Why Is My Ford Touch Screen Not Responding To Touch? Fix It Now

Ford uses touch screen technology, and its users face the issue of ford’s touch screen not responding to touch. The touchscreen allows you to control your functions, such as audio and climate control, on your vehicle. 

The touchscreen also will control your basic functionality, such as unlocking and starting your car. If your touchscreen is not working, you can troubleshoot the problem yourself. 
Below are a few issues discussed that lead to the issue of the ford touch screen not responding to touch. 

Why Is Ford Touch Screen Not Responding?

There are many reasons why your Ford touchscreen may not be responding. It could be a problem with the screen, the software, or the wiring. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons your Ford touchscreen may not respond.

why is my ford touch screen not responding error

Screen Problems: The first thing you should check is the screen itself. If there are any cracks or scratches on the screen, this could cause the touch screen not to respond appropriately. If you have a case or screen protector on your phone, ensure it does not interfere with the touchscreen.

Software Problems: A software issue is another common reason your Ford touchscreen may not respond. If you recently updated your phone’s software, it’s possible that something went wrong during the update process. Try restarting your phone and see if that fixes the problem.

1. Bug

Bugs are often the reason for a vehicle’s software to malfunction. They’re like problems the software developer may not have seen coming and can cause your car’s software to act up. To get rid of them, you can try specific options related to the software to get it up and running again.

Fix 1 – Perform Cycle Key

A key cycle is one of the easiest ways to reset and refresh the vehicle’s system. It involves switching your vehicle off and then back on. 

  1. Be sure to turn your vehicle off completely; this includes the engine and any accessory mode it may be in. Many newer ford models will keep the radio on until a door is opened, even when the car is turned off.
  2. Opening the driver’s door and locking it is simple enough, but there’s something you should keep in mind if your car is equipped with an Intelligent Access System with a push-button start. Ensure you exit the vehicle with your keys before locking the door so you don’t accidentally lock yourself out.
  3. Shut the driver’s door
  4. Only attempt to open the door if the radio display lights are completely off, which will take a couple of minutes, but it’s better to wait a little longer. 
  5. Once you are sure it’s entirely off, restarts your car. 

This method is not only safe for your data, but it will also preserve your settings. Your data will remain unaffected, and your settings will not be reset. You can read How Do I Fix the RADIUS Server is Not Responding? to fix the radius server issue if you are facing it as well.

2. Short Circuit In System

There is always the potential for a short circuit within the system of Ford vehicles with ever-evolving technology. 

A short circuit can cause disruptions within the module itself and could cause issues in which Ford’s touch screen is not responding to touch anymore. If you’re having problems with your touch screen, it may be due to a short circuit within the system.

Fix – Check the Connectors and Take The Help of a Car Electrician

Loose or unconnected connectors are often why modules may not work as intended. Check all connectors to ensure each one is tightened correctly and plugged in.

Assuming all necessary connectors are connected, confirm that your vehicle’s touchscreen is responsive. If it is still not, it may be because of a short circuit in the Ford Sync system.

If a short circuit has occurred in your vehicle, take it to a car electrician for diagnosis and repair. They will have more knowledge about how to fix the issue and will be able to handle any electrical work that needs to be done safely. 

Do not propose to resolve the issue by meddling with the car’s cable system or by a non-professional. If you are an expert, doing so may not harm you, but we would only recommend consulting a car electrician.  

They will have more in-depth expertise on the necessary actions to fix your module. Moreover, they can check thoroughly and see if any other problems persist with the initial issue. They can give an insight into other concerns that could be causing your module to malfunction.

3. Bad Cables

Cables are standard and primarily used equipment in the internet and technology world. Wrong cables can also likely cause your Ford touch screen not to respond to touch. Cables can get damaged due to water, heat, or friction. 

Even if they are appropriately assembled and enclosed within the car, there can be some faults with the cables. Or they might get damaged internally. 

Fix – Disconnect, Then Reconnect Cables

If the wrong cables are the reason for the touch screen issue, then you can try disconnecting and connecting the cables via the connector again. 

If your issue gets resolved, go on with your routine; if not, it is highly recommended to approach an electrician. It might be the cables, the connector, most probably causing the breakdown. 
Even if the cables ad the connectors are pleasing, the electrician can analyze the main reason for the system’s glitch. 

4. Display is Faulty

A faulty display can mean either your screen is frozen or not displaying. It can even mean that some functions need to be fixed and cause a setback. 

Fix – Recover or Replace

The only way to correct this is to reset the system. If that doesn’t work, you can apply the restoration mentioned above to check if the problem is resolvable. 

On the contrary, if it still doesn’t work, it’s best to take your Ford to the workshop and let the professionals handle it. Eventually, if nothing else works, you will have to replace it with a new module. 

5. Ford Sync Out of Date

Sometimes the only problem causing the screen not to respond could be an out-of-date system. Ford Sync must be updated like any computer application or program that requires proper updating

This helps keeps the program free of bugs, enables better compatibility, and sometimes enhances the features. If your system is not updated, it might not synchronize with the online connection and the connectivity of the vehicle and cause issues. 

Fix – Update Ford Sync

The simplest solution to the problem is in your hands. Update the Ford Sync system. You can opt for automatic updates or do so manually wherever there is an alert for an update available. 

If, for some reason, you do miss the prompts, make sure you keep checking for any available updates. 


If your ford touch screen is not responding to touch correctly, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the problem. The problem may be faulty connections, wrong cables, or an outdated system version.

It can also result from a short circuit which can cause a complete breakdown of your module, requiring a replacement. 

Screen issues are common with Ford vehicles, the majority being that the screen becomes unresponsive or does not work.

There are various ways of fixing it, which might not require consulting with the dealer or the Ford company itself. So if you own a Ford, it’s best to refer to the tips mentioned above to resolve why my ford touch screen is not responding to touch.

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