What Is the Best Media Format to Promote Your Business?

Best Media Format to Promote Your Business: Marketing is fundamental to any business. It’s also worth mentioning that it is extremely fluid as well. 

What works perfectly today can quickly become a dinosaur a few short months down the line. Nonetheless, you have to keep your finger on the pulse and not only adjust, but do so quickly before your audience leaves you behind. 

So what is the best media format to promote your business today? According to experts, video is taking over. Why is this so?

Humans Digest Video Better

As you probably know, the human brain is better adapted to processing images faster than text. Sixty thousand times faster

With tens of messages being targeted at your audience every day, what do they pay attention to or remember, and what falls through the cracks? With video seemingly much easier to process, you are at an advantage taking this route than more traditional, written channels. 

Consider enlisting reputable experts to handle your visual content. This should cover everything from creative design to post-production in Montreal.

It’s Good for SEO

Yes, that word SEO again. Unfortunately, optimizing content for search engines does not seem to be going anywhere any day soon. 

So how about combining Search Engine Optimization with visual content? 

This powerful combination should come as no surprise. YouTube happens to be the largest search engine in the world after Google. Not just that, but Google owns YouTube, so the algorithms for your written content apply to your visuals as well. 

Some of the basics include using video transcripts, tagging your videos, using keywords in the text, and so on. 

They Find Customers Where They Are

All mobile devices and smartphones today are optimized for video. That aside, people spend a huge chunk of time on their phones and other gadgets. Just look around you, and you will find that most idle time is spent clasping a handheld gadget. 

This tells you that viewers will see your video content as they go about their ordinary day. No extra effort is required from them. Additionally, videos are shareable, which widens the viewership pool even further. 

The goal is to create content that views seamlessly on mobile gadgets as on laptops and desktops. 

Videos Communicate More

You can only tell so much with a written text. And for you to give the full story, you would need blocks and blocks of text-which audiences today literally have no time for. 

A short 30-second clip, on the other hand, says a lot. Every detail, from lighting to visual expressions, speaks to your audience. 

Captivate Your Audience

Videos will find your audience in their natural habitat: online. Not just that, but their ability to captivate, awe, and inspire audiences to do more than most other tools in your marketing mix. 

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