Cloud Computing Companies Advantages: What They Offer?

Clouds have become an indispensable part of everyday life for companies and entrepreneurs. They provide flexibility, security and ensure a rapid flow of information. Many providers offer their users individual solutions that are precisely tailored to their needs and ideas.

Technological progress through clouds: Obtaining software, performance and storage space from the Internet.

A survey by IDC showed that the majority of companies are aware of the advantages of clouds. They state that servers represent the most important technological advance in terms of digitalization.

Cloud solutions are available on the Internet from different providers. It is a service that shows advantages, especially for entrepreneurs. However, private users who want to keep large amounts of data safe also benefit from virtual places. Users have the option of running or storing photos, videos and even programs on a secure system. This means they are independent of the capacity of their own computer and can act flexibly and without limitations.

A cloud is therefore a kind of online data center, which is an asset for companies and private users. It is able to cope with the highest demands, which is not only due to advanced and always up-to-date software, but also due to a large amount of storage space as well as the almost unlimited computing power.

There are many reasons for companies to use online solutions

Companies that have not yet used a cloud service should reconsider their decision. After all, the popular online solutions offer numerous advantages that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Newcomers appreciate the fact that “virtual clouds” are easy to use. This means that even without the experience of cloud computing, it is easily feasible to use them effectively and efficiently. After a short period of familiarization with the user interface of the chosen provider, it is possible to exploit the performance spectrum of, for example, an online storage space.

In addition to outsourcing their own data, virtual spaces also have cost advantages. This is because entrepreneurs no longer need to procure and maintain powerful hardware. On-site servers are no longer necessary with online data centers. This even saves capacity in the company building that could be used for the core business, for example.

In this context, the entrepreneur should consider that information is stored securely on virtual servers. Whereas with local PCs, in the event of a defective hard disk, information is difficult or impossible to recover. This difficulty does not exist with Internet storage.

Another important aspect is the high level of transparency of company-related solutions. All employees who should have access to it can do so with just a few clicks. Thus, new information is immediately available to all authorized employees, which has a positive impact on getting work done. People who use clouds, by the way, have the option to operate them from different locations. It, therefore, doesn’t matter whether a user accesses online storage from a smartphone, tablet, or corporate computer.

Skeptics often worry about the security of confidential information. It is correct that there is no 100 percent protection against unauthorized access. But there is no such protection at a data center on the company’s premises. Online storage locations offer the advantage that they are monitored around the clock by the provider. This makes it easy to fend off attacks on internal company data and protect it in the best possible way.

Tip: Ideally, companies should choose a provider from Germany. If, for example, you try to save money with a service provider from the USA, you will quickly run into new problems. Providers based abroad usually do not operate in accordance with the EU GDPR that applies in Germany.

The best clouds: what really matters

Before an entrepreneur decides on an online service provider, he should always pay attention to the fine print. Particularly when it comes to availability as well as security, people should not compromise. Services that are down for more than 8.76 hours a year are not very recommendable.

If the downtime of the online data center falls in the middle of peak business hours, this can result in serious sales losses. For this reason, experts recommend only choosing services that have availability of at least 99.9 percent. If you choose a provider that guarantees its services for 99.99 percent of the year, for example, you still have to reckon with downtime of 50 minutes a year. It, therefore, makes a big difference whether availability is 99.9 or 99.99 percent.

Security is another important aspect when choosing a provider. Many service providers offer the option of risk profiling. Here, the program identifies output, compliance and security risks and provides tips on how to eliminate them. Particularly with service providers from Germany, the highest standards apply, so that users can engage with suitable IT solutions without hesitation. They also know that all internal company information remains in Germany.


A final important aspect to consider is migration to the platform. To avoid overwhelming employees, it is important to ensure that the platform is intuitive to use. This way, entrepreneurs and other company employees will quickly benefit from the modern and intelligent data storage solution.

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