What are the Four Types of Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the newest form of storing that and lets you easily access your files even from remote locations. This makes cloud storage better than local storage. There are four types of cloud storage that are very useful to some people or also for offices. The cloud storage types are public cloud storage, private cloud storage, hybrid cloud storage, and community cloud storage.

4 Type Of Cloud Storage Services

There is mainly four types of cloud storage services that are currently available in the market. These are as follows:

Public cloud storage

Public cloud storage is required some administrative controls that are accessed online for personal use and shared with others and for office use. This type of cloud storage doesn’t need maintenance. The use of public cloud storage is used by users or companies that don’t need to maintain the storage.

The provider of virtual storage or cloud storage maintains the service some cloud storage is amazon web service, Microsoft, google drive, and also IBM. Public cloud storage is affordable and easy to use for all.

There are various cloud storage service providers like iCloud or Mega that offer this type of hosting. With the help of an exclusive pCloud promo code, you can also make massive savings on it.

Private cloud storage 

Private cloud storage is used by professionals and companies. Private cloud storage is also called internal storage and enterprise. Private cloud storage is very secure and safe for companies and offices. The control of the cloud storage is fully private for the users. But one main con is it’s so expensive because of the maintenance of the server. The server is controlled and maintained by the host company.

Hybrid cloud storage 

If we talk about hybrid cloud storage it is a mixture of private cloud storage and public cloud storage. In hybrid cloud storage, you have the privacy of like private cloud storage and you secure your file and in the types of cloud storage, u are sharing your personalization. In hybrid cloud storage, the information is saved on the private cloud storage the task is assigned to public cloud storage but in the end, hybrid cloud storage is affordable and useful.

Community cloud storage

The community cloud is made for only one group of people. Apart from this, no one has access to this data. For example, in a government office, only its employees will be able to access all the data kept on its site. 

Benefits of Using Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is scalable because once your storage is full You buy more storage from the server and you buy however you want and you also don’t need your computer or software to move from one location to another location.

As you know the company data is the most important thing that’s why this types of cloud storage are best because in the server of cloud storage the server is backups all the data you don’t need worry to about your data. Cloud storage helps you to recover your data by disaster recovery.


As I see all the storage in our place is good but I think hybrid cloud storage is best because of the features they have a mixture of private cloud storage and public cloud storage and also are secure by private cloud storage type and share your storage or information public cloud storage type.

What are the examples of cloud storage?

If I talk about some types of cloud storage so most popular are these.

  1. Google drive
  2. apple(iCloud)
  3. amazon(amazon web service)
  4. Dropbox
  5. Mega Limited

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