How To Fix Chick Fil A App Error 401? [3 Solutions]

The Chick-fil-A app is the need of the hour. It allows the user to customize the meal in the easiest way possible. It saves the “favorites” on the home screen so you can effortlessly order your food even when in a rush. But like all apps, this app also encounters errors. A commonly occurring error is Chick Fil A App Error 401.

In this article, the Not Responding Team will provide a guide on “how to fix Chick Fil A app error 401″quickly and easily.

What Is Chick Fil an App Error 401?

The 401 or Unauthorized status code depicts that the request has not been processed because it is deficient in valid and effective authentication credentials necessary for the target resource. The server producing a 401 error sends a WWW-Authenticate header field comprising at least one challenge related to the target resource.

The 401 error happens when the browser denies access to the Chick-fil-A page.

Consequently, rather than loading the Chick-fil-A page, the browser will load error messages with the chick-fil-a app 401. These errors can happen in any browser, so the specific message for 401 codes may differ.

3 Causes Of The Chick Fil an App Error 401

Chick Fil A app error 401 mostly happens on restricted resources, like the WordPress site’s id and password-protected web pages. So, experts suggest that the error occurs because of the authentication credentials.

1. An Outdated Set of Browser Cookies and Cache

One of the primary reported reasons for experiencing a 401 error in the Chick-fil-A app is that the browser’s cookies and browser cache are not updated, stopping the authorization from effectively taking place. The server rejects the demand if the browser does not use legal authentication credentials.

2. Plugin Incompatibility

There are cases when this error happens by a plugin error incompatibility. For instance, a security plugin or firewall can mistakenly report your login credentials to the app as malicious activity. You receive a Chick Fil A app error 401 to guard the page.

3. Outdated Link or Incorrect URL

There can be some instances when the source of the issue can be accredited to a trivial mistake. The Common culprits of this category include an outdated link or incorrectly-typed URL.

How To Fix Chick Fil A App Error 401?

Now, after discussing the underlying causes of chick fil app not working error 401, we can move forward with significant fixes.

1. Look For Errors in The URL

While fixing any HTTP error, it is always wise to start with the easiest potential fix. The most straightforward fix in the case of the chick-fil-a app HTTP error 401 is to ensure that you have applied the correct URL. 

For many of you, this may sound quite basic, yet chick fil app is not working. Error 401 frequently appears when the URL is not correctly entered. Another possibility is that the link used by the user for visiting the Chick-fil-A page directs to the wrong URL. 

There are chances that the link is outdated or directs the user to a specific page that is not only non-existential but also does not entail any redirects in place. Hence, it’s worth the hustle to double-check the URL. 

While typing it in yourself, ensure you have spelled it right. If you have clicked on a specific link, ensure it’s directed to the Chick-fil-A page.

2. Clear The Browser’s Cache

The browser’s cache is specifically designed in such a way as to improve the online experience. It does this by reducing the loading times while reloading the pages. Unfortunately, it has some inherent capacity to cause unwanted interruptions.

As the chick fil app is not working, error 401 is mainly related to incorrect or outdated cookies or cache data or cookies. Hence, if there are no issues with the URL of the page, then the next step is to try clearing the browser’s cache.

This will also clear any inappropriate information that was locally stored in the browser, which might be causing interruptions in the authentication process. Similarly, the browser’s cookies sometimes carry the authentication data that must be refreshed. You can do this as follows:

  • Put the menu icon’s cursor in the browser’s top-right corner.
How To Fix Chick Fil an App Error 401 step 1
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the option Clear browsing data in the privacy and security section.
How To Fix Chick Fil an App Error 401 step 2
  • You will get a new window. Under the Basic tab, select all the three boxes.
How To Fix Chick Fil an App Error 401 step 3
  • Now select the Clear data option.
How To Fix Chick Fil an App Error 401 step 4
  • Restart the browser and try to reach the app. Hopefully, you will resolve the issue.

3. Flush The DNS

Another popular method experts suggest for resolving the 401 unauthorized error is flushing your DNS (Domain Name Server). Although this is not a common issue, it is a possibility, so it is worth trying, especially when the above two solutions are not working. You can do this in Windows by following the steps:

  • Click on the Start button.
  • You will get the search bar; here, type cmd.
  • Press Enter
How To Fix Chick Fil an App Error 401 step 5
  • You will get the Command Prompt where you copy and paste the following command ipconfig/flushdns.
How To Fix Chick Fil an App Error 401 step 6
  • Press Enter to finish.
How To Fix Chick Fil an App Error 401 step 7

Chick-fil-A app has eased several users all over the world. But When the browser and server have trouble authenticating requests or communicating, the users are sometimes pushed to deal with significant errors, especially the 401 error. 


Although the message may look irritating, it is fixable and hence temporary. We have guided the readers about the causes of this Chick Fil A app error code 401 so that the reader can choose the most suitable fix related to this error. Once you reach the proper fix, the Chick Fil A app error code 401 will clear away within minutes. 

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