How To Fix Error 60029: Permissiondenied (7 Solutions)

Error 60029: Permissiondenied is familiar error users encounter when they attempt to access or perform an action on a file or folder without the necessary permissions. This error can occur on various operating systems, and it can be frustrating for users who need to complete a task urgently. 

Fortunately, several solutions can help fix Error 60029: Permissiondenied. This article will discuss what causes this error and provide practical solutions that users can implement to resolve it. Whether you are a novice or an advanced user, you will find the following tips helpful in addressing this error and regaining access to your files and folders.

What Is The Error 60029: Permissiondenied?

The error usually occurs when the application running on the computer tries to access the file to which it is not given proper access. It may also occur when the application tries to perform a specific function to which it does not have proper access. Then you may encounter this error. 

What Are The Causes Behind Error 60029: Permissiondenied?

There are possible reasons that may initiate the error. The reasons are necessary because the fixation process becomes difficult without knowing the cause of the 0x0 0x0 Windows Error Code

When you know the exact reason, you can take specific, targeted steps to fix Error 60029: Permissiondenied. The error has many causes; the most common are given below.

1. Antivirus Software

The antivirus software detects and scans the software in your computer. They are necessary for the security of your system. Sometimes they may block access to a specific file

The reason behind this may vary from situation to situation, but when software blocks access to the file, you may face this error.

2. Internet Connection

An Internet connection is necessary to perform any online task. Similarly, many files and functions require a proper internet connection to work. 

If you lack an internet connection, your access to the specific file may be restricted, and you may get Error 60029: Permissiondenied. Hence internet connection is the primary cause of the error. 

3. File Ownership

Some files can be opened only by their owner. The file requires specific credentials to open that only the original owner knows. 

If an unauthorized person attempts to access a file, they may encounter an error as they lack the required credentials. In such cases, it is easy for them to face Error 60029: Permissiondenied.

How To Fix Error 60029: Permissiondenied?

Fixing an error is not a big deal if you know the steps to fix it. There are the following steps and information we have provided. Keeping this in mind, you can fix the error quickly.

1. Check The Server Address

This should be an important fix. To check whether you are connecting to the correct server or not. Even if you are sure that the server address is correct, double-check whether any firewalls are blocking your connection to the server due to the DNS Server Not Responding

how to fix error 60029 permissiondenied step 1

Check that you are connecting with the correct port number and domain. Also, make sure that your network traffic gets through the server.

2. Disable Firewall

We have already discussed in this post that an antivirus or firewall may restrict you from accessing a specific file. With the restrictions in access to the file, you can face the error.

how to fix error 60029 permissiondenied step 2

As this is the cause of the error, it requires eliminating Error Code 23404 by disabling the firewall or antivirus software. You can disable it easily. 

But remember, this should not be the permanent fix because disabling the anti-virus allows software viruses to attack your computer.

3. Use The Git User

If you use your GitHub username, you likely get the error. The best thing to do is to make all the connections as a git user. Use the following command to verify your connection. 

ssh -T

But first, change the remote URL to use the git user.

4. Recheck The Public Key

As a Git user, you will receive a unique key upon joining. This key will differ for your first account, ensuring each Git user has a unique key. When using Git, it’s essential to double-check that you are using the correct public key associated with your account. 

If you are unsure where to find your public key, you can locate it within the access settings on your GitHub account.

5. Check Your Internet Connection

If you use a weak internet connection, your access and speed get restricted, you may not be able to open the file, access becomes limited, and you may face an error. In this case, a strong internet connection is necessary to fix Net Err_Internet_Disconnected Error

Try to restart the router to stabilize your connection. Check whether you have paid the net bill. A glitch in the wire may also disrupt your connection. Check all possible means to fix your connection because it is necessary to fix the error message and 403 Forbidden Error.

6. Clean Up Your Git Logs

The next step that you can take to fix the error of Mega Personal Error 701 is to clean up your git log. This allows Git to see your commit history and not miss anything important.

cleanup@git:~$  git branch  -D  feature
cleanup@git:~$  git branch  -D  develop

You can clean up your git logs using the -r option for rewording. It edits the commits, which allows the git to differentiate between similar older commits.

7. Restart Your PC

This should be the last step to fix the error. When you cannot identify the actual cause behind the error, you should restart the PC. This will give a fresh start to all the applications in your system. 

Any unknown cause initiating the error may quickly be resolved with this step. So restart your computer to fix the error.


Technology is making our life better; there are positive and negative effects of any tech-related application. The error is also of them. You may face different errors in different software. There Is no need to worry. Because here, technology also gives us alternatives. To fix any error, the best thing is to know the cause of the error. 

Once the causes are known, you can fix them step by step. Our article contained a step-by-step guide. If you have read it carefully, searching for another blog is unnecessary. Hope you will be able to fix the error after implementing our mentioned steps.

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