Triathlon Race Day Checklist for Athletes in 2021

Triathlon Race Day Checklist for Athletes in 2021 Overview: Excited about your very first triathlon, but don’t know how to prepare for the race day? Don’t worry because you are not alone. Many beginner triathletes and even some pros struggle with this problem.

What you need is a triathlon day checklist that will help you keep track of all the things that need to be arranged or prepared. Making sure that you do everything on the list will free you from any unexpected scenarios and you will be able to practice and perform in a better mental state.

Following is our list of triathlon day preparations that most professional athletes follow for better performance and we suggest you do the same.

1. Buy A Tri Suit

One of the most important things an athlete need is a proper Custom Triathlon Suit Australia. This suit is specially designed to give the athletes enough flexibility, freedom of movement, quick-drying, and chamois features.

The tri suits come in various styles and you can choose one that clicks with you. Just remember the quality of your tri suit can make your race day a success, or be the reason for your failure so make sure to take care of it before the race day.

2. Examine Your Bike

Take time to examine your bike completely to avoid any unfortunate events on race day. Tighten the screws and see if the tires lack gas. Adjust your seat and take it around to see if everything’s okay

Another thing to be aware of is arranging the bike carrier. Also do not forget to keep your bike shoes and helmet nearby. This way you will be totally ready for the biking part of your race.

Some additional things to consider are taking a tire tube, tire changing supplies, and a small CO2 container. Most people take a risk and if something happens to their bike, they have no choice but to quit and go home. If you are serious about your race, we suggest you add all these things to your triathlon day checklist.

3. Water and Nutrition

This is extremely important and can make your race day quite better. Do not forget to pack healthy liquids and snacks for your race day.

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You can research some of the most effective snacks for triathlons and bring those or you can use the ones you consumed while practicing. Forgetting to bring snacks is a really bad idea since you are in the game for a long time and you need the necessary energy to keep going.

4. Don’t Forget Your Phone

Your phone can help you a lot in the race. In case you get lost and you don’t know which way to go, you can use the GPS. Or you can use your phone to get help for yourself or some other player if something unfortunate takes place.

Keeping your phone will help you keep up with the timing of the race. This is why we suggest you keep it in your bag on race day.

5. Transition Bags are Helpful

You can use your regular gym bag and keep all of your stuff in it. Some of the important things that belong in this bag are a towel to dry yourself at each stop, bug spray for swimming, and sunscreen for running phases.

You can also keep stuff like extra pair of socks, sandals, and a change of clothes for after you are done with the race. Keeping your ID, and race address in the written form in the transition bad is also a good idea.

Final Words

Preparing your staff for your triathlon day is as important as practicing and improving your body. You must take into account any possible need you might face during the race if you want to do well.

If you do not take time to get prepared before the race or wait till the very last moment, you will waste all your hard work and effort and your chances of winning will become significantly low.

We suggest you come up with your triathlon day checklist as soon as possible if you want your triathlon to go without hiccups. Follow our mentioned tips and feel free to add more to the list to make it work in your favor.

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