Easy Ways to Install Xpadder for Windows 10? [Ultimate Guide]

If you are in the arena of hardcore gaming for some time now, then Xpadder is not a new thing for you. Xpadder for Windows 10 helps in boosting your PC gaming experience with its quality features and a simple user-interface.

When PC games don’t support gamepads, you can use Xpadder to improve the gaming experience. If you have a few minutes in hand, then you can easily set up your Xpadder to your PC to play your favorite video games. All you need to do is following this simple guide throughout.

What is Xpadder for Windows 10?

Many gamers use gamepad whenever they need to connect it to their PlayStation or Xbox console. After connecting the game console to your computer, you can easily customize its settings and buttons. But when you use your mouse and keyboard a lot during gaming, you have to set specific keys for the same. All of these are possible when you are using Xpadder for PC. In simple words, Xpadder is a gaming emulator that helps you control your computer games.

Now you can say that gaming consoles are wonderful, what’s the use of downloading this software?

Many people don’t find gaming consoles convenient. When you are using a gaming controller, you can use it on one PC at a time. If you wish to switch it between devices, you will need to install the same tool, that’s it. Don’t worry, the software is totally free from cost and hassles.

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Xpadder provides you with the easiest ways to control your PC games on Windows and other platforms. Xpadder download 2020 is available for almost every Windows version and of both bits (32 & 64 bits). The latest release of Xpadder for Windows 10 supports more customization options.

Highlighted Features of Xpadder

Xpadder is available for free under freeware license. With the help of this tool, you set keys for your specific games. You can use the same keys to multiple games if they do not default keys of a particular game. It does not matter what type of gaming console you are using, Xpadder mounts all the keys in line. This helps you experience the same function for every game application.

Moreover, you can save your presets for your games as well. This lets you enable different layouts for different games. Though Xpadder is available for free, it has its pro version too. The premium version of Xpadder can be expensive for some users. It still provides millions of features and functions in its free version though.

  • The latest update of Xpadder has improved its user-interface
  • You can create and manage multiple gaming profiles with this tool
  • You can use Xpadder with any Gamepads, joysticks, and arcade controllers
  • Provides reliable mouse and keyboard emulation
  • Apart from gaming consoles, you can use it on digital guitars, steering wheels, dance mats, and drum kits.
  • Works amazing with latest gamepads
  • You can use your favorite PS4 or joysticks on all video games
  • Allows old games to access full support from your gamepads
  • Xpadder supports all types of games let them be single-player or multi-player
  • Moreover, you can use Xpadder on browser games as well
  • Not only PC games, but Xpadder also allows you to control your media player with gaming consoles
  • Xpadder supports up to 16 popular gamepads
  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Free and runs smoothly on your computer.

If you wish to switch to Xpadder pro, you can avail it only for $9.99 from its official site.

What Are the System Requirements for Xpadder?

With Xpadder for Windows 10, you can play all your favourite games for free. The latest Xpadder updates provide a smooth and free gaming experience that works on all Windows versions. But there are some system requirements for Xpadder that you need to know before installing the software.

  • You should be running Windows XP/vista/7/8/8.1 or earlier OS on your system
  • At least 37.2 MB is required as Hard Disk Space
  • CPU Processor is required at least 233 MHz or higher than that

Xpadder is available for all Windows versions of 32 and 64 bits. Hence, no matter what system you are using, you can always try out Xpadder for free and improve your gaming performance. Moreover, the Xpadder demo is available to all users as a free download but with some limitations.

How to Get Xpadder Full Version On PC?

You simply can go to the official website of Xpadder and download its free version on your PC. After downloading the tool, all you need to do is installing Xpadder for the PC. However, these days, Xpadder pro is available on third-party sites as well. Here is how you can download and install Xpadder for Windows 10.

  1. Open your internet browser and Google Xpadder free download the latest version
  2. Select the third-party site that looks trustworthy and download the Xpadder.exe file from it
  3. After downloading the executable file on your PC, go to the Downloads folder
  4. Now, you will have to make sure that the Xpadder free download file comes with the .exe file extension. If not, then you will have to rename it to Xpadder.exe. Otherwise, you may face errors while attempting to install the app
  5. After double-clicking on the app or modifying its format, you can find it on your desktop.

You will have to follow the same steps on all Windows to install Xpadder for PC. However, you will need to apply a different approach to use Xpadder for computers.

How To Use Xpadder On Windows 10?

Xpadder comes with a great easy-to-use interface, direct and fast controls, all for free. Need to register your gaming device first and then you can customize the controls as you want. Here I have given some steps that you can follow to use Xpadder for Windows 10.

  1. Launch the application and a pink screen will ask you to paste an image of the gaming controller that you want to use
  2. Now you will have to Google full images of that particular controller that displays all its keys
  3. Just download an image that looks perfect and click on the Image option inside Xpadder from the bottom of the screen
  4. Now you can also copy the same image and paste it into the application
  5. Then, you will have to map the keys and set up controls for each key
  6. Click OK to proceed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xpadder free?

Xpadder is free and easy to use. You can install it on all your computers and play games with ease.

Is Xpadder a virus?

Xpadder is not a virus, it’s a gaming emulator. This emulator provides easy controls to your keyboards and mouse so that you can play your favourite video games without any disturbance.

How costly is Xpadder?

Xpadder is available for free on Windows and you can use it to your joystick, arcade, and gamepad. However, its pro version comes for $9.99 only.

Does it work with the Xbox controller?

Yes, you can connect it to your Xbox one controller by USB but for that, you will need to install Xpadder or x360ce.


Anyway, folks! Now you can easily have Xpadder for Windows 10. Xpadder offers a simple yet effective way to control your games and play them wherever you want. You don’t need to pay for anything and you can also use it on your multiple PCs. But if you are looking for an advanced choice, then you may want to switch to Xpadder pro.

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