How To Fix NVENC Error OBS? (5 Solutions)

Today NotResponding will discuss NVENC error OBS and How To Fix NVENC Error OBS. For Open Broadcast Software or OBS, this error appears to be one of the common errors reported equally by gamers and streamers. The error is usually triggered when the user is aiming at recording or streaming with OBS. Experts suggest this error be connected to either system’s hardware or software.

You are using OBS to stream a game, but you are getting the NVENC error. You want to record your gaming session without any problems.

Follow on Not Responding Team’s comprehensive guide to fix the NVENC error and stream your game without problems!

4 Causes Of NVENC Error OBS

There are the following possible causes for the error.

1. Outdated Version

An outdated graphics driver version is one of The most obvious reasons behind the NVENC error.

2. Skirmish Between The General Applications

Another common reason for the OBS NVENC issue is a skirmish between the general applications of the system and the OBS application running on the system.

3. Visual C++ Components

Experts also believe the overlay settings and contradictory Microsoft Visual C++ components to be the culprit.

4. Obsolete Version of The NVIDIA

The error can also be caused by a defective or obsolete version of the NVIDIA Encoder library, which is implied for OBS hardware-accelerated video encoding.

How To Fix NVENC Error OBS? (5 Solutions)

Before discussing remedies, we suggest the user open the Task Manager and terminate any ongoing tasks, especially those not associated with OBS. Moreover, deactivate any firewall or antivirus currently installed on the system, as these may interfere with OBS. 

Another critical point to consider before proceeding to the error fixes for Unable To Connect To NVIDIA Error is ensuring that the system hardware meets the minimum requirements for operating OBS.

1. Restarting is Always Beneficial

Restarting the system can assist in resetting any misconfigured settings or malfunctioning of the system. The system clears up the memory used by various processes and applications and processes and refreshes the drivers and services, triggering the NVENC error. 

Allow your system to get fully powered off. Putting the system into hibernation or sleep mode may not have the same remedial effects as restarting the system.

  • Press the D + Windows keys simultaneously to navigate to Desktop.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 8
  • Tap on the Alt +F4 keys
  • Select the Restart option
how to fix nvenc error obs step 9
  • Click OK
how to fix nvenc error obs step 10

2. The GPU Driver May Need an Update

Updating the drivers is always helpful in ensuring that all system components operate smoothly and capably. But before you choose to update, ensure that other related components like monitors and sound cards have updated GPU drivers so the system works aligned and adequately.

  • Press the Windows Plus S key
how to fix nvenc error obs step 1
  • Type Device Manager.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 2
  • Click on the option “Open.”
how to fix nvenc error obs step 3
  • Expand the driver by double-clicking on the display adapters.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 4
  • Right-click on the graphics driver and·select the “Update driver” option.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 5
  • Now opt for “Search automatically for the updated driver software option.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 6
  • Follow the on-screen commands to comprehend the update process.
  • Exit the window
how to fix nvenc error obs step 7
  • Reboot the PC once the latest drivers are installed.

3. Reducing the Output Resolution in OBS May Work

Reducing the output mode resolution lowers the amount of data required for processing the hardware in the Visual Studio Code is Not Responding. It ultimately enables more reliable performance and minimal interruption. 

Reduces resolution also saves bandwidth, especially for streaming live broadcasts, minimizing the latency period of playback.

Below are the essential steps needed to minimize the resolution in OBS:

  • Launch the OBS Studio app
  • Tap on the Settings button at the screen’s bottom right.
  • Steer to the left pane
  • Now switch to the Video tab.
  • Scroll down the right pane
  • Select the option of the Output (Scaled) Resolution
  • You will get a drop-down list where you must choose any lower value for the resolution.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 12
  • Click the Apply and then OK buttons to make the recent changes effective.
  • Relaunch the app to see if the error is still occurring or not

Keep in mind that these changes will not alter the layout of the encoded videos.

4. Disabling the In-Game Overlay

In most cases, an NVENC error occurs when the OBS fails to commence the recording process. It is likely due to the in-game connection being enabled. This process can contradict the ability of OBS to record with NVENC. Hence the NVENC error is triggered.

If the user has already deactivated the in-game overlay due to the PS4 Error WS-45519-4, the next step will be to check for any other overlay being enabled. Some applications or games may have more than one overlay, so it is crucial to keep a check on all of them and adequately disable them.  

To disable the Overlay settings for Nvidia Experience, follow the steps below:

  • Open the desktop and place the cursor over the taskbar
  • Now Click on the arrow icon so that hidden icons are launched
  • Right-click on the NVIDIA icon
  • You will get a list from where you need to click on the Nvidia GeForce Experience option.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 13
  • Look for the gear icon located on the menu bar in the Nvidia GeForce Experience app.
  • Tap to open Settings.
  • Now visit the opt of the GENERAL settings menu.
  • Shift to the right screen
  • Tap on the IN-GAME OVERLAY. If you locate a green toggle adjacent to it, tap on it to deactivate it.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 14

After disabling the overlay settings in NVIDIA, relaunch the OBS app to check the error status.

Now Disable the Overlay settings for Discord through the following steps:

  • Open up Discord
  • On the Discord home screen, Click on the Cog-wheel icon. It will launch the User Settings in the platform.
  • Move down towards the App Settings from the left screen and click over it
  • Click on Overlay
how to fix nvenc error obs step 15
  • Turn off the option to enable in-game overlay. You will see a grayed-out setting once you have turned off its overlay.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 16
  • Relaunch the OBS to check the error status.

5. Reinstall Microsoft C++ Redistributable

If you reinstall Microsoft C++ Redistributable, it will fix the NVENC error in OBC. The Microsoft Visual C++ compiler is applied to write multiple applications and programs in OBS. It is crucial to ensure that the latest version of the Microsoft C++ Redistributable is available.

  • First, Go to the search menu.
  • Now type Apps & features.
  • Now select Open.
  • Now press enter
  • Locate Microsoft Visual C++
how to fix nvenc error obs step 17
  • Click on any one package at a time and click on Uninstall.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 18

Follow the same steps for all the available packages on the system:

  • Please continue with the forthcoming commands to uninstall all of them.
  • After uninstalling, press the Start key.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 19
  • Type the command prompt.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 20
  • Click on Run as administrator to open the command window.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 22
  • Type the commands as follows and press Enter
  • Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
how to fix nvenc error obs step 23
  • Wait till the DISM scan is accomplished.
  • Reboot the Windows PC.
  • Now, open the browser and visit the official Microsoft website.
  • Download the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable files for Visual Studio.
how to fix nvenc error obs step 24
  • Wait till all of the Visual C++ Redistributable files are downloaded effectively.
  • Install the available packages in My downloads with all the on-screen instructions.
  • Reboot the system,
  • After the restart, relaunch the OBS app.


This was all we could help you with regarding the NVENC error OBS. Although we have listed the significant troubleshooting steps to fix the error and enjoy seamless video recording and streaming, you can also try some fruitful fixes. It is all about understanding the system and working on potential remedies.

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