Space is Key Cool Math Games: A Comprehensive Guide

Cool Math Games is a popular website filled with fun and educational math games for students of all ages. One of their most iconic games is Space is Key Cool Math Games, a space-themed typing game that helps improve typing skills while keeping players engaged.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about Space is Key to get a high score.

How to Play Space is Key Cool Math Games?

The objective of Space is Key 2 is simple – type the words that appear on the screen before they hit your spaceship. As the game progresses, the words come faster and faster, testing your typing skills.

To play, you just need your keyboard. As words appear on the screen, type them out before they reach your spaceship at the bottom. If you type the word correctly, it will disappear. If not, or if you take too long, the word will crash into your ship and you’ll lose health.

You control a spaceship with the arrow keys and can move side to side to avoid incoming words. Your health is represented by small icons in the upper left corner. Time and your score are displayed in the upper right.

Tips and Tricks for Scoring High

Space is Key unblocked gets challenging quickly, so you’ll need to utilize some tips and tricks to get a high score. Here are some to help boost your game:

  • Focus on accuracy first: Don’t worry about speed at first. Make sure you’re typing words correctly to avoid losing health. Once you’ve got accuracy down, work on typing faster.
  • Utilize all your fingers: Using just your index fingers will slow you down. Make sure to use all your fingers on the keyboard to increase typing speed.
  • Sit up straight and position fingers properly: Having proper posture and hand positioning will help increase your typing proficiency. Keep wrists up and straight.
  • Adjust the keyboard angle: Having your keyboard flat or propped up slightly can make typing more ergonomic and quicker. Find the right angle that works best for your typing style.
  • Use the arrow keys to dodge: When a cluster of words appears, quickly dodge by tapping the arrow keys instead of just sitting in place. This will help you evade even the trickiest word avalanches.
  • Stay calm under pressure: As the words come at you fast and furious, focus on maintaining accuracy first before speeding up. Panicking will only lead to mistakes. Take a deep breath and keep typing.

Mastering these tips along with constant practice will have you conquering cool math games space is key trickiest word avalanches in no time on your quest for the high score!

Enemies and Obstacles

As you progress through the levels of space is key two, you’ll encounter some enemies and obstacles that will impede your typing:

1. Asteroids

Large deadly asteroids will drift onto the screen periodically. They take multiple hits from words before being destroyed, blocking your view of oncoming words. Memorize their appearance so you can start firing words at them quickly before they obstruct too much of the screen.

2. Alien Ships

At higher levels, alien spaceships will fly across the screen at random intervals, firing lasers down at your ship. Though they only block a small portion of the screen, they can take multiple word hits to destroy so don’t let them linger.

3. Paralyzer Beams

These large blue beams will freeze your ship temporarily, preventing you from moving side to side for a few crucial seconds. This can be devastating if a large word cluster is approaching. Try to avoid being paralyzed to stay agile.

4. Word Clusters

As you reach higher levels, words will come at you very fast in dense clusters. Remain calm, focus on accuracy, and use your dodging to avoid these rapid word blocks from overwhelming you.


To help aid you against these obstacles, various power-ups will appear to give you an edge. Make sure to collect these when they pop up!

  • Rapid Fire – Increases your firing rate temporarily, allowing you to destroy enemies and obstacles much quicker.
  • Health Recharge – Replenishes some of your lost health icons to keep you in the game longer.
  • Temporary Shield – Grants you shield from enemy attacks for a short time.
  • Score Multiplier – Boosts the value of your score for each word typed for a limited period.
  • Asteroid Destruction – Annihilates all asteroids currently on your screen.

Using these power-ups at the right time can help you survive and thrive into the later levels!

Enemies and Hazards to Watch For

Here are some of the specific tricky enemies and obstacles you’ll encounter at higher levels and tips to defeat them:

  • Zigzagging Alien Fighters – These enemies swoop down in zigzag patterns, making them difficult to hit. Lead your shots slightly in front of their flight path.
  • Super Asteroids – Larger, denser asteroids that can absorb tons of word hits. Prioritize firing at them before they obstruct too much of the screen.
  • Ultra Word Clusters – Super dense word clusters that approach rapidly. Remain calm and use your dodging capability wisely to avoid them.
  • Dual Paralyzer Beams – Two paralyzer beams may activate at once, freezing your movement from both sides. Before this, try to position yourself centrally so you have room to dodge words.
  • Bomber Ships – Drop down in groups releasing word bombs at your ship. Take them out quickly before they have a chance to drop all their arsenal.

Levels and Progressing

As you advance through the cool math game space is key, the words will come faster and enemies will increase. Here’s what to expect as you move up in levels:

Levels 1-10

  • Slow to medium word speed
  • Basic single asteroid obstacles
  • No Enemies
  • Occasional single word power-ups

Focus on accuracy and fundamentals here.

Levels 11-20

  • Faster word speed
  • Alien ships appear
  • More frequent asteroids
  • More common power-ups

Start perfecting dodging and utilizing power-ups. Don’t let asteroids linger.

Levels 21-30

  • Very fast work pace
  • Asteroid clusters
  • Zigzag alien ships
  • Paralyzer beams introduced
  • Larger power-ups

Maintain calmness as the tension rises. Precision dodging is key.

Levels 30+

  • Extremely quick words
  • Super asteroids resistant to damage
  • Alien bomber ships
  • Dual paralyzer beams
  • More power-up variety

Staying cool under pressure is critical here. Use all skills mastered in previous levels.

As the challenge ramps up, so do the points you can score! The deeper you can progress into the later levels, the higher your potential if you have mastered the skills above.

Game Modes

Space is Key Cool Math Games offers a few different gameplay modes to test your skills:

  • Story Mode – Progress through the levels getting increasingly difficult. Great for learning the game and achieving new high scores.
  • Zen Mode – Similar to story mode, but moves slightly slower without enemies or power-ups. Focus just on typing.
  • Challenge Mode – Choose your specific level then see how long you can survive infinite incoming words. Compete for survival time.
  • Death Match – Face off against another player online to see who can achieve the higher score by 2 minutes. Test your skills against others!

Why Space is Key is Beneficial

On the surface, Space is Key is just a fun, galactic typing game. But it can provide some great benefits for players beyond just entertainment. Here’s why Space is Key Cool Math Games is worth playing:

  • Improves typing speed – The more you play, the faster your typing will get, especially at higher levels. You’ll be burning through keyboard keys in no time!
  • Enhances typing accuracy – Since you lose health for mistakes, it encourages players to strive for error-free typing.
  • Teaches typing fundamentals – Keys like spacebar, backspace, shift, and enter get worked extensively in the game.
  • Boosts multitasking abilities – You have to focus on typing while dodging obstacles, improving your divided attention skills.
  • Relieves stress – The fun, cartoony graphics, and satisfying gameplay let you de-stress amid intense word avalanches.

So while on the surface Space is Key is just a stellar typing game, it can also make you a better, faster typist and stronger multitasker.


With its stellar space theme, fun power-ups, and progressively challenging levels, Space is Key is one of the most memorable games on Cool Math Games Moto XM3 for good reason. By following the tips above and practicing often, getting a high score is within your reach.

Just remember to focus on accuracy first, use all your fingers, and remain calm under pressure and you’ll be conquering endless word avalanches. Space is Key Cool Math Games helps build your typing skills while keeping you entertained for hours, making it a must-play whether at home or in the classroom. Take your typing to the next level among the stars!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to play Space is Key?

Just a computer or laptop with an internet connection. Space is Key can be played right on the Cool Math Games website, so no download is required. All that is needed is a keyboard to type on.

What is the best browser to play Space is Key?

Cool Math Games and Space is Key works best on Chrome or Firefox. Safari can sometimes have issues with performance. Make sure to use a desktop/laptop instead of mobile.

How can I avoid losing health quickly in Space is Key?

Focus on accuracy over speed, especially as the words start coming quickly. Make sure you are typing words correctly instead of rushing. Utilize all your fingers and proper typing posture.

Why is my spaceship not moving when I press the arrow keys?

Your ship may have been hit by a paralyzer beam, which temporarily freezes your ability to dodge. Just wait a few seconds for it to wear off then continue moving your ship.

Can I pause Space is Key if I need a break?

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated pause button. But you can simply stop typing and incoming words will accumulate on the screen without damaging your ship. Then resume typing when ready to continue playing.

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