Totally Free People Search Sites Of 2022 [Legit List]

Looking to find public information about your friends, relatives, or colleagues? You can use the best totally free people search sites for that.

Many online platforms help you find information, such as name, address, username, phone number, etc., for someone you want to contact.

If you have lost the contact information for someone you want to talk to and reestablish contact with, using the best free people finder is your only reliable option.

6 Totally Free People Search Sites

Now, we are going to share with you 6 totally free people search sites that you can use to find information about a person based on public records free.

1. is the most trusted online source for getting accurate information about a person for free. Most of the valuable services of this site are free. It has about 50 million visits each month.

This site allows you to search the information about a person using multiple parameters. You can search by either the name or the phone number. There are various other parameters that you can try out. This platform has positive reviews for delivering fast and accurate results. 

2. Pipl

Pipl is the best free people search engine that allows you to search for contact info about a person using just one piece of information.

For example, you can only use personal information such as phone number, name, or email address to find the rest of the details.

The search result that you get with Pipl is accurate most of the time, without any errors. This site collects information from public records and the platforms such as social media sites. It is one of the most powerful search engines that you can use to find information about people online.

3. TruePeopleSearch

This site makes it incredibly simple when it comes to finding the person. The services of this People Search site are entirely free. You can use this site by name or phone number to find the search query’s information.

This site gives you results that include the phone number, name, age, and list of family members if it is publicly available. The results of this site are pretty in-depth and accurate.

4. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a powerful site for getting information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses of a person. You get much additional information based on their availability in the public records.

BeenVerified is one of the best free people search sites to search for people online. This site has a simple and interactive user interface, making it easier to find basic information about a person online.

5. FastPeopleSearch

FastPeople Search is a helpful site that is easy to use for doing a background check for a person. This site allows you to run a fast people search using the name, phone number, or even the person’s address.

It is a great search tool and one of the best free people finder software in terms of processing speed. It performs public record searches at a breakneck pace. 

6. Intelius

Intelius is an intelligent software solution that allows you to do People Search for free. You can search by name or reverse search using the phone number.

You can get the paid version of the site to obtain more information about a person, including social media profiles and email addresses. Many unbiased review platforms highly recommend this site because of its effective performance. 


There are various ways to find contact information about a person without going through a lot of hassle. Online people finder sites have made things more straightforward than ever.

We have discussed the best free people search engine software solutions you can check out online. You can use these online tools whenever you want to find basic information about a person. These tools are free and offer at least some essential information you can use to re-establish contact with someone.

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