Windows 7 Product Key 32-64bit [Updated]

Though Windows 7 is becoming an older version of the operating system, many people still prefer it on their devices. The reason why Windows 7 is still popular is that it comes with fewer hassles and much easier to use. So, this post will tell you how to find a valid Windows 7 Product Key and how to use that product key to activate your copy of Windows.

Windows 7 Product Key 32-64bit [Updated]

Ways to Find Windows 7 Product Key

Users who are currently running Windows 7 on their PC, need to activate their copy of Windows. And to do so, you need to find a working Windows 7 serial number. Here are some easy steps you can follow-

  • You can search for a Windows 7 product key finder program on the web for free
  • Now download and install that program on the current system where you want to activate Windows
  • Run it on your system and grant any permission it asks from you to run properly
  • And at last, the software will give you a working product key which you can use.

How Does a Windows 7 Serial Key Look Like?

Since the Windows 7 operating is one of the oldest Windows versions, the serial keys have become a rare search query on the internet. So, it becomes difficult for the users to find out a working product key that will activate your Windows OS. An ideal product key is consists of a 25-character alphanumeric code that looks like this:


The real reason for developing these keys is it verifies the copy of your Windows. And without a genuine product key, you won’t be able to activate your OS. And if you don’t activate Windows, you won’t be able to use its latest features. Moreover, an outdated OS is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and viruses, so be careful of that.

Windows 7 Product Key 32-64bit [Updated]

Activate Windows 7 Without a Product Key

If you don’t want to search for ways to find a genuine product key that will activate your Windows, here are what you can do-

Delete the SLUI file:

  1. Visit your C Drive and open the System 32 folder
  2. Here you will find the ‘slui‘ file, use the search option on top of File Manager
  3. You have to delete the file because it contains Windows 7 key
  4. Right-click on the file and open Properties
  5. A setting menu will show up where you have to select the Security tab and then select Users
  6. Hit the Advanced button
  7. A new window will show up for Advanced security settings for SLUI
  8. Now, hit the Owner tab and then select a user as owner (the current user)
  9. Click Apply
  10. Now close everything and go back to the System 32 folder with the SLUI file
  11. Again open Properties by right-clicking on to it
  12. Visit the Security tab again and select Users
  13. Then hit the Edit button
  14. From the next window, click on edit Permissions for the current user
  15. Click username and tick on the Full Control box to allow the permission
  16. Click OK and close all the windows except for the System 32 folder
  17. Now delete the SLUI file and follow the next steps

These were the initial steps and after performing them, you need to do the following-

  • Go to your local C Drive and click on Computer
  • Then open the System 32 folder
  • And make sure you have deleted the SLUI file
  • After making sure, hit your Windows logo key and type
  • Choose Run as Administrator
  • Type slmgr –rearm and hit Enter
  • Restart your PC
  • Once your system restarts, open again and type slmgr –ato
  • Hit Enter again
  • N you have successfully activated Windows 7 and if you need any guidance in activating Windows 8 feel free to ask us in the comment section.

Activate Windows with Command Prompt

  • Open CMD by typing it in the Windows search button and when it appears, type slmgr –rearm in the box
  • Hit Enter and restart your PC
  • And when you start your PC again, open CMD again and type slmgr –ato
  • Hit Enter
  • After this, your Windows will be successfully updated.

How Else Can I Get Windows Product Key for Free

If you can’t afford to purchase a Windows serial key, then you can try other ways to get one. Here I have talked about a few other working methods that will get you a serial key for free. These methods are useful and have been used for more than decades. So, let’s work on it in this section.

Buy A Computer with Windows Pre-installed

The easiest way to get Windows 7 is by buying a computer with Windows pre-installed. This is the easiest way because there is no purchasing of serial key includes, no Windows setup includes, no hassles, no bassles. In this case, your system has a Windows version pre-installed so that it can perform nicely. The only drawback is that, if you already have a computer you will have to get another one. And they will offer the Windows 7 Professional, not any other Windows version if you buy a Windows 7 computer.

Buy a Second-Hand Machine with Windows 7 Pre-Installed

If you don’t have money to buy a new computer, try a second-hand that has Windows 7 installed on it. It will cost you half of the amount and you can also use Windows for free. You can also get a refurbished PC with Windows 7 installed. Hence, you won’t have to purchase a Windows 7 serial number but you can still use Windows.

Downgrade Your Windows Version

If you have a Windows 10 or Windows 8.1/8 PC, you can downgrade that version to Windows 7. If you read the Windows license agreement, you will see that you can anytime downgrade your Windows version if you want to. And in that case, you won’t have to go for a Windows 7 product key. And if your computer comes with a Windows version that is anything but Windows 7, downgrade it.

Windows 7 Product Key 32-64bit [Updated]


Can a Windows DVD/CD get me a product key?

If you have an installation media, that does not mean you can get a Windows 7 product key from there for free. The product key is not pasted in a Windows retail card does not matter what version is it. Nonetheless, some users have a Windows disk restored where you can find the Windows 7 Ultimate product key saved in a file. But that can also be used by another user so you cannot re-use it again. And that won’t help you activate your Windows.

Can the same key be used twice in a different machine?

If you have already used a key on a computer, you cannot use it twice on a different computer. Usually, Microsoft does not allow that for users but under a few situations, this might be possible. You might have various copies of Windows installed on multiple computers but one product key can let you activate it on one machine only. But you can install the version on different computers and use it without activating it. Use the trial version for 30 days and when it asks for activating the product after the trial period is over, simply ignore.

These methods will help you activate your Windows 7 without a serial number. For further queries, drop us a comment below.

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