What is Akamai NetSession Client- Should I Remove it?

Akamai NetSession client

You might want to know about a program that available on your system and it called Akamai NetSession. But you might be thinking that, you have not installed it, where did this program come from?  So, it might be a chance this is a virus that downloads and installed by itself and it is harming your system. Well, this program is coming along with your photo editing software or gaming file and this is not a virus or a trojan file. Want to know more about the Akamai NetSession file, go through this post and you will get all or answer.

What is the Akamai NetSession client?

Akamai NetSession is a downloading booster tool that increases the download speed of your files. It is installed like a normal system application. Also, it is asking for your permission to install on your system and if you decline the permission it won’t install on your system. As well as, the easiest task to remove the file from your system. Akamai NetSession is used globally. It has become the most popular download application among the regular PC user. Not only the regular PC user, but also several companies are using this software to deliver media files and documents.

However, these companies can ask you to install this software on your PC to get a better downloading speed.

Apart from that, Your system’s manufacturer may include the Akamai NetSession in your BIOS update.

  • The Akamai NeSession client is a tool that helps  with the following
  • It can complete the downloads with less time than other downloaders
  • Secure and more reliable downloads on user demand
  • The Akamai NeSession client supports SSL and HTTPS
  • Faster download from the specific companies.
  • Akamai NetSession helps the associated companies to download the program without ant interception

Is Akamai Net session client a virus?

If you already have installed the AkamaiNetssion Client on your system, do not worry, it is not a virus or not any kind of malware. It generally comes with popular software applications, computer games, and Adobe Products. So, if your antivirus or  Windows defender continuously showing that it is a virus, you can completely remove it. Also, This tool does not share your private information 

Where is it installed on my system?

Akamai NetSession is installed as the system application on your system. So, It is not available in the control panels. This download application runs in the background on your system, of you want to see the application, you need to open the task manager and there you can locate Akamai NetSession.

For the Mac User

If you are a MAC user, visit the system preference window to view this application

Akamai NetSeeion Interface – Should you remove the application from your system?

It is not a virus or nor a trojan file. It does not need to uninstall the software application. If you are not uninstalling it, you can download your file in less time. Removing the application, it could slow down the task for you. Also, it could affect some system applications. 

Many companies like Adobe, Absolut, Airbnb and  5 miles have used these applications to improve the user experience. 

If you finalize your decision to remove the application, we suggested you do not do that if you are not a tech person and do not have any knowledge about this application. It could damage your system files.

How to stop Akamai NetSession?

If your system slows down because of the NetSession, Akanami NetSession can simply stop that. 

However, If the application streaming or downloading a file, it will be damaged. So, make sure that there is no ongoing file.

Follow these simple steps to stop the application

  • If you are using a Windows system open control panel
  • After that, open preference tab
  • Then, find the NetSession application
  • Now, You have to click on the ‘Stop’ button to end the services
  • If you want to restart the application, Simply follow these steps again, in the last step you simply click the ‘Start’ button.

Note: These mentioned steps can not stop the services permanently. If you want to stop this application permanently, you have to uninstall the software application.

How to uninstall the Akamai NetSession?

If you want to completely remove the file from your computer follow these simple DIY steps. Below we have mentioned two uninstalling methods. Also, if you are using the Mac system, we have mentioned that too.

Now chose which method is easy for you, then continue with the simple steps.

Method 1: Using the Uninstaller Program

For Windows system

  • Open control panel 
  • Then, go to the ‘Add or Remove program’ tool
  • Now, Find the Akamai Net session Programs and click on it
  • After that, click on the ‘change/remove’ button
  • Now, click on the ‘Yes’ button and give permission to uninstalling process
  • Finally, Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.
  • After completing the uninstall process do not forget to restart your Windows system

For the Mac System; follow these steps

  • Go to the finder tool and open it
  • Now, locate the NetSession interface  
  • Then, visit the container folder of the application
  • Now, you can see the Uninstaller application with other files
  • After that, double click on the Uninstaller app
  • Finally, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the Uninstallation process.

2nd method; Using the command prompt


  • Press Windows button from your keyboard or click the start menu button from your desktop
  • Open the search bar and type ‘CMD’ or type ‘Command prompt’
  • In next, open the command prompt application 
  • Next, using the DOS command go to the Akamai NetSession folder
  • Now follow these commands



cd Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Akamai

You have to type this command ‘ admintool.exe uninstall-force’ then click on the enter button

In the end, wait for a few seconds to complete the uninstall process

For Mac Machine

  • Firstly, Go to Applications
  • After that, click on the Utility folder to open it
  • Now, Double click on the ‘Terminal’
  • Navigate the  Akamai NetSession installation folder to open it (Generally, it placed at ~Application/Akamai
  • Now, using your keyboard, you have to type this command (./admintoll uninstall-force) and click Return Key
  • In the end, wait for a few seconds to complete the uninstall process


The official developer of the Akamain NetSession says, If you want to remove this application you can and this software is not installed permanently on your computer. Also, this the most secure downloading application, it is safe to keep this file on your computer. We hope you liked the post, You can share it with your friends. So, they know about the Akamai NetSession file and the benefits of this file. 

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