How to Fix Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/10004? (8 Solutions)

People are obsessed with gaming nowadays. Gaming has become not only a source of entertainment but also a source of income. Like any software, games can also face different errors. If this happens, then the real purpose of gaming can vanish, and it can cause more harm than good. You can meet more tension than enjoyment.

The tower of fantasy server error 5/10004 is one of the errors that can badly influence your mood while playing the game. If you are one of them and facing the tower of fantasy server error 5/10004, you are reading the right article.  With Not Responding team-proven tips, you will fix the building of fantasy server error 5/10004 within minutes.

What Is a Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of fantasy is a game that is free to play. It is based on the planet called Aida. The earth is affected by radioactive energy. There is no presence of human civilization due to mutant radiation. The player explores the world and faces the mutant creatures while investigating. Anti-hostile forces are also there to stop the player.

Causes of The Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/10004

The error may be evolved from many reasons. However, we have arranged the most common causes for the tower of fantasy server error 5/10004. Once the causes are known, the fixation process becomes effortless.

1. Internet Connectivity

The Internet is a compulsory requirement for many software to run. This game also requires a better internet connection, without which you cannot connect and play. Connectivity issues can lead you to PS4 Error WS-45519-4.

2. Outdated Game Version

There is a strict need to update any software from time to time. Updating provides you with the latest technology that any software has added. This will allow you to work more smoothly with the advanced features. If your game version is outdated, then you can face the error.

3. Server Issues

The server is always available to run the game. The game’s official server may crash or face different problems for multiple reasons. Once the server engages with difficulties, you may encounter DNS ERROR PS4 messages, including this error.

How To Fix The Tower of Fantasy Server Error 5/10004?

There are the following possible tips to fix the error.

1. Update The Game

The first and foremost thing you should do is update the game. Updating the game will not only fix the tower of fantasy server error 5/10004 but also can resolve other errors like Dev Error 6661

Moreover, it will provide you with new technology and features that could not be used in the old game version.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

Fixing the internet-related issue can correct the error. It would help if you were vigilant about the internet. Check whether the signal is ok or not. Have you paid the net bills, or is any wire dysfunctional? Fix the relevant issues. Restarting your router can also fix the error.

Moreover, if this does not work, use a wired connection like an ethernet cable. The best ethernet cable can provide you with fast signals.

3. Windows Firewall Settings 

Windows firewalls can block your game so that you can face multiple issues. Go to the Windows Firewall settings and look for the tower of fantasy file here. If the file is present, examine whether you have allowed it to run on a public or private network.

4. Check The Server Status

Every game needs a server to run correctly. If the tower of fantasy has severe issues, you can face this error. In this case, You can contact them and ask them to resolve the problem from their server end. You can use their official Twitter account to get them because they don’t have an official server status page.

5. Check The Proxy

The error occurs if you try to connect to the host through a proxy. It might be possible that the service is denying your connection request through a broker. In this case, you should avoid using a proxy. So disable your VPN network and try to connect them again.

6. Configure The Router Setting

Many games rely on the ports to connect to the server. Once the connection is established, then you can play the game. In this case, it might be possible that your router has blocked these ports, and games could not connect to the server.

To resolve the error, you have to configure the router setting. As router configurations differ, we recommend you check it manually or visit the manufacturer’s sites for the proper guidance.

7. Spam Login

Remember that this is not an efficient way to fix PS4 Error Code ce-34878-0. By proving the spam credential to log in, you may force the game to run itself. It may run as soon as it establishes the connection with the server through the server spot. Once the connection is established, you can play the game smoothly without hesitation.

8. Restart The Game

Sometimes it happens the game may face restrictions to run without no reason. Maybe some cache file can force the fun to stop. In this case, the need is to provide a break to the game. 

You can restart the game immediately to fix the error. Or if there is no urgency to play it, you can turn it off for a few minutes. By doing this, you can solve the error without much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my game keep saying network error?

It could be due to various reasons such as poor internet connection, server issues, or maintenance downtime.

What is error code 2618 Tower of Fantasy?

Error code 2618 in Tower of Fantasy indicates a problem with the game’s login system, preventing players from accessing the game.

Is Tower of Fantasy a copy of Genshin?

No, Tower of Fantasy is not a copy of Genshin. While both games share some similarities in gameplay mechanics and graphics, they are developed by different companies and have distinct features.

What is the max level in Tower of Fantasy?

The maximum level in Tower of Fantasy is currently unknown as the game is still in its early stages of development.

Can you play Tower of Fantasy on PC now?

Tower of Fantasy is currently not available to play on PC. It’s only available on mobile devices, and the developers have not announced any plans for a PC release.


Technology is always here to help you out in any case. Games provide you with ease and a source of happiness for thousands. You should give some time for its maintenance and proper functioning. If there is an error, you should try to link it with the possible reasons. 

We have provided you with all possible reasons why an error can occur. Our extensive guide also offered you possible solutions to fix the error. I hope you will select the mistake after reading this.

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