How To Fix Microsoft Error Code 80180002? (3 Solutions)

Microsoft 365 has eased the organizational and commercial work accounts to a large extent. Yet, like all other applications, it is not without errors and shortfalls. One significant shortfall is the occurrence of various error codes, one of which is Microsoft  Error code 80180002.

How Microsoft  Error Code 80180002 Shows

The common symptoms of this error are

  • Runtime faults in the previously working apps
  • The system’s reaction time to instructions, commands, and input through the mouse or keyboard or mouse is slow.
  • The user is experiencing trouble shutting down or setting up the computer.
  • An error notification about the system’s registry, response time, or updates is showing up.

4 Causes of The Microsoft Error Code 80180002

While using Microsoft 365, you can encounter the Microsoft error code with a warning display. In most cases, there is a complete display of the error code ID and the code itself. This permits you to reference this office 365 error code 80180002 and quickly find a solution to assist in mitigating the error. 

The error correlation ID is the maid ID linked with the user’s school account. These credentials of the error code and linked ID are essential if you will be using professional help to fix the office 365 error code 80180002.  

Although Microsoft Error code 80180002 can result from multiple problems, the following are the most dominant reasons for receiving this error message.

  • Problems in the registry
  • Any system files that have been incorrectly related to or detached by other applications.
  • Malware or viruses that result in item file or application corruption
  • Installations that were interrupted or paused and haven’t been finished to their full potential

How To Fix The Error Code 80180002?

If you also encounter Microsoft Error Code 80180002, You can attempt various techniques to fix this office 365 error code 80180002. As this issue has various linked roots, some techniques applied to fix the error codes properly are more manageable, while others may call for expertise or extensive knowledge. 

If the suggested procedures discussed below are ineffective in fixing the problem, or if you feel confident about applying these fixes, hire an experienced Windows professional to help you repair and fix the Microsoft Not Responding error.

1. Clean Out The Registry

Various registry cleaning tools are available on the Internet, but ensure that the software you choose for registry cleaning is extracted from reliable sources. 

If you do not want to trust a file from an unknown vendor, we suggest you use the registry cleaning utility as part of the Windows software package.

Run this app to perform a file scan and regulate the ones that need repair. Most of the time, the registry cleaner can overhaul the pertinent files and resolve the problem independently. 

Once you have used the registry cleaner, it is a good idea to restart the system to ensure that the system can suitably inspect all the recently restored files.

2. Make Sure Software And Drivers Are Updated

Microsoft Error code 80180002 sometimes occurs when drivers are outdated.  To check this possibility, investigate the status of different drivers by visiting the settings of your operating system and then selecting “Update Drivers.”  

how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 8

Also, check the system for Windows software updates or windows settings that may assist you in resolving the error. After double-checking and installing all the required drivers, restart the system to apply all the changes in the installation process thoroughly.

Fixing The Error Code 80180002 While Adding Work Access

Follow the steps to access work or school projects:

  • Sign in to Office 365 while using the regular login details
how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 1
  • Press the launcher, which is shown by nine dots.
how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 2
  • Now select “Admin.”
how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 3
  • Under “Admin centers,” Choose the “Azure Active Directory.”
how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 4
  • Press “All services.”
how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 5
  • Now select “Azure AD Conditional Access.”
how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 6
  • Choose and remove it to fix the issue.
how to fix microsoft error code 80180002 step 7

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I fix error code 80180014?

Error code 80180014 is usually caused by an issue with the Microsoft Store. Try restarting your device and running the Windows Store troubleshooter to fix it.

You can try resetting the Microsoft Store app or reinstalling it if that doesn’t work. If all else fails, you can try creating a new user account on your device and see if that fixes the error.

How do I fix a Microsoft Office license error?

To fix a Microsoft Office license error, first, try running the Microsoft Office Repair Tool. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office. If that still doesn’t work, contact Microsoft support for assistance.

How do I remove MDM from Windows 11?

To remove MDM from Windows 11, go to the Settings app and click on Accounts. Then select Access Work or School and select the account that is assigned with MDM. Select Disconnect and confirm your action. This should remove the MDM from your Windows 11 device.

How do I get rid of this device is managed by your organization Microsoft?

If this message appears on a device you own, it’s likely due to an IT policy set by your organization. You’ll need to contact your IT department and ask them to remove the policy from your device. They should be able to provide instructions on how to do this.


Fixing the Microsoft Error code 80180002 is a matter of understanding. If you can dig deeper into the underlying cause, you can easily apply the related fixing hack. That is why we first guided our readers to know the causes and then suggested the related fixes.

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