the URL you’re trying to visit is on the login page, ensure you’re logged into your account first. 
  • Even if you continue to receive the disallowed error, log out and re-login to check the URL. 

2. Refresh The Page or Try Again Later.

You can fix this issue by refreshing the page or trying later; you must follow the given steps.

  • Refreshing a page frequently resolves these issues. However, it is more of a coincidence than a solution. 
  • When you originally attempted to view a webpage or URL that resulted in a 403 prohibited error, it might have been due to web server-related maintenance work; thus, refreshing or trying again later usually works.

3. Clear Cookies and Cache Files in Google Chrome

All websites you visit using Google Chrome save local temporary site data and cache on your computer. This information is saved in Google Chrome’s data directories as cookies and cache files. Such files are critical for correctly visiting web pages using Google Chrome. 

However, if such files become corrupted or broken, they might create various Google Chrome Error Code 5 in your Google Chrome browser. In this situation, just erase all of your browser’s cookies and cache files as stated here:

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer and click on the three dots menu button present in the upper right corner of your screen.
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 1
  • After that, go to Settings in Google Chrome and scroll to the bottom in Settings.
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 2
  • Click the Clear browsing data link in the Privacy & Security section.
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 3
  • When you click it, a new popup window appears on your screen. Then, pick the Cookies and other site data Cache image and files choices and click the clear data and cache image button. 
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 4
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 5
  • This will successfully erase all temporary files saved in Google Chrome, resolving the 403 Forbidden Error.

4. Disable Extensions and Add-ons in Google Chrome

Google Chrome supports third-party extensions and add-ons, allowing users to extend the browser’s functionality. These extensions are easily accessible through the Google Chrome Store. Many such extensions are available, and they typically operate without trouble. 

However, when these extensions get incorporated into your browser, they might occasionally cause complications, such as the 403 banned message. If you see Err_Connection_Reset Chrome Error while browsing the internet on your computer, make sure to disable all of the extensions and add-ons in Google Chrome, as indicated here:

  • To begin, launch Google Chrome and navigate to the settings menu by selecting the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of your screen.
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 6
  • Go to More tools > Extensions to launch a new Extensions management tab within Google Chrome.
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 7
  • Then, deactivate all of the extensions loaded in Google Chrome using the toggle switch.
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 8
  • Finally, relaunch Google Chrome to resolve the 403 Forbidden Error on your machine.

5. Fix The Date and Time on your Windows 10 PC

When you use Google Chrome to browse a website, the website server ensures that the date and time on your computer match those on the server. This function exists for security considerations and ensures that your personal information is not stolen. 

However, if your PC’s date and time are incorrect, you will be unable to access the website and may receive the 403 forbidden error. In this case, ensure that the time and date on your Windows computer are correct by performing the following steps sequentially:

  • Right-click the time in the Windows 10 taskbar and select Adjust Date/Time.
How To Fix 403 Forbidden Error step 9
  • Following that, a new window will appear in which you must ensure that the Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically choices are both active. This will cause Windows 10 to alter the date and time on your machine using Microsoft Server.
  • When you browse websites in Google Chrome, you will no longer receive errors owing to a wrong time on your computer.

6. Contact The Website’s Webmaster

If you continue to receive 403 prohibited errors despite doing everything, your best chance is to contact the website owners or administrator and notify them of the problem. Unintentionally, a 403 forbidden error could have been caused by incorrect permission to access the directory or server configuration.

7. Fix 7 IP Address Blacklist 

When you connect to the internet, your ISP will issue you a static or dynamic IP address that serves as your home address. If an IP address were used to send SPAM or to execute DOS/DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service), webmasters would have blacklisted all such IP addresses that were abusing their services. In some circumstances, you may get a blank page or Error 403. 

Dynamic IP customers may simply turn off and on their internet service to renew their IP address; however, static IP users must contact their ISP and request that they investigate this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I open a 403 Forbidden site?

Opening a 403 Forbidden site can be difficult, as it means that the website is blocking your access. The first step is to check the URL you are entering and make sure that it is correct. If this does not solve the issue, then you will need to identify why the website is blocking your access.

One common reason for a 403 Forbidden error is that the website owner has blocked your IP address from accessing their server. To fix this, you may need to contact your internet service provider and request a new IP address. You can also try using a proxy or virtual private network (VPN) to mask your IP address and bypass any blocks on the website.

Another potential cause of a 403 Forbidden error is that you do not have permission to view the content on the page. In this case, you will need to contact the website owner directly and ask for permission to access their site. Once they grant you access, you should be able to open it without any issues.

Is 403 a firewall issue?

A 403 error can be caused by a firewall, but it is not necessarily the case. A 403 error means that the server understood the request, but is refusing to fulfill it due to a lack of authorization. This could be because the user does not have the correct credentials to access the resource they are attempting to reach.

It could also mean that the server has blocked access based on certain criteria such as IP address or user agent string. In these cases, a firewall would be involved in enforcing these restrictions. Therefore, while a firewall issue can cause a 403 error, there are other possibilities as well.

How do I fix a 403 Forbidden error in Chrome?

A 403 Forbidden error indicates that you don’t have permission to access the requested resource. To fix this error in Chrome, try the following steps:

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies. This can help resolve any issues that may be caused by corrupted or outdated files stored in your browser.

Check your URL for typos or mistakes. A 403 Forbidden error can also be triggered by entering an incorrect URL or domain name.

Disable any security or firewall software running on your computer, as this could be blocking access to the requested resource. Once disabled, try loading the page again to see if the issue is resolved.


I found these details about the error and told my friend. He thanked me because he had fixed that error. You can also use any of those mentioned above fixed to fix the 403 Forbidden Error.

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