ADP Error Code 100: Fixed By 7 Solutions

ADP has revolutionized Human resource practices in the corporate world. It is an excellent tool for sorting all human resource-related problems for your organization. However, like every intelligent solution, ADP also comes with some episodes of malfunctioning. Recently the users have reported a recurrently occurring error code which we label as “ADP error code 100”

Let’s discuss the error code 100 ADP with its possible fixes so that all the ADP users can get the benefit:

What Is A 100 Error Code?

Error codes are part of a crucial system that helps websites, servers, and other digital platforms to run correctly. A 100 error code is an informational response code that indicates the request sent by the client has been received successfully by the server. This code usually appears when users submit a form or request more information from a website.

The 100 error code will not be seen on all websites; however, it can appear in web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. This type of error typically does not require any action on the user’s part, as it is only an indication that the request was received and accepted by the server-side application.

The server may then process this request further to provide additional data back to the requesting client. In some cases, though, it may be necessary for users to refresh their browsers or clear their cache before they can proceed with their task at hand.

5 Main Causes Of ADP Error Code 100

ADP Error Code 100 is a common problem that can cause frustration to both employers and employees. In order to effectively troubleshoot this error, it is important to understand what causes it. Here are the 5 main reasons why someone might encounter ADP Error Code 100:

1. Software Conflicts

Software conflicts can lead to serious errors when using ADP payroll systems. Error code 100 is one of the most common issues that businesses encounter when dealing with software conflicts.

This error message usually appears on the screen when two pieces of software are trying to run simultaneously, making it difficult for the computer to properly process both programs.

2. Poor Network Connectivity

Network issues are often caused by hardware failures, outdated equipment, software glitches, or user errors. These issues can be minor inconveniences or major disruptors depending on their severity.

In the case of ADP error code 100, understanding what’s causing the issue will enable you to take corrective action and restore your network connection as soon as possible.

3. System File Corruption

System File Corruption is one of the most common causes of ADP Error Code 100. This error code indicates that a system file has been corrupted, preventing your computer from running properly.

System File Corruption can occur as a result of virus or malware infections, accidental deletion of files, or user errors while attempting to modify settings.

4. Incomplete or Incorrect Data Entry

Incomplete or incorrect data entry is one of the main causes of ADP error code 100. Data entry errors can occur when someone manually enters information into an automated system, such as when using a payroll program to enter employee information. Incorrect data entry can lead to problems with payroll calculations and other administrative tasks.

5. Outdated system drivers

Outdated system drivers are a common cause of ADP Error Code 100. This error code can be inconvenient and time-consuming to resolve. It’s caused by an incompatibility between the system drivers and the components of the computer, such as hardware or software. It’s important for users to keep their system drivers up-to-date in order to prevent this error from occurring.

How To Fix ADP Error Code 100? (7 Solutions)

Once we have drafted the significant reasons leading to ADP error code: 100, fixing the problem is more effortless. Let’s discuss each fix for ADP Error Code 100 one by one.

1. Evaluate the Internet Connection

Not only for ADP but for any tool linked to the internet, one should always be assured of smooth working of the internet. Sometimes this is the first and essential thing, and you need not evaluate further for any other related cause.

how to fix adp error code 100 step 1

Sometimes we get into the trap of false assumptions and assume that if other apps are working fine, the internet is considered alright. But we assume this without considering the speed of internet connectivity.  

Hence before you move to other fixes for ADP Error Code 100, check the internet speed to save time and trouble. Once you confirm that the internet is working well, you can move to other fixes.

2. Evaluate The Web Browser

As the users need a web browser to log into the ADP profile, there are greater chances that the browser might not be well-suited to the tool. It is not a big and problematic issue if you diagnose it early.

All you need to do is to download another web browser that can run ADP for you. Moreover, make sure that there are not any kind of extensions that can restrict the processing of ADP. Some of these extensions include popup blockers and ad blockers.

how to fix adp error code 100 step 2

3. Be Careful While Entering The Credentials

As ADP error code 100 mainly occurs during log-in attempts, there are chances that the ADP bridge error code 100 results from the wrong credentials. This is highly possible especially when the password includes spaces, special characters, and capitalization. 

These kinds of passwords are hard to remember, making you feel that you are entering the correct password, but as the password is still not matching, you will find the error recurring. One way to get out of this situation is to enter the correct password however if you have forgotten the password click to reset the password.

how to fix adp error code 100 step 5

4. Check If The Account Is Locked

This fix is closely linked to the point of entering the wrong credentials. The wrong credentials will not only inhibit you from temporarily entering the account but you will also be left with only two more chances before the account gets locked because of the apprehensive activity. 

So rather than recalling your forgotten password with a hit and trial, we suggest you reset the password. If you enter the wrong credentials more than three times, the account will ultimately get locked. The ultimate result will be some error code appearing on your screen, one of which is ADP error code 100. Fixing the credentials will ultimately resolve the ADP Error Code 100.

5. Look For The ADP Servers Status

There can be many instances of the ADP server being down. For online apps like ADP, it is a common practice that too many users being active on the platform result in the temporary crashing of the app.

how to fix adp error code 100 step 4

The same happened during site maintenance when users could not log in to the app. All you can do in this case is to raise a support ticket and wait till the official technical team steps in to solve the error code: 100 ADP. If multiple users raise the ticket for the ADP Error Code 100 there is a high chance that the issue will get resolved quickly.

6. Look For the Cache Buildup

The cache is a system aimed at facilitating the internet experience for the user, but as long as it starts building up, it demands a cleanup. 

Buildup cache is problematic as it takes up a lot of space on the system memory hence the processing of apps working on the system either gets slower or gets stuck.  To avoid this problem from recurring, clean the cache and the cookies regularly on your system.

7. Contact The Official Support Team

The good news is that the ADP has an excellent customer support channel that comprises several different technical experts who are there to aid you in case of any official support tickets. Another way is to contact the user communities to assist you through their knowledge. In this way, someone else’s experience can be fruitful for many.

how to fix adp error code 100 step 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my employee’s ADP password

For employers, resetting an employee’s ADP password is a simple process. ADP (Automatic Data Processing) is a software product that provides payroll, human resources (HR), and other services for businesses of all sizes. Resetting passwords for employees is one of the most common tasks employers face when using ADP.

The first step in resetting an employee’s ADP password is to log into your employer portal.
Once you’re logged in, select “Employees” from the left navigation bar and then click on “Reset Password.”
You’ll be prompted to enter the employee’s username or email address associated with their account.
After entering this information, click on “Send Email” to send a password reset link to the employee’s email address listed in their profile within your employer dashboard.

How do I clear the cache on ADP?

Maintaining a clear and efficient cache on your ADP system is important for the smooth operation of your computer. It helps to keep everything running smoothly and can help prevent slowdowns and errors in the system. Clearing the cache on ADP is relatively simple, but there are a few specific steps that you should follow if you want to do it right.

First of all, make sure that all programs are closed before beginning this process.

Then, open up the “Settings” page on your device and select “Cache Management” from the menu options.

You will then see a list of cached files which can be cleared with one click by clicking “Clear All” or individually by clicking individual entries in the list.

Finally, restart your computer after clearing the cache so that any changes take effect properly.

Does ADP not work on Chrome?

ADP is a payroll and human resources management platform used by organizations to manage their employees’ salaries, benefits, and other related services.

However, some Chrome users have experienced difficulty in accessing the platform with Google’s web browser. A recent survey of over 500 ADP customers found that 26 percent of them had encountered problems when trying to access the site through Chrome.

The issue appears to be caused by certain versions of the browser not being able to properly interpret code from the ADP website, resulting in an error message being displayed onscreen.

Other users have reported having trouble loading pages or receiving messages stating that some parts of the site are unavailable. To make matters worse, any attempts to switch browsers or update Chrome are often unsuccessful in resolving these issues.


The above discussion reveals that the log-in error on ADP manifests as error code 100. Although it is undoubtedly annoying to see it on screen, it is not a very difficult issue to resolve. Hence, we have addressed the issue in a reader-friendly way to help as many users as possible.

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