Broadcom’s first 5G Wifi

The Broadcom Inc. has recently announced its first 5 G WIFI connectivity system. It will be a system of the chip and having 802.11ac WiFi to bring a faster internet experience. It is expected to enhance the speed and connectivity for the smart phones’ users. This whole new inter network operating system is successor of 802.11n (aka N or wireless N) which is currently the most famous and broadly used wifi system.

What is the 5G Technology?

Many of the smart phone companies like Apple have added up a 5G chip in the cellular phone to make the compatibility with the newer technology. It has been an expectation that the new 5G wifi will cover the faster connectivity with no speed illness anymore.

Here we go, good news is here. The 802.11ac wifi device is compatible with all operating systems and all wifi enabled devices. There is no restriction of device model and compatibility areas. You just need to buy a new wifi device and to attach it with your existing internet connection simply.

It is instantly connectable to any of your devices such as any laptop, iPhone, smart phone, iPad or anyone you have. What you need to do is, just upgrade your wifi system with any of the options out of add-in PCIe cards, Mini-PCI cards, or USB adapters. All those accessories are readily available with the package. After a year the new devices will even no need to be upgraded because they will come along with 5 G compatibility.

Alike the technicality of Wireless N (802.11n), the new 802.11ac will be available in three tiers according to quantity of streams. Handling of bandwidth is dependent on the number of streams: the more the number of streams the more the bandwidth could be handled.

How much speed 5g have?

For instance, wireless N was compatible to 150 Mbps with one stream, 300 mbps with two streams and 450 mbps with three streams and so on. It is the most incredible thing, where the capacity of wireless N ends, there the wireless 5 G simply begins. It can handle 450 mbps with single stream, 900 mbps with dual stream and the most exciting 1.3 Gbps with three streams. Along with the technical aspects, it is first ever wireless standard that could be able to break the obstacle of Giga Bites.


The main complaint which has been found through the customer reviews is the speed unpromising. The actual speed is much lesser than the promised one similar to the wireless N. 

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