10 Effective Strategies For App Store Optimization in 2022

There are over 6 million apps in different app stores with Google Play and Apple’s App Store taking a bigger chunk of more than 5.5 million apps. How do you make it easier for your prospective users to find your app in 2022? You use app store optimization.

What Is App Store Optimization?

ASO is the process of optimizing your mobile app listings in such a manner that they rank higher in the app stores’ search results. The higher are its rankings, the more visible it becomes to your prospective customers and users. It also improves your conversion rate as a greater number of target customers and users are able to find your app and consequently, download and install it.

You can do ASO on your own or with the help of a mobile app marketing agency.

It primarily focuses on the following:

  • Name of your mobile app.
  • Title of your mobile app (what it does).
  • Description.
  • App icon.
  • Screenshots.
  • Ratings and comments.

Why Is ASO Really Important?

More than 40% of apps are discovered through app store searches (source). Optimizing your listings is so important that mobile app marketing has become a dedicated advertising medium to complement a business brand’s offline experience. It drives e-commerce sales. It helps in user acquisition. It delivers more downloads.

You need to build an app for your business, but you don’t know where to start.

Hiring a programmer is expensive, and you don’t want to give up control of your idea.

Hundreds of thousands of apps are listed. Even under your category (finance, for example), there might be hundreds of mobile apps. They are all vying for attention. Unless you take additional steps to optimize your listings, it is difficult for your users to wade through the listings and reach your mobile app. Therefore, whether you do it on your own or with the help of a mobile app marketing company, app store optimization services are extremely important.

10 Effective Strategies For App Store Optimization [2022 Guide]

Listed below are 10 essential strategies that you can implement in 2022.

1. App Name

App name is the actual name of your mobile app. In many cases, the mobile app name doesn’t exactly tell what the purpose of the mobile app is. The app name needs to be catchy. Keep your long-term branding needs in mind when you’re coming up with the app name. As an experienced mobile app marketing company, we can help you with that.

2. App Title

This section of your app listing or app optimization gives you the opportunity to mention the purpose of your mobile app. Does it help you with accounts? Is it a task management app? Describe what the app does. Use your primary keywords, something like “the ultimate task management app”.

3. Category

The category is one of the most important attributes of App Store optimization. It enables your users to find your mobile app even without searching. The more targeted your category is, the faster your app will be found. It can be tremendously helpful if the category name is also what the purpose your mobile app solves – time management, for example.

4. Main Video

Create a 30-40 second video that describes the main features and benefits of downloading and installing the mobile app. Keep it short and crisp.

5. Screenshots

These are the various screenshots of your mobile app. You can include the homepage of your mobile app, the main category or sections, and the most useful feature screens. It isn’t established whether it helps improve your listings or not, use your keywords when naming your screenshots.

6. Description

Your app description gives you the biggest opportunity to use your keywords. The search engine algorithms of the play stores use primary and secondary keywords to match the patterns and decide your rankings. Don’t stuff your description with keywords. Describe your app in as good a language as possible. Without enough experience, instead of optimizing, you may end up hurting your listings.

7. Keyword Metadata

In this section, you enter your keywords. Different app stores give you different numbers of characters to enter your keywords, so, be strategic.

8. No of Downloads

This aspect of app store optimization is not directly in your control, but closely working with a mobile app marketing agency can help you quickly notch up your download numbers that can further boost the rankings of your listings.

9. Ratings & Reviews

These, again, are not directly in your control but through various strategies, you can rev up ratings & reviews for example: “is new egg legit” and this, in turn, can help you boost your app store optimization efforts.

10. App Icon

Your app icon will help you increase the visual appeal of your listing and this, in turn, can increase your downloads, get you more traffic, and deliver more downloads and acquisitions.


A holistic approach works when you want to effectively optimize your app store listings in 2022. A slew of factors works together to improve your rankings. Hence, it is important to closely work with a mobile app marketing agency for your app store optimization.

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