How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding Window 10

If you have ever updated your PC and found a “personalized settings not responding” message with a blank screen, then you are not someone experiencing this out of the blue. Every Windows user has gone through this at some point in their journey with Windows. 

Although Windows has come a long way to provide its users a perfect customer service, some actions need to be taken on the users’ side to improve their experience. So let’s explore this guide by not responding team.

Reasons Behind Personalized Settings Not Responding

The “Personalized settings are not responding” error occurs for a few reasons. The most common of them all is the update problem. Since many bugs in system updates and software updates may slow down our computers or cause system crashes, deleting your essential data in the process. 

This error is a resultant factor of these updates. Moreover, corrupted files in the system may not allow Windows Explorer to run on time. The disaccord may slow down the system, causing this error. 

In addition, if your PC has faulty drivers or they are outdated, it may cause them to show this error for you to get notified of this and get it fixed.

Fix Windows 10 Personalized Settings Not Responding

We know that we do not want to lose our important files and data; hence fixing “personalized settings not responding” is not a choice but a necessity. There are numerous methods of fixing this because we do not know what caused the error in the first place. Subsequently, we try the following methods to rescue:

1. Restart your PC

The very first thing one must do is restart one’s PC. Since the power button in the windows option is unreachable for the time being, an alternative method is following this procedure. 

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 1

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and this will pop open the windows security screen. On the bottom right side of the screen, select the Restart option, and this might fix the issue.

2. Restart Windows Explorer

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and the Windows Security screen will pop open.

2. A menu of five options appears in the center of the screen. Select Task Manager here.

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 2

3. The Task manager has seven bars, search for the Windows Explorer option in the Processes tab, which opens a drop-down menu. 

4. Select Restart here to restart Windows Explorer.

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 3

5. If this restarting does not take you to the home screen, follow the procedure below.

6. After right-clicking on Windows Explorer, select End Task. On the extreme left is File Menu; click “Run New Task” here.

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 4

8. A window will appear after this; type “explorer” in this and tick mark the box against “Create this Task with administrative privileges.” 

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 5

Click on OK to go back to the home screen. This should solve your problem. However, it is advised to restart your computer after all these steps for better performance.

3. Running SFC Command 

This command is not available in the Start Menu or the Search bar now; you can run it in the Task Manager. Select Run New Task from the File Menu

This will open a new window. 

Type “cmd” in this and a Command Prompt will appear. Type “sfc/scannow” and Enter this command. 

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 6

This should automatically set up the corrupted folders. It is advised to restart the PC after this.

4. Switching Network Connection state

Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, and the Windows Security screen will pop up. In the bottom right panel, select the Desktop symbol. Turn on the Airplane mode. The network state would be changed in this manner. Restart the computer and check whether the PC is stable now.

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 7

5. Updating Graphics Driver

A faulty or outdated driver may lead to “personalized settings not responding.” So you need to update drivers first. To fix this, Press Win+X together.

1. A drop-down menu will appear here; select Drive Manager from this menu.

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 8

2. Right-click on the driver and choose Update Driver in the options.

How To Fix Personalized Settings Not Responding step 9

This will pop up another window. Select Search Automatically for the Updated Driver Software, and this will command your PC to update the system and install new updates automatically.

Windows Not Responding Error: The Basics

All the above settings may fix your “personalized settings not responding” error in windows 10 but may also lead to other errors or malfunctions. One of the significant drawbacks of restarting and driver fixes is the “Windows not responding problem.”

In windows not responding error, the programs stop responding, and the PC freezes. It does not accept any more demands. This unresponsiveness may be because of any bugs in the system, lack of resources, or a mix of commands between the programs and the computer’s hardware.

Audio services not responding on Windows 10 is also one of them. Check the reasons and try to fix such audio services not responding to Windows 10 errors immediately. 

Fix Windows Not Responding Error

To Fix windows not responding, there are a few actions that the readers need to be schooled at:

  • Force restarting the PC may help the windows respond if the computer cannot understand any command.
  • Troubleshooting and then Booting the PC can help identify the folders that are not comprehended by the PC and can further be fixed.
  • Viewing Running programs is another way of identifying what is slowing down our PC. We can reinstall or delete the applications or files to avoid more bugs.
  • Windows 10 can sometimes confuse itself with commands it cannot fulfill. We can go to the command menu and complete the commands for our PC to act on.
  • Drivers may also cause this error because PC Drivers need to be fixed and reinstalled for better performance. Keeping track of Drivers may help speed up our PC and help the Windows to run efficiently.

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In summary, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out some of the solutions provided in this article. If you are a victim of this frustrating problem, check out some of the methods suggested in this article.

Keep all these things in mind to avoid unnecessary loss of time and effort to solve the “Personalized settings not responding” error. Stay tuned to our blog posts for more information, saving you time and energy! 

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