How to Summarize a Text with an Extracted Method?

How to Summarize a Text with an Extracted Method Overview: Whether you are a student or a writer, you might be looking to get an idea about a lengthy document in a short time. It is compulsory for a person to do this when he is looking to give a point of view on any topic.

Without doing proper research and reading different blogs, you won’t be able to understand a topic at this time on the internet. The best way is to summarize the blogs, journals, and documents to do this task within a few seconds.

In this blog, we are going to give you an in-depth overview of the summary and how to summarize a document or blog. Let’s have a look at the following sections to understand the process properly.

What is Summarization?

It is a specific technique with which you can compress long text into a few sentences. It is done to get a quick introduction of any topic with a little bit of detail.

If you have been working as a writer, you must have heard about summarization. The reason is without summarizing different documents you can understand the core concept of the author.

In turn, you will not be able to give your views on that topic or write a blog. Therefore, summarization has become the need of the hour for writers, students, and authors.

It will give the user an idea of whether the document has been drafted properly or not. You must have listened to a text summarizer that is considered the best tool to do this task.

We will discuss it briefly in the upcoming sections. Before that, we want you to learn different types of summarization methods.

Types of Summarization

There are two main types of summarization that you might have to deal with in your work. For a writer, it is compulsory to read about them because it will help him to understand which type of summarization method he has to follow.

Both these types are different on the basis of the technique to design them along with the length of the final document. Here is a brief description of types of summarization to help you understand them.

Extraction based summarizing

This type of summarizing does not include a deep introduction or reading of the topic. In this method, you only have to pick the most important points (Key points) to understand the meanings of the complete context.

You will not get a long document at the end of this process if you have followed the technique of summarizing properly. Actually, a writer will first read the complete context to understand the meanings and just write the important points in his own words.

In this way, you will be able to understand the document with hundreds of lines by looking at a few lines.

Abstraction based summarizing

On the other side, there is another type of summarization called abstraction-based summarizing. In this method, you have to approach the document or blog and do deep learning of it.

In this way, you might be adding new phrases, lines, or terminologies in the final document. So, we can say that this summary does not belong to the actual document but also includes the other patches.

Due to its deep nature, the summary based on this technique will include more pages or lines than the above type. Therefore, you have to invest a little bit more time in understanding the concept and writing a summary.

How to Summarize a Text with an Extraction Method?

Now, you have got enough details regarding the summarization of blogs or any other document. You might be looking for the exact way with which you can change hundreds of sentences in a few ones to make them easy to understand.

In our comprehensive research, we have found two main methods with which you can summarize the document. You only have to understand the multiple dimensions of the methods to fulfill the requirements.

Let’s have a look at them to summarize a document and get our desired type of summary.

1. Using a Text Summarizer

One of the most used methods by the writers and students is to use a text summarizer. It is a particular tool that is designed for this purpose only.

In this method, you don’t need to work hard manually but only deal with a tool. The algorithm of the tool has been designed for this task only.

The tool will first analyze your given document and extract all the important points. By combining those key points, a summary will be generated and shown on your computer screen.

In this way, you will be able to create a summary of as many documents as you want within a few minutes. This process is mostly used for extraction-based summarization because of summary creation.

The reason is that the tool will just collect the main points from your given text and summarize them for a quick overview. It won’t research for new phrases deeply to add in your context.

2. Manual summarizing

The other method is the one in which you have to deal with the content manually. In this method, you have to read the content properly from start to end and write a summary in your own words.

For this task, you must have a strong grip on the language in which the document has been written. Also, you have to pay a lot of attention while reading the original context.

Additionally, the method to write a summary on your own will also demand a lot of time. You must have to research the topic too for getting a better idea about it before summarizing the blog.

Therefore, it might be a little complex for a person to do this manually. So, we recommend you to pick this method only if you are an expert in this field.

In case you have insufficient knowledge, you will ruin the meanings of the context while summarizing. It will be harmful to you because you will not be able to understand the topic properly.

Wrapping Up

With the above blog, you must have understood the method to summarize a topic and different types. We hope that you have learned every segment of the topic properly to get a better idea.

For your ease, we recommend you pick a text summarizer instead of doing it manually. It is because you will get quick outcomes with little chance of mistakes.

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