How To Fix ShareX Authentication Error? (3 Solutions)

Screen recording has now become a common topic. You may record the screen to teach your students if you are a teacher. Even if you are a gamer or a youtube, you may rely on screen capturing and recording software. Without such software then, you can not progress with your work. If an error occurs in such software, your position may stop or delay. Then it becomes a dire need to fix every possible error quickly. 

A sharex authentication error is one of them.  Suppose you are one of them and facing the sharex authentication error. Then stay connected with us. We will discuss the cause of the error and a detailed step-by-step guide to fix the shareX authentication error.

What Is shareX?

Sharex is software that allows you to capture or record your screen. Once it has captured the screen, it will automatically attach it to your clipboard, so you can share it easily. There is no need to find the location and connect the file to your clipboard. This software will do this task automatically. 

What Is shareX

This software also allows you to make gifts. After capturing your screen, you can edit the required area. Blur, add icons, draw, and many more features you can avail of using this software.

What Causes Behind The ShareX Authentication Error?

The cause behind the Err_Connection_Reset may vary from person to person or from device to device. We will discuss with you the most common reasons behind this error.

1. The Old Version of ShareX

It may be the reason behind the error. Any software requires an update after a proper time. If updates are ignored, they may show an error. Their adequate functioning may also stop. Hence the error may occur due to the old version of the software.

2. Wrong Credentials

Every software requires you to get registered and sign in. While doing this, it is necessary to remember that information. It is later needed to get the login. You may receive a shareX authentication error notification if you put the wrong credentials, like the incorrect username or password.

3. Internet Connection

Other than these, a poor connection can lead you to multiple errors. It may be one of them, without internet software it can not work correctly. Hence a strong internet connection is required to run the software properly.

How To Fix ShareX Authentication Error?

There are the following steps you have to take while fixing the shareX authentication error code 233011.  We have discussed them with you in detail.

1. Re Login To The Target Service

If you are adding the incorrect credentials for the target service, it may cause an error. The best thing to fix the error is to authenticate your credentials and try to log in to the target services. 

For this authentication process, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Open the shareX account.
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 1
  • Click on the destination folder.
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 2
  • A pop-up will appear. Click on the destination settings.
  • You can select the target service you want to log in to and click on that. 
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 3
  • After that, a log-in pop-up will appear on the right side. Add the correct info to get the login, and re-login to fix the Sharex authentication error issue.
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 4

2. Stable Your Internet Connection

We have already discussed that the error may occur due to a poor internet connection. To fix the shareX authentication error, it is required to stabilize your internet connection. Try to replace the old wire with the new one. Restart your router to resolve the authentication error. If the link is still poor, try to get professional help.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall The ShareX

This may also be quite a possible and helpful option to fix the error. It may be possible that the file may get damaged. In such cases, you need not waste your time on useless things. The simple solution is to uninstall the software and re-uninstall it.

To uninstall the software, follow the simple steps.

  • To uninstall, first, find the shareX location on your computer.
  • Press the Window key + X and click on the apps and features option. This command will open all the apps installed on your computer.
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 5
  • From the list, find the shareX
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 6
  • Click on the shareX. The two options will appear, then click on the uninstall option
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 7
  • After this, the shareX will be uninstalled.

Now you need to reinstall ShareX. 

  • You can reinstall the software shareX through Google
  • Type “ShareX download” in the search engine. 
  • Open the relevant shareX website to download it. 
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 8
  • Press the download button to download the software.
how to fix ShareX Authentication Error step 9
  • After this, the software ShareX will be installed. I hope now it will not show the shareX authentication error.


Technology has become so advanced that every required software is present online. Like any age, in this age of technology, errors are common such as Err_Internet_Disconnected. But the best thing is that, in some cases, you do not need to be a master in a relevant field. By getting the basic information, you can fix the problem. We have given you some fixes for the shareX authentication error.

 These solutions are basic and easy to understand. Our step-by-step guide and various methods will make your work easy while dealing with a shareX authentication error. Just follow and apply our method carefully. I hope you will fix the error immediately and not face the authentication error in the future.

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