The Revolutionary Smartphone Thermometer App [A Review]

Kinsa Health has released an amazing device known as Smart Thermometer. It is called a smart thermometer because it is attached to the iPhone and is also an iOS application that allows users to connect to the community by showing personal health data.

So if a person has an alarming temperature, the community can alert the person about illnesses which can be disastrous such as flu. The main idea behind launching this thermometer, according to the CEO of Kinsa, is that usually fever is the most common disease that people have and it often leads to other diseases. 

People who have serious diseases usually have fever first as it is the first step towards getting ill, and Smart Thermometer can just detect those illnesses and make people’s lives better.

CEO of Kinsa

Moreover, Kinsa wanted to revolutionize the way people checked their temperatures by adding in a smartphone, which is the most popular thing these days. Kinsa has joined forces with Edo Segal in order to come up with such an innovative medical device. Edo Segal is not new to anyone, and he is an investor who has worked on several other applications with many famous people including

The company wanted to add as little electronics to the thermometer as possible, and they could to it by attaching it to the smartphone thermometer, which seemed like the perfect idea. This can be a very useful device to many. 

For instance, parents can check their child’s temperature frequently and keep track of it over time. Individuals who notice something different with their temperatures can easily contact medical service, nearby OR even go to it by searching it on the maps, which just makes this easier for individuals.  

This application will also be of great use to patients who can easily keep a record of their illnesses from the past and then share it with their doctors. Kinsa has also given an option to users to store information via cloud computing which is offered by Kinsa.

This way the user will not have to store information in their phones, but in the Kinsa’s system, which is a great backup.

Most people have different thoughts regarding Kinsa. This application is seen as a means to keep track of individuals’ health and invade privacy, but the CEO of Kinsa has very different approach.

Final Words

He said that the goal of the company is not to keep track of individuals’ health, but to spread a global cause which will help out individuals in need, since the application has the option of contacting certified doctors as well. 

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