How To Fix Dev Error 615 MW2? (6 Solutions)

Dev error 615 in MW2 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is an error commonly shown to players when playing the game on their PC. A problem with the internet connection or an issue with the game files usually causes it. This error can be disturbing for players excited to enjoy the game, but fortunately, there are several methods to fix dev error 615 mw2

The methods range from upgrading the internet connection, deleting and reinstalling the game, checking the server downtime, and updating the game. Following these methods, players can fix the dev error 615 in MW2 and enjoy playing the game without interruptions.

Reasons Behind The Dev Error 615 MW2

There are the following reasons behind the dev error 615 MW2.

1. Downtime of The Server

You may face the  MW2 Dev Error 657 if you play the game when the server is down. The server may be down for various reasons. It may be down because of the maintenance of the game. The server may also be down when a lot of users start playing the game at the same time. Hence. You may face this error.

2. Unverified Integrity of The File

The game contains some files whose integrity must be verified by clicking the “verify integrity of the file” option. Before starting to play the game, it is necessary to verify the integrity of the game file. If you don’t verify the integrity of the game files, then you may face an error. 

3. Old Version of The Game

If you are using the old version of the game, then you may see various game errors. Dev error 615 MW2 is one of them. The game and any available online software demand proper updates after some time. 

The team adds new features to improve Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s user experience. You must follow their update and update the game to avoid errors.

How To Fix The Dev Error 615 MW2

There are the following fixes can be applied to fix dev error 615 MW2:

1. Check Your Connection

The game may show errors due to poor internet connection. The game and software without a proper internet connection can display various errors. The dev error 615 MW2 can emerge if a stable connection is unavailable. 

how to fix dev error 615 mw2 step 2

Hence, this should be the first step in fixing errors such as Darktide Error Code 3001. You should check the internet connection first. Try all the possible steps to fix your internet connection, like restarting your router, updating your connection, or finding and fixing faults in the wire. 

2. Update Your Game

If you are using the old game version, it may show an error. Not only errors, but you will enjoy the fewer features of the game. You will miss the game’s latest features installed in the latest version. You need to update your game to fix the error and enjoy the game. 

how to fix dev error 615 mw2 step 3

3. Verify The Integrity of Game Files

The next step you can take to fix this error is to verify the integrity of the game files. You can verify the integrity of the game files using the following steps.

  • Go to the steam client. Proceed to the library and click on the CoD MW2.
  • Choose the properties of the game option and click on the local file tab.
  • Here you can verify the integrity of game files by clicking the “verify the integrity of game files” option. 
  • If you are a user, you can take the following steps.
  • Go to the client and click on MW2.
  • Select the setting type icon present near the play button. 
  • A bar will open, and select the option of “scan and repair.
how to fix dev error 615 mw2 step 4
  • Let the system scan the files.
  • After that, restart your game. I hope you will not see the error again.

4. Wait For The Server Uptime

When many users play the game, the server may show downtime. The downtime may also be displayed when the game server goes under maintenance. You can face game errors like Guardian Tales Platform Error in this situation. 

how to fix dev error 615 mw2 step 1

If this is the cause of the error, remember you can do nothing to fix the error. Just wait for some time until the server gets up again. After the server shows uptime, you can start playing the game.

5. Reinstall The Game

This may be the next step when you have taken all the above steps but still face the error. Reinstall the game to fix dev error 615 mw2. Once you reinstall the game, you have installed the new game on your device. 

how to fix dev error 615 mw2 step 5

The new and latest version of the game will automatically be error-free. Hence, you have nothing to do further to fix the error.

6. Restart The PC

The exact reason behind this step is still unknown, but most players state that they fix the error by restarting the PC. Some PC files and  Tower of Fantasy Server Error files can interfere with each other while running the game.

Hence you may face an error. When you restart your pc, you start your pc and your game fresh. Thus the error may be resolved.


The error 615 MW2 can be a severe issue for players who want to enjoy the game without interruptions. However, the right approach can resolve this error quickly and easily. 

By following the steps mentioned in this guide, such as updating the game, deleting and reinstalling the game, restarting the game, or verifying the integrity of the game files, players can solve the dev error 615 and get back to playing MW2. 

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