11 Best Online Video Makers for 2023

Video marketing has become extremely crucial in today’s era for every tech-savvy digital marketer, be it an individual content creator or an agency.

With almost every brand relying on video content for promotion, the biggest challenge here lies in creating an engaging, original, unique, and out-of-the-box video that gains instant appreciation and momentum and includes a strong call-to-action for your brand without spending through the roof. 

The answer to all the above is a reliable, user-friendly online movie maker that can be easily used on your browser, without much hassle and making a hole in your pocket. 

List of Best Online Video Makers for 2023

If you want error-free, impressive video content for your business promotion, you need to rely on one of the following online video makers for exceptional video editing and features.

1. Wave.video

One of the most reliable and powerful video marketing platforms for you to work on could be Wave.video.

What makes it so popular is that it is highly user-friendly, enables easy editing, sharing, and hosting of videos, and fits the requirements of small businesses very well.

With Wave.video, making a professional video becomes a cakewalk even for those who aren’t well-versed in video making. It hosts a library of over 400 million stock images to choose from.

Moreover, videos can be easily exported and uploaded to multiple social media sites, and it also automatically creates a video landing page for your products/services. 

2. InVideo

Another name on the list of affordable and professional online movie editors is InVideo. InVideo offers thousands of templates and provides wings to users’ creativity through cool elements like stickers, masks, vector shapes, and so on.

Users get access to over 3 million stock video libraries and can download the videos they create with a resolution of 720p. Videos created and edited with InVideo can be directly shared on various platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3. Animoto

This website creator is an online and mobile video maker that provides a large music library and multiple video style options to choose from when creating a video for your business.

It helps you make effective videos from photos, video clips, and music and edits them perfectly to create slideshows and video presentations for your products. 

4. Kizoa

This online video maker also supports slideshow creation, collage-making, and photo editing. It offers a vivid experience as well as the opportunity to develop magnificent clips, visuals, transitions, etc.

Users can choose specific themes like birthdays, weddings, and so on and create personalized invites, templates, etc., per the occasion and requirement. 

5. Magisto

Yet another add-on to the list of online video makers is Magisto, a platform that works magically to make memorable online videos for both business and personal use.

With various inbuilt editing styles, this video creator enables users to choose the right style, atmosphere, and mood for the clip to create unique videos that suits their requirement the best.

6. WeVideo

This is one of the most user-friendly online movie editors that offers numerous tools to create exciting videos and edit storyboards and timelines.

It is perfectly suited for start-ups and small business entrepreneurs, social media enthusiasts, and so on.

WeVideo also teaches users the basics of video making and editing by providing easy step-by-step, user-friendly guides to follow on their own and create outstanding videos that can be posted on various social media platforms. 

7. Powtoon

For both online videos and presentations, Powtoon is a great choice as it enables users with no prior technical knowledge in video creation to work comfortably and creatively and create videos without any hassles.

It is extremely simple to adapt and work on. What makes this online video creator unique and different from others is that it offers a mix of presentations and animated cartoons all under one roof. 

8. Adobe Spark

If you are looking for some sophisticated tools to create customized graphical presentations for your videos, Adobe Spark is the creator you need.

It provides the ease of choosing templates, assists in creating videos for businesses, and is compatible with educational programs as well.

You can get royalty-free pictures to upload and use them in two formats – landscape and square. If you wish to customize your brand content as per your style, flavor, and niche, you can easily work on Adobe Spark to get the best results possible. 

9. Flyr

If you want to create engaging templates and generate inspirational videos for social media coverage, Flyr is the one you should choose.

It helps you create appealing videos that add aesthetic value to your products and services. Their stock library comprises millions of videos to make your journey of creating a video for your business easy and practical. The created videos can be conveniently exported in 1080p SD or HD.

10. Renderforest

Renderforest is yet another name in the list of online movie editors and makers that provides simple tools and step-by-step guides on how to create videos with ease using their various features and tools.

It is highly instructive and user-friendly and provides an extensive template section for creators to select from. Once the video has been created, you can download it on your computer or directly export it to YouTube or Facebook.

11. Clip Champ

For newbies and novice users who are just trying to learn how to edit videos online within their browsers, Clip Champ provides a hand-holding guide to explain how to create and trim videos for optimum results.

They have an extremely friendly user interface that assists you in creating social media videos all by yourself without prior training or knowledge of the same. They also have a huge stock library of videos, animated backgrounds, sound effects, and music tracks to choose from. 

Final Take

Creating a video for your business or personal social media platforms is not rocket science these days, provided you have a robust online video editor to help you through your endeavor.

The above-mentioned video editing options can render complete assistance and make you feel like a pro once you get on to creating a unique, attractive, and awesome video all by yourself. 

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